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Pinecone Research Review: Make Money Online With Surveys


What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is a dedicated survey site. That is their specialty and they do it well. Other survey sites might offer other ways to earn, but these guys don't. I have been with Pinecone Research for about a year and am very happy with them.

What Kind Of Surveys Do They Offer?

As of right now, Pinecone Research has two different surveys: an unpaid survey and a paid survey. The unpaid survey is sort of a general survey and it is very short. It just asks about your shopping habits and the types of items you have purchased or seen in a store. The paid survey goes off your answers from the unpaid survey. All of Pinecone Research's surveys are about specific products you can purchase from a store. Also about 90% of their surveys have the same exact types of questions, just a different product in each survey.

I love that they are very consistent and I always know what to expect. I know I will never get a question about politics or the car I drive, just about food and cleaning supplies.

I have received an email from them stating the way they give out surveys will be changing. Instead of getting two separate surveys, members will get one survey that will automatically take them to the paid survey if they qualify.

It Is Possible You Might Get To Test A Product

I have received many samples from Pinecone Research, but I wouldn't exactly call them free, because you are testing a product and then answering a survey about it. They won't ever just send you a random product. After every paid survey you take, they will ask if a reputable manufacturer can send you a sample to try. If you say yes, you may get a sample of that product. If you say no, you will not. Just because you say yes does not mean you will automatically get a sample. They look through every survey, and from the ones that said yes they pick the ones they feel will give the best feedback on the follow up survey.

I have received many samples, and they were not tiny little samples but full-sized products. I can not tell you the exact names of the products due to confidentiality agreements, but I can tell you I have gotten a 12 pack of soda, cleaning supplies, juices, and food: all of it full size.

Not Anyone Can Join Pinecone Research

I know that sounds weird, but it is true. You can not just go to Pinecone Research dotcom and click a join button. You must be part of a group that Pinecone Research has allowed to post its join link on. The reason behind this is so that they can limit their member base. If they need more members they will let a select few sites put up a banner asking people to join. When they do not need any more members they tell them to take it down.

I can't remember exactly where I joined from, but I have seen the link in emails I receive from free-sample sites.

Not only do you have to be asked to join, but Pinecone Research is the only survey site I know of that will kick you out if you do not complete their surveys. I was unaware of this rule until I got an email from them with a warning. It stated that I had failed to complete the last three surveys that they sent me and asked if I still wanted to be a member. If I hand't replied back they would have showed me the door.

This doesn't mean you will be kicked out for not qualifying for a survey, because you are always qualified, but it means if you keep deleting their emails for surveys and miss three in a row, you might get the boot. They want only dedicated members who are serious.

Earn with Pinecone Research

Earn with Pinecone Research

How Much Do They Pay?

This will be the easiest question I answer: 300 points or three dollars per paid survey. Yes, that is correct: three bucks for every paid survey you take no matter what it is for. This is another reason why I love this site so much. There is no guessing what you will make because it is always the same. Plus three dollars a survey is much better than any other survey site that I have been a member on.

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I cash out all of my points through PayPal because I love to have "actual cash," but they offer many different cash out options in the form of gift cards or physical merchandise.

The next best thing is that you always know exactly how much you can get. If you have 1000 points you can get a $10 gift card, if you have 2500 points that's a $25 gift card. I have cashed out an easy $200+ dollars on this site and I am making more all the time!

Points to Dollars

It's really this simple!

Number of PointsAmount In Cash









So Is Pinecone Research Worth It?

Yes I would have to say that Pinecone Research is definitely worth it. Their surveys are easy, fun, and worth every dollar you make. This is a company that really knows what they are doing and are helping people like you and me to make a few bucks in the process. These guys don't send out a lot of emails like most survey companies, but because they pay so much per survey and you are always qualified for each one you are given, you make a lot more money in the end.

If you ever come across an ad asking to join this company jump on it. Space is limited and you never know when you might get the next chance.

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Okene Inans on June 04, 2020:

I completed my threshold but it's showing error withdrawal I need someone to help me out

Laura on May 26, 2017:

I got lucky enough to get in a couple months ago..... A savings page I follow on Facebook posted a link that said they were accepting people, I clicked and got in.... I saw on the comments some were and some were not.... I consider myself lucky.... I'm up to 3000 points and I have been sent to "secret" products to try. This is a great site if you can get in!

Neil Avery (author) from Grand Junction, CO on February 19, 2017:

Hi Michael the only way to join is through a link found on sites that they allow to post it on. I am signed up with a couple of freebie newsletters and I see it on there occasionally. I have also been asked to join by Product Report Card which is a survey site. I too am a member of Opinion Outpost along with many many others lol. Your welcome for this post, keep your eyes open for anyone asking if you want to join Pinecone Research!

Michael Kismet from Northern California on February 19, 2017:

Three dollars a survey is quite a step up from the usual survey sites. If you find out a way to join, please update so readers can actually join. You might want to try opinion outpost, they have pretty decent payout, as well. Thanks again for the information.

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