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How to Make Passive Income on Hubpages in 3 Simple Steps


Ash has a bachelor's in English Lit. She loves analyzing fiction and obsessing over books, film, and television.

These three tips will help you get started on HubPages.

These three tips will help you get started on HubPages.

After I reached my one-year anniversary on HubPages, I finally found myself at a place where I almost made payout every month. That's why I thought I'd share some tips with people who want to make a passive income.

Now to be clear, I'm not a top earner or anything. This article isn't about how to earn $500 a month from HubPages (though that is my end goal). Becoming a top earner on this website takes quite a while. Several years, in fact, from what I've seen.

But I can't deny the value of writing here. This website has allowed me to make extra money that I was very happy to use for some much-needed items in my personal life. So I'm going to share with others how I reached this milestone and how you can, too.

Step 1. Find a Niche

This is the first and foremost step. Find something you love, are knowledgeable about, and (preferably) have little Google competition. Then write about it.

This is important because your earnings rely entirely on Google traffic. The more people are looking for your topic, the more people will find your article, the more people will click on your ads—which is how you get paid.

To learn about SEO, learn to stick keywords in your titles, and do this with a topic that people are actually searching for and will continue to search for several years later.

Before I came to HubPages, I had a very unsuccessful blog where I wrote about films and video games. It was one of those free blogs and I was afraid to monetize it after having read some horror stories.

Then I realized that I could move all my blog posts to HubPages and make money that way. So I did.

I write about films and video games, which is a timeless subject. People will be Googling for articles about Skyrim for ten more years, I'm confident. Especially after the game's recent reboot.

The same can be said for movies and other video games. Choose something that will hold people's interest for a long time, and make sure it's something you're passionate about and actually knowledgeable about.

I have spent a great portion of my life playing video games (not proud of that, but there it is). I'm also incredibly well-read, have studied film in college, and majored in English Lit. So when I talk about plot and story and character arcs, I'm actually pulling from my experience and education combined.

Actually knowing what you're talking about will make your articles more enjoyable and valuable to people looking for information.

Step 2. Write, Write, Write

Some writers on HubPages make a living with only 70 articles, while others get by with 500.

I think the number of articles you write and how much they pull in largely depends on two things: the topic and how well you market.

Again, I write about entertainment, which is a very popular subject. So I'm able to reach payout almost every month because of that. If I was writing 500 articles about seahorses, I'd probably be making significantly less.

My goal when I joined HubPages was to write 200 articles to start. As I write this, I am currently at 171.

Yes, some of my articles were pre-written blog posts from old blogs, but about 120 of them were freshly written by me. I wrote a couple of articles a week and I was able to make that output because I enjoy it.

For me, this is why choosing a niche you're passionate about is important. Writing this many articles would have been hell if I didn't enjoy talking about this stuff.

The bottom line is that you are not going to make payout with only one article. Not any time in this century.

Step 3. Market, Market, Market

The last and possibly most important step is marketing your articles.

You can't rely solely on Google to bring in readers. You have to go out there and tell people that your articles exist!

Aside from social media, there are a few websites that make it very easy to do this.


Pinterest is a website where people make pin boards out of the things they love. I've had an account there for a long time, so it was only natural to start making pins of my articles here.

Doing this significantly boosted my visitors to the website, and I was able to get more clicks as a result.

I recently came into even more activity once I joined an affiliate program. I began using Pinterest to share affiliate links, and because I was so active, it made me easier to find by people—who in turn shared my movie review and game article pins.

Basically, you have to be very active on Pinterest to see any results, and it's very much worth it to get those few extra visitors.


ManyStories is a website mainly created for Medium writers to share their articles, but there's no rule against sharing HubPages articles there (that I'm aware of).

I tend to use the website sparingly for HubPages articles because of this. I only share the ones I know might be of interest because they are directly related to pop culture (such as my review of Toy Story 4).

I consider this website worth using to share your articles. Every little bit helps.


Flipboard is a website kind of like Pinterest. You build boards of your articles called "magazines," and if people like them, they will share your magazines while also going to your articles and clicking on ads.

I consider this website to be very much worth it. Once you create a magazine for your HubPages articles, all you have to do after that is install a browser button that lets you instantly "flip" your article to the website without having to actually go there.

It takes zero effort and gets more eyeballs on your writing, which means more money. So it's utterly, utterly worth it.

You'll have money in the bank before you know it.

You'll have money in the bank before you know it.

And That's It

Those are the three steps that helped me nearly reach a consistent payout in under one year.

Hubpages can be very slow in the beginning when your articles haven't yet been ranked in Google and you've only written a few things, but if you stick with it and keep writing, your amount of income can slowly build.

This is a very, very slow process, though. So don't expect to get rich overnight.

Get out there, keep writing, and good luck.

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