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Review of Prize Rebel: Take a Survey to Make Cash

Abby Slutsky is always on the lookout for new ways to earn money online. She has been using Prize Rebel for over a year.

What Is Prize Rebel?

Prize Rebel is a website that allows you to make money or accrue points for gift cards online. In addition to answering surveys, you can also play games, sign up for sample products, or complete other tasks to accrue points that can be awarded in cash or prizes. You can also win money and prizes by referring other people to the site. It is also worthwhile to check out their Facebook page. Sometimes it offers codes that enable you to get additional points just for copying the code into your account.

Whether you prefer restaurants, shopping or something else, Prize Rebel offers many gift card options.

Whether you prefer restaurants, shopping or something else, Prize Rebel offers many gift card options.

Pros of the Site

The site is user-friendly. Most of the time, you will get a list of surveys that you can complete when you log into the site. Just click on a survey or task, and you are ready to earn. Unlike other survey websites, you do not have to wait until the site sends you a survey. You can go on the site and find surveys or tasks anytime. Choose what appeals to you.

  1. Site is very user-friendly
  2. Variety of surveys and tasks to earn money
  3. Wide selection of rewards
  4. Occasional reward discounts

Disadvantages of Prize Rebel

1. Giving Lots of Personal Information

Although your information remains confidential, it is used for research, and you are giving out a lot of it. Questions may include your birthdate, address, job, salary, and bank. However, you can stop completing a survey anytime you feel uncomfortable.

2. Time to Take Survey May Exceed Estimation

Most surveys have pre-qualifying questions. Sometimes these questions can take 10 minutes or more, and you may not qualify to complete the survey. In my experience, the suggested time of the survey does not always seem to include the time it takes to answer the pre-qualifying questions. The good news is that you will get regular emails telling you when surveys are available.

3. Sometimes Surveys Are Full or Poor Matches for You

Surveys may not always be accessible. They may be full or a poor match for you, but you will not know until you answer the pre-qualifying questions.

Where Should I Take the Surveys or Complete Tasks?

It is possible to complete the surveys and tasks almost anywhere as long as you have internet access on your computer or laptop. Nevertheless, be aware that some surveys have audios or visuals to watch, so it may not make sense to complete them in a quiet environment.

It depends on your attention span and whether you can multitask while doing them, but I recommend that you give your entire attention to the survey. Occasionally, there are questions to ensure that you are paying attention. They want honest opinions from people who are really reading and engaged in the survey.

Other Ways to Earn on Prize Rebel

  1. You can also earn money by referring others to the website. You will make a small amount of money when they take surveys. They also have certain times when the site gives bonus points for completing a certain number of surveys. If you would like to try Prize Rebel, you can go to their website to join.
  2. As you earn more survey and task points, you gradually increase your earnings level. This means that your gift card selections are discounted by a certain percentage based on your level, and your referral percentage also goes up.

Additional Tips for Using Prize Rebel

  • Read the confidentiality page and requirements of the survey carefully. Some surveys may require recordings of your voice, videos, or other details that you may not be comfortable sharing.
  • Give yourself sufficient time to complete the surveys. You do not earn money for partially completed surveys or offers.

My Overall Experience on Prize Rebel

Of all the survey sites that I have used, I have found it the most beneficial. It legitimately pays rewards or cash promptly, and there are usually money-making opportunities on the website.

However, it is by no means a way to make a significant income. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an opportunity to make a few extra dollars when you are kicking around on your computer, it can be worthwhile to complete some of the surveys or tasks.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2021 Abby Slutsky


Charlene Gallant from Cape Town, South Africa on October 15, 2021:

I wasn't aware of this survey site...thanks for sharing Abby:)

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 14, 2021:

Giving out of all that personal information could be a potential problem, but thanks for informing us about this site.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on October 14, 2021:

I did not know about this site, Abby. Thank you for the information.

Liz Westwood from UK on October 14, 2021:

I had not heard of this survey site before. It is useful to get your take on it and you make valid points in this interesting article.