Making Money With Valued Opinions: Is It Worth It?

Updated on March 14, 2018

Is Valued Opinions Worth It?

There are so many survey sites available to use online, and they are available in loads of different countries. The idea is that you answer a few simple questions for the site and they pay you a small amount of money. Valued Opinions is just one of these survey sites, it has been around for a long while, but is it really worth trying to make any money from Valued Opinions, or would you be better putting in your time somewhere else?

The System

Many survey sites have a complicated points system where instead of cash, you are awarded points for taking a survey. Valued Opinions isn't like this; you are given a straightforward indication of how much you will be paid in cash before you click on the survey. You can then exchange your cash for vouchers in the rewards section. It is a lot simpler than other systems which makes it a lot easier to understand.

This is the best kind of layout because you can decide whether or not the survey is worth taking when compared to the reward you will get.

The Site

Some survey sites are really hard to navigate, they can get confusing and leave you feeling frustrated. Fortunately Valued Opinions isn't one of these sites, it's really easy to navigate and even a new user could easily find their way around.

The Surveys

You can see roughly how long a survey will take before you decide to agree to it; this is another thing that not all survey sites do. So you can decide whether the reward being offered it worth the time you will need to spend on it. Some of them are, some of them aren't. Be warned though, sometimes a survey will be a lot longer than it says it is going to be. This doesn't happen often with Valued Opinions, but it does happen occasionally.

You get to complete around five surveys a day before it tells you there are no more left for you, even if you start out with ten in your inbox. But I think five is a reasonable amount to do each day. Like most survey sites, you will be asked some test questions to see if you qualify, and if you don't they will suggest an alternative survey for you.

You will also get questions in the survey that are designed to make sure you are paying attention. If you get them wrong you will be thrown out of the survey.

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The Rewards

The rewards are decent enough for most of the surveys, and the best part is, if you don't think the reward is sufficient, you don't have to take the survey and you won't be penalized for it. You can choose from a wide range of gift cards, Amazon vouchers or even charitable donations! So whatever you are looking to buy, you should be able to find it in the rewards section.

The rewards take a while to get there at firs, but after your first payout, they arrive a lot faster.

The Admin

The admin at Valued opinions are not the most helpful, but to be perfectly honest I only ever had one survey freeze so I didn't have much need to talk to them. They weren't the best and it took a while to hear back from them, I wasn't credited, but as it only happened one time, I am not too angry about it.

Admin taking a while to get back to you isn't unusual in the survey world, they have a lot of people to deal with. But I think about 48 hours is a reasonable length of time to have to wait, any longer than this and I would get in touch with the admin team again.

Is it Worth It?

Yes, I think it is, I didn't really carry it on like I should have, but I managed to cash out twice in 2 months. If you give it your full attention every day and pay attention when you take the surveys, you could easily cash out more than once per month which could mean at least £30 per month extra in your pocket, all for answering easy questions. It might not be the most intellectually stimulating thing to do, but it's easy money.

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