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A Simple Guide to Help You Get Started in the E-Juice Business

Updated on September 15, 2016

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There used to be a high demand article here that was written by it's author (me) with the intention of earning income. The income earning article did well for some period of time when one day a professional busy body stuck their uninvited nose where it didn't belong and took the liberty of improving my very popular article. They did a great job with their "improvements" and readership even increased slightly but the income fell to zero. I have no intention of providing information and not earning a pay check so I have removed my article.

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  • 2 years ago


    My name is Jesse and I appreciate all of the knowledge that you have made available through this article. I am interested to know how everything is going for you in the Vape business. I am planning on making my first order soon and would love some more input. Thank you for your time and consideration, e-mail me if you can find the time.


  • MichaelMcNabb profile image

    Michael McNabb 2 years ago from Oconto, Wisconsin, USA

    Thanks Jesse

    I appreciate knowing my little bit of knowledge was helpful to someone. In this economy it is helpful to have something going on the side to bring even just a little extra income. I don't have much going as of right now as I've kind of found a new direction but I do have some local accounts that I still stock. When I first started at it I was going to supply the world lol but it's kind of difficult to get into stores these days. I don't have to time to actually meet with shop owners and then the dreaded waiting on them to make decisions etc.. Just not worth it for me anymore. If I were to make a second attempt I would sell strictly via Internet and stomp out the middle man.

  • 23 months ago

    Michael - I think we can make some money together, to be frank :) If you're interested in getting your product online that can easily be done my friend. I would more importantly love to pick your brain for an hour regarding your knowledge of e-liquid start ups. hit me up if you're interested. Great article!

  • ToniR 22 months ago

    I just started vaping a few weeks ago and I am glad I made the change. I decided to research on how to make my own liquid. I went and purchased all the ingredients I needed to begin. I love to have different flavors and be able to adjust the nicotine levels, along with the PG/VG ratio. I have since then been able to break everything down for the cost per a 15ml bottle. WHOA....It runs 10.00 a bottle in a store and I am able to make it for far less than that. I have thought about selling it but I don't know how to go about it. I am willing to let owners sample my juice to see if it is something they would like to stock. I am also aware of all the competition but the selling price I have is pretty attractive. Especially after I seen the savings I can harvest as a consumer and the mark up on the store levels. Selling online is also an option for me but that will come in time. If you would be interested in sharing any information I would appreciate it. Please email me at

  • Nicole Steed profile image

    Nicole Steed 18 months ago

    Hi. I'm interested in starting my own vape store but thought I'd start by creating my own line of ejuice first. Your page has been extremely helpful and I'm curious to understand how to make 3, 6, and 12 mg. strength. Seems like the majority of people in this area utilize 12mg.


  • Courtney Figurell profile image

    Courtney Figurell 18 months ago

    As far as payments and taxes do you do anything special to file. I dont know about there but i know here the retailer is taxed 5% per ml containing nic. As a manufacture are the only taxes you have to worry about income taxes? Any insight on this topic would help us greatly as we are on our way to starting a line as well.

  • MichaelMcNabb profile image

    Michael McNabb 14 months ago from Oconto, Wisconsin, USA

    Hello Nicole

    To make 3 mg or 6 or 12 you simply dilute the mixture with your zero nic base until you get to the desired potency. For example if you want to create 3 mg you will mix your 1 part 24 mg with 8 parts zero. (24/8) Hope this helps.

  • MichaelMcNabb profile image

    Michael McNabb 14 months ago from Oconto, Wisconsin, USA

    I would like to hear your success stories. Have you made your first batch of e juice? Did you manage to go out and find yourself some good customers? Please post your stories and I will publish them here for you.

  • Dan Albright 12 months ago

    Actually, about the glass bottles. It really matter what you're after in the market. Certainly glass dropper bottles have a more elegant look. And as far as plastic, the clear plastic bottles have a nicer look than the PTFE cloudy botles. But look at your market. Are you looking to kcater to the vape snob who is only satisfied paying about a$1/ml or is your market, say, older smokers who just want to replace smoking.

    If your target market is the latter, then you may want to reconsider the higher cost of glass bottles. Also, the clear plastic PET bottles can be very hard to squeeze, especially in the smaller sizes like 10ml. Therefore, your best bet would be the cloudy PTFE bottle with a nice label and possibly even a nice box. A box is nice because it allows you to more comfortably put everything on your product like ingredients, warnings, etc. without having to cram it all in on the label itself.

