How to Run a Successful Online Dating Site Business

Updated on November 16, 2017
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The advantage of running a dating site business is that you can do it alone, from home. You do not need an office, you can make money right from your bed or kitchen. Imagine that!

As soon as everything is complete, you have chosen a niche and you are ready to launch your business, you will have to consider the following;

  • Marketing
  • Traffic
  • Monetization
  • Redesigning and improving the dating site


You need to turn your business name into a brand. People should be familiar with your business.

No business in the world ever survived or succeded without marketing. All the business moguls you know, for instance Bill Gates, are who they are because of someone referred to as a "marketer." If you are talented enough to market your own business that's an advantage. Finding someone to market the business for you could cost you but it is usually worth it—it is sometimes a sure way to sit back and watch a business grow.


This will be your main challenge. Pooling in the first users is especially difficult irregardless of whether it is a free-to-use site or not.

A dating site without traffic is useless. People join hoping other people are joining too. Nothing puts off users more than a dating site that seems to have the same people all the time. Your competitors are recording thousands of new sign-ups everyday, you have to try hard to fit in too. And that's why you need a marketer. Or, that's why you need to market your business.

Here are some tips:

  • Start a Facebook page

Almost everyone in the virtual world is on Facebook. It's almost impossible for someone to be a social media user and not be on Facebook. Facebook is already at a billion users. You could advertise your page on Facebook but not the websites. Facebook does not allow its users to promote dating sites in it. You cannot promote your dating website directly on Facebook. Facebook will not approve it. Instead, post and promote blogs from your other websites. Or quotes. Or memes. In other words, lure in your prospective dating site users to your page.Make it interesting. For starters you could give it another name that hints at dating just to entice them but once the page starts growing you could change it to serve your website's purpose. The original name must have hints of singles, mingling and dates so that your fans will not be disappointed to find out that they have been lured into a page with a dating site agenda. You do not want to bring in married and dating couples into your page only to watch them stream out when you change the name. Having a huge fan base and watch it reduce is temporarily frustrating - 'temporarily' because once your site becomes famous you will not even notice when you lose users from that page.

  • Start a Facebook group

You could start a group and bring in singles. Give the group a name catchy enough to attract single people. Post interesting topics. Place videos. Allow sharing. Do not make it public; that way people have to join to know what's going on. Sometimes joining a public yet dull group does not make sense. Keep it closed.

  • Share your dating site on your social media account

If you do not mind your friends and family knowing about your dating site you could share it on your personal account. Do not be discouraged even if they do not stream into your dating site. People will be reluctant to join at first but they will eventually join. Encourage the persons on your friendlist to share the link to your dating site. At some point you will not have to post on your about your website again. When it grows it keeps on growing. Patience is key.

  • Advertise with Google AdWords

The trick towards advertising with google is in the keywords. It could be costly or cheap, although the minimum amount you can currently place in a day is $0.05. Smart keywords will mean more traffic for your site.Adsense allows you to pick a location too. Most dating sites advertise on Google.

Be very careful about online advertising because your site could attract spammers. Some websites sell traffic promising to bring in thousands of people to your site and most of that will just be meaningless traffic. Secure your site. You must consider placing security measures. Have captchas and recaptchas. Maybe make it compulsory that a member must have a photo to communicate, have a profile running or get noticed.


The main purpose of any business is to make money. If the dating site does not bring in revenue it will eventually close down because you at least need money to run it, and it only makes sense to enable it run itself financially. There are several ways to monetize a dating site.

  • Partly premium (freemium)
  • Premium
  • Advertisements

Partly Premium (Freemium)

This means that there are parts of the site that only paying subscribers can access. Usually, joining will be free for all members but communicating with other subscribers is not free. So free services for this type of freemium ends at joining. Or joining could be free but initiating a conversation is not and a user either has to subscribe to communicate or wait until a subscriber initiates a conversation. Another option is to make joining and conversing free but a user must subscribe to know to know if the recipient has read a message. You lock out the non-subscribers out of a useful feature to make them pay while they can still access other features.


This is for paying members only.Entirely. The users pay to join and use the site. Most premium dating sites are niche sites. It must be offering something more specific for people to want to join. For example a site for people over 30s. Or for older men looking for young women. Some general sites like are wholly premium but are popular because they have a feature that matches up users and hence makes the search less hectic. People should feel the benefits of paying or they will leave. Add something extra to your site to entice and keep the subscribers.


You could fix in google adsense or directly target advertisers. The disadvantage of google adsense is that it could reject yout dating site or if it accepts it, it could pull out anyday and ban you. That has been a main concern among users. Remember to put up an "advertise" page. Users should know that they can advertise on the site. You could set up an advertisement feature so that users can advertise without contacting you. Emulate Facebook.

Redesigning and improving the dating site

That's why you need revenue. Unless you can do it by yourself you will need to hire a web-designer to make changes to your site when need be. Websites are not static - especially dating sites. It should be dynamic. As you purchase a theme, remember to buy a flexible theme. Purchase or build a site theme that has ample room for improvement to the lengths that you desire.

You do not launch a dating site and let it run on it's own just as it is for months and years. It should be updated. It should change with the times. It should get better. Everyday as you look and think of your dating site you will come up with a new idea to make it better for your users. That will mean more hype and hence more revenue for you.


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