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8 Rules for More Effective Copywriting

Michael has a degree in international business and currently works for a global e-commerce company.

1. Create a Captivating Headline

Experts claim that an exceptional headline can bring in 8-10 times more sales than a regular one.

Your sales letter needs to have several headings. Each of these should be formulated in such a way that they captivate attention as soon as the reader lands on the page.

Avoid typing out the headlines you have in your mind immediately even though they may seem to be really suitable for the content. Don't put down anything straight away.

Instead, spend some time reviewing periodicals, magazines, and other popular publications. Check the featured advertising headlines and how they are worded. This is how you gain both insight and inspiration.

Don't seek to push people into making a decision. Inspire and motivate them into action instead.

2. Build an Emotional Connection

In your message, don't seek to push people into making a decision. Instead, work toward inspiring and motivating them into action. Seek to connect with them deeply on an emotional level by showing concern and empathy.

This will enable them to engage with you and your message such that doubts are dispelled and they begin to develop trust. If your message is emotionally compelling, you stand a better chance of having an impact on your target audience.

Ask Questions

Ask Questions

3. Ask Questions

Instead of making this a one-way monologue, provide an intellectual opportunity for your readers to participate by asking questions. You do not need to overdo this as it will only make your communication out of balance.

Your questions need to be few, but strategic and well thought of in advance. Asking the right kind of questions will draw your readers in. They will become involved in the flow of thoughts.

The key is to only ask the questions that you know have an affirmative answer. If they have gone through your message and have responded "yes" to all the questions, they will already be in an affirmative mood by the time you bring up the sales pitch or the offer of sale. This is advantageous.

Inspiring words positively predispose your audience to your message.

4. Make it Personal

Refrain from generalising your message by using terms such as "the public" or "they". Instead, seek to address yourself to a single individual with the word you.

This will enable you to build a personal relationship with your audience. People tend to purchase from those with whom they feel a sense of connection.

5. Mind your Language

Inspiring words positively predispose your audience to your message. You do not need to be verbose or exaggerate your use of vocabulary.

However, words like "breakthrough, happy, yes, wonderful, amazing, incredible, discover" can give your writing an edge. Remember to keep your language so simple that an eighth-grader will be able to understand.

Each testimonial should address a specific objection or concern.

6. Include Testimonials

A potential customer who meets you for the first time may feel that your own personal account of using the product or service you are promoting is fabricated. This is because people are by nature skeptical and would rather "err on the side of caution".

However, a true tragedy-to-triumph story from a satisfied customer can really help to alleviate any fears or doubts they may have. The best way to use testimonials is to make sure that each one targets a specific objection or addresses a particular concern.

This may be a concern about the product's features, functions, capabilities, benefits, durability, reliability and so on. Bear in mind that video testimonials should be short and straight to the point when addressing the above. Written testimonials should not be more than four to six sentences long.

7. Offer a Guarantee

There is a fear among entrepreneurs when it comes to offering people guarantees because they feel that they will be easily taken advantage of.

The opposite is true.

If you have a good, solid guarantee, you will effectively gain more business as contrasted to losses incurred from returned products. Remember to keep the terms of your guarantee as simple as possible for the reader.

It has been stated that the longer the time provided for in your guarantee, the less the probability that a customer will ask for their money back.

Usher the reader through the four levels of the purchasing process.

8. Guide Readers Progressively

Ideally, your copy should take the reader through the four levels of the purchasing process, one step at a time. These levels are as follows:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Despite the fact that there are advantages in brevity, your message needs to include all the statements and content required to take them through each one of these stages in sequence.

Do some research and anticipate the kind of questions your readers are likely to have and then respond to these questions with solid answers in your marketing message. In this way, you will be able to bring them progressively through the entire process from the initial phase of attention to the final phase of action.

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