    Lots of folks, including me prefer the soft, more practical PTFE bottles. Please don;t forget the smoker market. Everyone these days is catering to the fashion vaper and clowd clowns. The smoker/former smoker has gone by the wayside. Nice labels are a must for all products, but practicality has a place and a market, too.

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 9 months ago from England

    I gave up smoking a few years ago, but my son smokes this sort of stuff, e cigs? I would never have thought that you could make your own, but why not? lol! interesting stuff, nell

  • MichaelMcNabb profile image

    Michael McNabb 8 months ago from Oconto, Wisconsin, USA

    I am glad you were able to quit Nell. That is the ultimate goal for myself as well. As of right now I haven't touched a cigarette in nearly a year. I was one of those vape a while smoke a while people and finally I made the decision to quit smoking and never look back. I don't miss it at all because once you truly quit the smell of it makes you sick and noticing it on other peoples breath is nothing short of disturbing. I love my vapes because I believe it's the safest alternative to tobacco and it doesn't stink. Which means my full time gig as a sales person isn't affected by my bad habits. Best of luck to you and your son.

  • Mustafiz Rahman 7 months ago

    Hi Michael, I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and wise words of advise. I had originally intended to start a premium e-liquid brand with crisp and polished looking glass packaging with the most popular flavours, not some of these shoddy plastic brands you see. However before investing large amounts of time and money, I am concerned that competition in this sector is off the scale and have a feeling all the big companies have already taken over this market.

    So I just wanted to ask you if you don't mind, what lead to you choosing an alternate career? Was the e liquid industry not profitable enough and too competitive? Is it worth a shot if you have good branding ideas and a handful of vape shops locally? How much money can I expect to make starting off up to developing a few sale contacts?

  • MichaelMcNabb profile image

    Michael McNabb 4 months ago from Oconto, Wisconsin, USA

    Hello Mustafiz, my article is just a simple approach to running the business. Obviously my article is based on very limited experience. I do believe the market is now over saturated and one would have to run a more sophisticated business than the one I have outlined.

    It doesn't however mean you couldn't stick with a small scale operation and supply your local vape shops, run an Online business or sell to a small clientele that you build up over time. My intention was to point out to people that regardless of what you are hearing on the streets the vape business is simply mixing a few ingredients and bottling them into fancy or not so fancy packaging and distributing them to users. I had been hearing so much hype about how flavors take years to develop and big pharmaceutical laboratories, doctors yada yada yada. I just wanted to stand up and say no that's not the case; this is something anyone can do.

  • tommy burke 4 months ago

    would anyone know what the average prices are that vape shops and websites purchase juice for before they are resold?

  • Jack23061982 4 months ago

    i want to thank you about your helpful article and i want to ask about nicotine

    how i can get the best nicotine online .

  • MichaelMcNabb profile image

    Michael McNabb 4 months ago from Oconto, Wisconsin, USA

    Vape shops pay depending on the brand. With generic juice like this article describes I would expect just a couple of dollars if you are lucky. You may find yourself in the 50 cent to $1.25 range if you don't make much effort in branding. On the other hand if you do a good job of branding your product I have heard of $15 per 30ml glass bottle by popular brands.

  • MichaelMcNabb profile image

    Michael McNabb 4 months ago from Oconto, Wisconsin, USA

    Jack I bought nicotine from my freedom smokes. They have the best prices by far and were very easy to work with.

  • Samvape 4 months ago

    Hi Michael,

    My name is Sam Arashfar, I'm a distributer of e-liquid to the Middle East.

    I found this blogs with mentioning how to start a juice company.

    My company was the first to distribute American liquids to Iran, Kuwait and the UAE and we are still the biggest distributer of American brands in the Middle East.

    Now I'm looking to start a new venture and I'm looking to start our own E-liquid company specially with Flavors that are more preferred in the Middle East, Russia and Europe. I have much knowledge in the business my self and I have many connections with big companies and laboratories such as molecule labs and all big e-juice companies.

    I can cover all startup cost including all marketing and advertising costs, also I was a marketing major and I have much knowledge in how to take a brand international.

    Please send me a email if your interested in speaking further in regards to this.


    Sam Arashfar

    Legacy World Trade


    Instagram: e_hookah_iran

  • jiggylight 2 months ago

    Helloo michael! I'm 18 years old and turning 19 this december. And I'm planning to start a small business, I actually bought the ingredients with my own moneey. But I'm having doubts, fear that it will not work but im still trying to get my hopes up. I haven't started yet but everything is here already. I just need some advice on how i will make people love it. I mean, what strategy? thinking? Is it okay in my age to start with a thing such as this thing? Thank you so much and I hope you will read this asap. Thank you!!!

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