8 Proven Ways to Maximize Your Income as a Freelance Writer

Updated on May 5, 2020
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How to earn more as a freelance writer.
How to earn more as a freelance writer. | Source

1. Overcome Impostor Syndrome

It's true you are just starting with writing. However, that shouldn't scare you. Who reads content from a newbie, who I am? "I do not have a degree," "I'm not an expert in any field." You are a good writer. And no, you aren't a fraud. Accomplished writers are fighting this monster too. Self-doubt and second-guessing is blocking you from maximum writing benefits.

Uproot the deep-seated fear and anxiety within you caused by dying self-confidence. You became a writer the first day you wrote. So, cease aspiring to be one and redirect that energy into mastering your art. Keep writing and Surround yourself with positive people. While it’s okay to sulk, don’t dwell on it for too long.

2. Stop Procrastinating

What can you show for your efforts? There never will be a perfect day to create that content. You are hiding behind research thus suffering information overload. You have devoured tons of information without taking relevant actions. If you can think of it, it’s doable. Take those baby steps today, and you'll be amazed at the results.

You don't have to choose a niche firsthand, keep writing. While at it, the niche will pick you.

Unchecked impostor syndrome fuels procrastination. Overcoming the syndrome, therefore, is a move in the right direction. Freelance writing calls for discipline. Steer clear of distracters like mobile phones and applications that keep popping on your screen.

Consider getting an accountability partner. Additionally, prepare a to-do list every day to propel you into writing. In the to-do list, prioritize the complex tasks. Social media is a marketing tool. To limit time wasted on social media, schedule time for browsing through it. Stopping procrastination helps avail sufficient time to complete additional tasks professionally hence maximizing your income.

3. Set Achievable Goals

Freelance writing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If such is your mentality, please sober up. That's not to say you cannot live off writing. Writers are earning enough to lead an excellent, decent life. What you need to emulate, however, is their input which saw them climb up the ladder of success. Also, dig about them, and learn the challenges they had to persevere.

Design a business plan for your freelance writing career. The strategy should indicate milestones that you wish to achieve. Secondly, how you plan to reach the milestones, remember to give a timeline for the achievements. Are there resources required in your writing? Include those resources in the plan. Going through the stages of planning will create realistic expectations.

The set goals act as a roadmap to success. They motivate you into producing quality work in a short span thus improved return.

4. Change Your "Employee Mentality"

You are your boss, and until you act like one, you'll always be at the mercies of the clients. Who set the rates at $3 for 700 words? Is it the client or you? Employees work for the going wage rate, but bosses set the standards. Employees build other people's businesses but if you have to break the income ceiling grow your business first. You are not an employee; that's why you can work for diverse clients.

The maximization of your income lies in your mindset. Act like the boss and forge your way of offering irresistible services. That competitive edge will help you command improved rates. Don't settle for less than you deserve. An employer sets the working hours. So, identify your best working hours and purpose to make the most out of the time.

5. Invest in Your Writing

Forget the free in Freelancing. Freelancing will not offer you opportunities in a silver platter. To maximize your income as a freelance writer, start by investing. So, what do you invest? There's more to investing than a computer and a reliable network. Failure to spend time and effort especially in reading manifests in lousy writing. Lack or incompetent marketing of your skills leads to low income.

Commit your time to read books, at least an hour a day. The more time you invest in reading books, the broader your capabilities. Freelance writing calls you to be excellent in content creation, marketing, and negotiation. All of which are skills experts have written.

The internet is awash with free, fabulous writing information. Rummage through the internet and learn how to earn like a pro. For premium content, like websites and books, sacrifice some cash and gain skills which will make you a sought after writer.

6. Develop Expertise Editing and Proofreading

The quality of your work sets your pay rates. Delivering pure gold gives you bargaining power over clients. Any content with grammatical errors is a turnoff and paints a negative picture of your prowess. You don't have to be born English; there is an actionable solution for your grammar. Keep reading.

While reading a lot is the number one cure to grammar mistakes, learn editing and proofreading for correct grammar too. Proofreading and editing are skills through which you can broaden your income base. Get paid to edit and proofread other peoples’ work.

If you doubt your prowess, outsource to other writers who specialize in editing and proofreading. Outsourcing reduces your workload giving you room to focus on producing pure gold. Pure gold will maximize your income potential.

To keep your grammar in check, download grammar checkers like Grammarly and HemingWay. Through which you should pass your content to correct grammar errors and plagiarism.

7. Get Published

Have you published with any publication? Gain credibility with your prospects by proving your worth. There are credible platforms like, Thrive Global, HubPages, Huffington Post, etc. Better still; create a blog on which you publish your work. Since you lack social proof, the clients search for alternative writers or hire you at minimum rates.

Who influences your writing? Is it Jon Morrow, Bamidele Onibalusi, or Walter Akolo? All three have something in common. Their social presence is undeniably impressive. Google any of them, and you'll find plenty of information about them as well as their published work. Do you think any of them is struggling financially?

Theirs is a five- or six-figure salary. All made from freelance writing. Getting published isn't easy, but it’s doable. Put the spanners to work and build yourself an outstanding portfolio that will sell your services to clients who will give you value for your services. You may also consider owning an active blog.

8. Offer Solutions

A thriving business is one that solves existing problems in society. Similarly, in writing your income should be a reward for solving customers' problems. If you were, to be honest, you dived into freelancing for the money and not the solutions. The wrong motive has, therefore, hindered you from over delivering.

Switch your focus from money to offering solutions and watch your bank account grow. Every client will approach you with a need. Custom make an easy-to-implement solution for each specific need. A customer feels understood when you take his/her side.

Before designing your content, seek to understand what challenges the client wants addressed. What are the emotions tied to the problem? Create a solution that cures every pain point and satisfies their emotions too.


If you implement the eight proven ways to maximize your income as a freelance writer, you should mark improved profits. Start by overcoming impostor syndrome which paralyzes you into procrastination.

Also, set achievable goals and adopt an employer's mindset. While investing in your writing, learn the art of editing and proofreading. Consequently, get published by credible sites to gather traffic and build yourself a name. Go ahead and be a problem- solver to your clients.

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    • Tabitha Maina profile imageAUTHOR

      Tabitha Maina 

      14 months ago from Kenya

      Oduor Ahenda, I earn enough to afford me a comfortable life as I scale the ranks.

    • profile image

      Oduor Ahenda 

      14 months ago

      What figure is your salary now?

    • Tabitha Maina profile imageAUTHOR

      Tabitha Maina 

      17 months ago from Kenya

      Thanks Esther Njenga.

    • profile image

      Esther Njenga 

      17 months ago

      Awesome read!!

    • Tabitha Maina profile imageAUTHOR

      Tabitha Maina 

      17 months ago from Kenya

      Thanks Stan Johnston for stopping by. I'm glad the article is of help to you.

    • profile image

      Stanley Johnston 

      17 months ago

      Excellent advice. Just what I need. Love your direct, honest approach.


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