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How to Mentally Drive Yourself to the Office

Jesse Falk is a writer, entertainer and self-made woman who lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her two Burmese cats.

Learn how to create a routine to get yourself "out the door"!

Learn how to create a routine to get yourself "out the door"!

What Does it Mean to "Mentally Drive Yourself to the Office"?

It’s a mind-over-matter thing, really . . . a simple tool to get you in the right head-space for the day.

Similar to setting up a designated Place of Work, you need to establish your own pre-work ritual that is the mental equivalent of driving yourself to the office. I’m using the word “ritual” rather than “process” because it should be actioned almost religiously each day in order for it to be truly effective.

Creating a Morning Routine

Here are some examples of how your pre-work ritual (in bold) might work in with your morning activities:

Example 1

You’ve spent the last half-an-hour frantically organising your kids, who you’ve just marched (finally!) out the door to school. The house settles into beautiful silence. You make yourself some vegemite toast, flick through the paper and finish your coffee. It’s time for work. Walk out of your front door, around the side of your house and re-enter through the back door.

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Example 2

Get up and take yourself for a walk around the block . . . oh, and make sure you savour the satisfaction of watching your neighbours roll out of their driveways into the morning commute. Once home, get groomed, get fed, get caffeinated and then step into your Place of Work for the day.

Example 3

You’re awake, dressed and now putting your breakfast bowl in the dishwasher. Time to make your sandwich, select your snacks for the day and pack them into your dorky lunchbox (which, mind you, no one will ever see or ridicule you about). When you’re ready to make the transition from home to your Place of Work, your lunchbox takes the journey with you.

Don't forget to clean up after yourself!

Don't forget to clean up after yourself!

As you can see in the varied examples above, your pre-work ritual is a personal preference and something easily tailored to your lifestyle. You could do anything, really (a mental exercise, a physical action) as long as you’re consistent every day.

Why Does It Matter?

The importance of mentally driving yourself to the office is to give yourself the same opportunity you would have if you were actually driving yourself to work. It sounds silly, I know—but not many realise the mental and emotional process that transpires on an early morning drive to work. It is, essentially, the window in which you prepare yourself for the day ahead. At some point during a person’s drive from home to work, they cross a threshold (an invisible line, if you will) and switch into work-mode. Simulating this same process with your home-based business—and doing it with your own personal style that works in with your lifestyle – will ready you for your day ahead.

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