Offline Home Based Jobs for Indian Moms

Updated on August 11, 2019

After becoming a mom, it is difficult to go for a 9-5 job, especially when your children are so small. It is that you should take care of your children, and at the same time, you also have to pay off your bills.

At this point, let me do some math for you! The payoff that you do for putting your child in daycare cost less when compared to the amount that you earn from your 9-5 job. But being a Desi Indian mom, you want to spend time with your children. And home-based offline jobs would be the right option for you.

Offline Home Based Jobs

Offline home-based jobs give you the best option to work from home while looking after your young ones. If you don’t feel like you’re computer savvy or if you are interested in teaching, cooking, or even tailoring, then there are plenty of jobs that you can do from home.

It is not that you can earn lakhs doing these jobs, but surely it can help you earn some cash. Your earnings depend upon how much you are interested in your work. Being a starter you may face difficulty, but trust me, if you have strong will power, then you could earn a good income doing these jobs.

So here, in this article, I will be discussing five such work from home jobs.

1. Tuition (Tutoring)

2. Babysitting/ Nanny Service

3. In-Home Cooking Service

4. Home Baking

5. Tailoring

1. Tuition (Tutoring)

Tuition is one of the most preferred jobs by mothers. You only have to spend 1-2 hours per day to help students with their studies. If you are good at one particular subject, then you can take that subject tuition for class 11th or 12th. Or else you can go with the lower classes.

The most wanted subjects would be Maths and Science. You can also go with language subjects if you are good at it. Social as a whole would go for class 9th and 10th. Pick CBSE as your board to get more students. You can choose between group tuition wherein you get paid on a monthly basis or individual tuition wherein you can either get paid per hour or per month.

You can earn anywhere between Rs.12,000 to Rs.20,000 depending on the city.


  1. The market will always be high as there will be students who need help.
  2. You only need to spend 1-2 hours per day.
  3. You can take many subjects.
  4. The initial investment is very less.


  1. You cannot take a day off from work.
  2. During summer you may have no work.

2. Babysitting/ Nanny Service

Most moms prefer babysitter or nanny compared to daycare because of the individual attention that is provided by them. Babysitting is a method to look after children while parents are out for work. It doesn't require any academic schedules as such. As you are having a baby, you can babysit at your own home.

In India, babysitting does not require a license if the number of children is very few. But when it comes to baby care, parents would love to send their children to a licensed and well equipped babysitting center. Here you can charge on a monthly basis or an hourly basis.

You can charge between Rs.3,500 to Rs.5,000 per child.


  1. Your own child will have a great childhood with lot of friends.
  2. You can have some fun memories with children.


  1. You be patient while dealing with children.
  2. Working hours will be more.

3. In-Home Cooking Service

If you live in flats where people are so busy that they don't even have time for cooking then, you can offer food for them. And being a mom cooking is not a strange thing for you. In-home cooking service would work well if you have hostels near to your home as hostel foods are disliked by most.

You can cook food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and put it in your residential Whatsapp group or Instagram page so that people can order from you. You don't have to cook a special dish for this just a simple daily food can do the job. All you need to do is cook in a large quantity and fill the taste buds of consumers. You can charge, depending on the dish that you sell.

You can earn nearly Rs.10,000 per month by selling 3 sets of chapati with curry to 5 people everyday.


  1. You only have to spend 1-3 hours everyday.
  2. The initial investment is nearly zero as you may have items at your kitchen itself.
  3. People would prefer home made food compared to hotel foods.


  1. You must cook tasty foods.
  2. The market may be fluctuating, some days all food will be sold while during some days no food will be sold.

4. Home Baker

If you are a mom who is good at baking and have the necessary equipment to bake, then you can start your career as a home baker. You can bake birthday cakes, cookies, or cupcakes and sell them. If you think you are not a pro baker, then go for baking classes and then start your own home baking business.

People would love to get customized cakes for their loved one's birthday compared to traditional bakery cakes. Orders can be taken through Whatsapp or Facebook or even through your friend circle. You can charge, depending on the dish.

You can earn nearly Rs.18,000 per month by selling 1 kg black forest cake everyday at a rate of Rs.600(including ingredients cost) per cake.


  1. You only have to spend 2-3 hours everyday.
  2. You can customize according to costumers need.


  1. You must bake tasty and perfect looking cake.
  2. The market may be fluctuating, some days you will have no orders while some days orders will be in large amounts.

5. Tailoring

If you think you are good at stitching, then you can open your home-based tailoring service. You can stitch Kurtis, Saree blouses or kid's frocks. Customizing dresses for your clients according to their needs or according to the occasion can increase the sales. Knowledge in fashion designing can be an added advantage. If you think you are not an expert, then you can go for a one-week tailoring class before starting your unit. You can market your business through Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp.

You can earn nearly Rs.9,000 per month by stitching 1 Kurti everyday at a rate of Rs.300.


  1. You only have to spend 2-3 hours everyday.
  2. You can customize according to costumers need and thereby you can charge more.
  3. Only initial investment is needed and no further investment is needed.


  1. You must be an expert in tailoring.
  2. The initial cost of buying a sewing machine is a little high.

Which job would you choose?

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Thank-You Note

Thank you for reading the full article. I hope you have got some business ideas that you can do from the comfort of your home while taking care of your children. I would be happy to help you in a way that I can. So feel free to post comments.

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        Very useful article.


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