Should I Sell Avon or Mary Kay? A Quick Look at Two Popular Direct Sales Businesses

Updated on April 21, 2019
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Katleigh is a Business major and a makeup and skincare enthusiast, as well as an Avon Representative.

I've sold Avon in the past and have had friends who sold Mary Kay. While I made decent money while selling Avon, I no longer have the resources to continue being an Independent Sales Representative.

Avon and Mary Kay focus primarily on cosmetics and skincare.
Avon and Mary Kay focus primarily on cosmetics and skincare. | Source

Quick Look at Selling Avon vs. Mary Kay

Mary Kay
Price Point
Ranges from affordable to luxury
Luxury brand with prices to match
Business Strategy
Neighborhood salesperson - friendly lady next door
Cosmetics expert and party hostess
Selling Methods
Mainly brochures, little to no stock required
Mainly parties, a lot of stock required

Compensation, Commission, and Getting Paid

Compensation is also handled differently at Avon and Mary Kay. There are two ways to earn money in these companies: direct sales and recruiting.

Direct selling is the most important part of both these businesses. While you as the salesperson can sell your stock for whatever price you choose, both companies have suggested rates and set discounts that determine your profit. These discounts determine your commission on sold products and impact how money you will make selling both Avon and Mary Kay.

Avon has a tiered commission rate, which allows you to earn 10 - 50% commission depending on your biweekly sales rate. You will always earn at least 10% commission selling Avon, and will earn even more in the first beginning weeks through their Kickstarter Program.

Mary Kay, on the other hand, has a flat 50% commission rate on all products regardless of how much you sell. You can lose this discount if you don't maintain active status by placing an order of $225 worth of product every three months.

This distinction is one of the major differences between selling Avon and selling Mary Kay. You will always get an Avon discount no matter what your order size, but you must sell $225 worth of product to keep your Mary Kay discount. If you don't expect your business to boom quickly or are only planning to sell on a seasonal basis, Mary Kay may not be the right choice for you.

You will always get an Avon discount no matter what your order size, but you must sell $225 worth of product to keep your Mary Kay discount.

Both Avon and Mary Kay are companies by women, for women.
Both Avon and Mary Kay are companies by women, for women. | Source

Who Sells Avon and Mary Kay?

Avon and Mary Kay have slightly different business strategies. Avon salespeople are known as Independent Sales Representatives, while those who sell Mary Kay are Independent Beauty Consultants. While these are mainly titles, they have a lot to say about the way both businesses operate.

Avon has a long history of being a friendly, neighborhood brand. The Avon lady has become an American icon - she’s your neighbor, a single mother, PTA member, a member of your church. Avon Sales Representatives are approachable and are always looking out for your best interest.

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants, on the other hand, are expected to be beauty experts and conduct their businesses in a more professional manner.

Both companies emphasize that their salespeople own their own business.

Another important part of both Avon’s and Mary Kay’s business strategy is that most of their salespeople are women.

Do you prefer Avon or Mary Kay products?

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How to Sell Avon and Mary Kay

There are plenty of ways to sell both Avon and Mary Kay products, but each company has their own main method of selling.

The most familiar and common tool for the Avon representative is the brochure. Brochures contain the newest and hottest products - the things that make both the Representative and Avon the most money. There are several brochures: the regular Avon catalog that contains a little bit of everything, the mark. Magalog specializes in teenage and young adult attire, the Avon Living home good magazine, and various discount brochures.

Mary Kay has a different approach to selling their product. Parties and one-on-one appointments are the most common ways Independent Beauty Consultants make their money. These events have a formal, professional undertone to them. The host or hostess of the party usually teaches his or her guests how to use the products they are showcasing and often gives out free samples. They are more truly a home-based business as their main center of operations takes place at home.

Is Avon Hard to Sell?

Being a salesperson is a difficult job, and direct selling businesses are no different. Avon and Mary Kay can have a very saturated market, meaning that there a lot of salespeople in an area already.

One of the hardest parts about being with Avon or Mary Kay is introducing yourself as a salesperson. In my experience, you get one of three responses when you tell someone you are selling Avon: they are very excited and wants to see a brochure right now, they will tell you a story about how their mother/sister/aunt used to buy or sell Avon and they loved their perfume/lipstick/eyeliner and will take a book, or they will politely decline. More often than not, people are willing to take a book, and if they aren't interested in, they are more than happy to pass it along to someone who might.

I have never received a rude response. While I can't speak for the Mary Kay business, I have never had a horror story of doors getting slammed in my face or losing friends and family because I started selling. An advantage of Avon is that everyone loves to look through magazines and most people are interested in at least looking at a book. Offering a free magazine isn't pushy, while trying to sell a kit or bundle can seem very salesy.

As cliche as it may seem, almost everyone has a memory of Avon and therefore a product or two that interests them. The Mary Kay brand also doesn't carry the same friendliness and familiarity that Avon does. Many of my customers have fond childhood memories of their experiences with our products.

Comparable Avon and Mary Kay Products and Prices

Product Type
Mary Kay
Primer w/ Sunscreen
MagiX Face Perfector ($12)
Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($18)
Lengthening Mascara w/ Defining Wand
True Color SuperExtend Lengthening Mascara ($8)
Lash Love Mascara ($15)
Loose Powder Foundation
True Color Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation ($12)
Mineral Powder Foundation ($20)
Eye Makeup Remover
True Color Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Lotion ($6)
Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover ($20)
Eyeliner w/ Built-in Sharpener
Always On Point Eyeliner ($7)
Eyeliner ($12)
Mary Kay products are more expensive than Avon products of comparable function and size across the board.

Is Mary Kay Hard to Sell?

I want to make it very clear I have never sold Mary Kay. I have however, had several close friends who sold the brand. From everything I can gather, Mary Kay is much more difficult to sell than Avon for one simple reason: it is much more expensive. Most Avon products don't sell for more than a comparable drugstore product, while Mary Kay is priced similarly to brands you would find at Sephora or Ulta.

A quick disclaimer:

You will never have success with Avon or Mary Kay if you don't treat them like a business. Too many people join companies like this with the impression that it will be easy money and fail. Like with any line of employment, you get back what you put in it.

Should I Sell Avon or Mary Kay?

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Looking To Join or Buy?

Whether you're looking to join the Avon opportunity or are ready to place an online order, feel free to take a look at my store here. To join, look at the black bar at the top of the screen or to buy, fill up your cart and wait for your goodies to arrive!

What are your experiences with direct sales? Have you ever given these companies any thought? Let me know in the comments below!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2018 Dani Merrier


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      Tedda Sue Alexander 

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      I Love Marykay Just Became A Beauty Consultant

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      A mind of my own 

      17 months ago

      I feel everything is not for everybody. I If i don't do good with this one. Maybe i should try this one. Thats why we also have options. Dame it maybe i do good at both. Options


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