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Microsoft Rewards, Gift Cards Galore!

Older Americans on fixed incomes are attracted to ways of increasing their income. Here is an easy way to get credits toward gift cards.

My Microsoft Rewards Bias

Let me begin by trying to whet your appetite for Microsoft Rewards. Since 2014 I have earned about $150 in gift cards. For the most part, I enjoy earning points and redeeming them for $5 gift cards from Amazon. Here's how I do it.

There are several ways to earn those points. You can earn up to 15 points per day by using the Bing search engine—one point for two searches.

If you recommend a friend to join you can earn up to 1,250 Microsoft Rewards. Users can get 250 points for the first five friends joining and for completing a punch card in four steps. The steps include taking the Microsoft Rewards Tour, completing 40 Bing searches, finishing a daily set, and reaching level two status.

Earn points from using the Bing search engine.

Earn points from using the Bing search engine.


When you sign in to Outlook or Hotmail, just click on the icon at the top right hand corner of the web page—the dropdown menu gives you a choice of "account." In the middle of the page you will see "dashboard." Click on that and the dashboard appears.

The first thing you have control over selecting is a video game. If you choose to play this, you can tally up to 40 points, sometimes 10, 20, or 30. The last one I saw was about beating AI in chess.

Regarding Xbox Play

If you play with Xbox, this could be important to your point accumulations. I don't enjoy video games so I usually skip this. That's why the lightspeed quiz is second and my first choice for participation.

A Daily Poll

The third query is a poll. You choose what you like or prefer out of two choices. The prize is 10 points. A recent poll I took, for example, asked which February season TV premiere I would most likely watch. In my own case, it is amazing how frequently I always pick the choice with the lowest polling? This is a fun choice regarding popular themes.

Turbocharge Quiz

Following A, B, and C, you try a two-minute bonus charge quiz for 30 points. While researching the finer points of Microsoft Rewards, it turns out that for many folks who access it from abroad the quiz freezes (in other words, it doesn't work). However, the quiz requires a regional setting of "United States - English." You must also have Bing as your default browser.

A Multiple Choice Quiz - Supersonic

It's the Bing News Quiz next, an A, B, or C type quiz. This quiz helps you acquire 10 points. In two minutes or less, this bonus quiz requires you to answer 10 questions, one point per question. All of the choices have to do with late breaking news.

Recently news about Judas Priest (the band) made the news quiz. I researched the etymology of the word and found out that "Judas Priest" was an interjection (an exclamation of exasperation or disgust.) Using the search engine can even get you smarter.

Lightspeed and Warp-Speed Quiz

The lightspeed quiz is 40 points for four answers.

After that, you have a probe involving three questions requiring three single answers for 30 points.

Test Your Smarts

Subsequently, this quiz gets you 10 points. It's a quiz on the news with the questions derived from recent headline news. I have found that if you read the news on Bing, this quiz is relatively simple. Remember, you get the points once you answer correctly. I just learned that Justin Bieber has become the youngest musician to release seven No. 1 albums. And Chuck Schumer has a soft spot for cheesecake; a $9000 soft spot.

There really is never a penalty for being wrong.

Use the app, get more points.

Use the app, get more points.


By setting a goal, you are informed when you have earned the requisite points for the reward you have checked off. Each day you participate you can see your points added and tabulated at the top left-hand corner of the rewards home web page. All of the quizzes come under the heading of Daily Set.

Constant Updates on Points

Constant Updates on Points


Microsoft Rewards was originally known as Bing Rewards. It was a loyalty program launched by Microsoft in September 2010. Users get credits by participating in searches on Bing and by promotions. Choosing correct responses to trivia questions always gets you points.

The Bing Rewards program was rebranded as "Microsoft Rewards" in 2016, at which point it was modified to only two levels, Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 is similar to "Member," and Level 2 is similar to "Gold" of the previous Bing Rewards.

Rewards are earned by searches on Bing and in promotions. You can also choose correct responses to many trivia challenges and earn reward points. Points accumulate toward an exchange for gift cards. Different point totals can be swapped for various cards valued differently.

You can also earn search points by downloading the Microsoft Rewards app. Members can earn up to 280 points every week on the Bing Search app for iOS and Android.

One of my favorite activities is a light-speed quiz for 40 points. There is a time limit to respond, but it isn't very restricting. There is enough time to sometimes open another browser and seek the answer. Most of the time I just give it my best guess. If wrong, you still get your points.

Sign Up

You can sign up for Microsoft Rewards at


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