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Steemit Has Become a Train Wreck

In 2017, I published an article about Steemit that was titled “HubPages Vs. Steemit.” If you have had the opportunity to read that same article, you can clearly see that I had a much more optimistic outlook on Steemit’s future back when I published it than I do now. In comparing HubPages with Steemit now, I would have to say that HubPages is beating out Steemit as being a much better writing site by leaps and bounds.

As people who are members of HubPages are called Hubbers, people who are members of Steemit are called Steemians.

The 2000 version of Microsoft Word is the creator of this image.

The 2000 version of Microsoft Word is the creator of this image.

Changes to Steemit in 2019

In the time since I published my article titled “HubPages Vs. Steemit,” Steemit has undergone substantial changes. I joined Steemit in June of 2017. Back then, a Steemian like myself could no longer edit their articles on Steemit seven days after they published it. In 2019, Steemit changed their writing site so that Steemians could still edit their articles 7 days after their publication in the event that they wanted to correct any typographical errors or make any kind of changes to them.

However, I didn’t find out until I did so by accident that, unlike a year ago, there is a limit on how much a Steemian can edit their articles and comments, post new articles, and even up-vote other people’s articles and comments on that writing site. Since autumn of 2018, Steemit has implemented a new system in which each Steemian has so many “RESOURCE CREDITS” that they can use to do any of these tasks on their Steemit channel.

The Introduction of Resource Credits

The way that I found out about this new system was while I was editing some of my articles to correct typographical errors. After I clicked the UPDATE icon to do so, I got a message on my computer screen that initially read: “Your transaction failed to process—Why? You’ve run out of Resource Credits.” Then this message provided an explanation on what was going on and what options were available to me to address the matter.

I researched further into the matter to find out why this new system had been implemented on Steemit. I found out that Steemit had created this new system to prevent spammers and trolls from abusing the writing site. I also found out that the most time that I would have to wait for my resource credits to recharge on Steemit was five days.

Okay. That new system seemed fair enough to me. I’m a patient man. I can roll with the punches and deal with change whenever it benefits everyone involved. I usually only needed to wait a day or two for my resource credits to recharge on my Steemit channel. Therefore, it didn’t seem so bad to me at first. Below is a YouTube video that explains how this new system that uses “resource credits” on Steemit works.

After a while, I became accustomed to this new system. It was nice to be able to correct typographical errors or make editorial changes to articles of mine on Steemit that were more than seven days old. Some Steemians believed that this new system would bring about the death of Steemit. However, I was one to believe that it would make it better, if anything. That is, until recently after this new system caused my ability to post and up-vote other people’s articles and comments on Steemit to come to a grinding halt.

Steemit’s New System Has Become a Nightmare

Sometime toward the end of May of 2019, something very appalling happened to me on Steemit. After waiting a day or so for my resource credits to recharge on Steemit, I attempted to resume doing my editorial improvements on an article of mine; and that same message that I describe above popped up on my computer screen, telling me that I had no resource credits and that I needed to wait for them to recharge. All right. I had remembered reading that sometimes it took up to five days for a Steemian’s resource credits to recharge. I wasn’t going to let it ruin my life.

More time passed by, and I was still getting that same message on my computer screen any time that I attempted to do anything on Steemit. This situation was really starting to annoy me, to say the least. Therefore, I did the only thing that I could do, and that was to go into Steem Chat to consult with other Steemians on what to do in this situation. Luckily, I was still able to communicate with other Steemians in that same chat room without any difficulties despite that I had lost my ability to do everything else on Steemit because of this situation.

Why Haven't My Credits Recharged?

In Steem Chat, a most pleasant German lady who goes by the username of “suesa” gave me some helpful information on how to find ways to address this matter. She directed me to a website that actually had detailed information regarding how many resource credits I had and the likes. To make a long story short, it turns out that I now have 100 percent voting power and 100 percent resource credits on my Steemit channel.

According to this same website, I have enough resource credits to post approximately 15 comments, to place over a hundred votes and to perform approximately 95 “transfers.” I believe that transfers have to do with one’s desire to delegate Steem Power to other Steemians.

Like many Steemians, I haven’t gotten the entire cryptocurrency monetary system down to a fine art yet. However, from what I’ve read on this one website that contains all of my information pertaining to my ability to complete tasks on Steemit, my resource credits are supposed to have recharged by now. However, it has been a month since I’ve been able to do anything on Steemit, and I’m still getting that same outrageous message on my computer screen telling me that I don’t have enough resource credits and that I need to wait until they recharge.

Clearing the Cache and Changing Browsers Didn't Work

In Steem Chat, I consulted with another Steemian who goes by the username of “aoecoin.” He is a most polite gentleman who currently resides in French Indochina. His advice to me was for me to clear out all my cookies and caches from my Google Chrome browser, which is the browser that I use the most. Therefore, I did so, but it did not solve the problem. In fact, it created another problem for me with YouTube. I was able to remedy that eventually, but my situation with Steemit continued to persist.

Aoecoin suggested that I should use another browser such as Mozilla Firefox instead. I downloaded that same browser to my computer, and I attempted to up-vote someone’s post on Steemit; but I still encountered the same problem with that message that continues to tell me that I have run out of resource credits. I also tried to remedy the problem by using Internet Explorer, but I wasn’t even able to sign into Steemit in that particular browser inasmuch as the sign-in screen on Steemit would not download on it.

Dealing With Steemit's Customer Service

I e-mailed a complaint to Steemit’s customer service staff. However, their customer service has not improved over the course of the past year, and I received no response from them. If you read my article titled “HubPages Vs. Steemit,” you will find that Steemit’s customer service is notorious for not responding to complaints in a timely manner or at all. I honestly don’t believe that anybody in the Steemit staff even reads them or cares about them.

I know that HubPages would never ever leave me high and dry in this manner. However, I needed to remember that I was dealing with Steemit instead. I’m beginning to believe that Steemit is finally starting to LOSE ITS STEEM. Pardon the expression.

Trapped in Limbo

Aoecoin subsequently recommended that I used the Microsoft Edge browser to address the problem. However, I seriously doubt that the problem lies with which browser I use but rather with Steemit itself. What makes this situation so laughably disgusting is that I recently received notification from the Steemitboard that they had given me an award and they told me therein that they would reward me further if I up-voted their notification, but I cannot do so inasmuch as I cannot get past that same message that pops up on my computer screen and tells me that I’ve run out of resource credits.

Therefore, it is though I am trapped in that same vortex of helplessness and limbo whenever I try to do anything on Steemit other than communicate with other Steemians on Steem Chat.

"francousqui" is the author of this image.

"francousqui" is the author of this image.

Growing Discontent With Steemit

Once upon a time I was contented with Steemit. That writing site appeared to me as an exciting, new experience and an honest way to make money on the Internet. Nobody contacts me back from their customer service. Nobody who operates their writing site seems to care about anyone in my situation.

Suesa and aoecoin have been most helpful to me to the best of their capabilities. However, even they have their limits on how much they can help me, and it really is not their responsibility to do so inasmuch as they are Steemians as I am and they are on that writing site to post content rather than to troubleshoot with other Steemians, as it should be.

Don’t Get Involved With Steemit

To every Hubber and to everyone else who is reading this article of mine now, I welcome any feedback or input on what you would do in this situation. However, if any of you have not signed up for Steemit, you’re probably better off avoiding that writing site at all costs. You will not get rich posting articles there. I never made any money doing so myself. However, my main reason for joining that writing site was not to become an overnight millionaire but rather to get my voice heard through the articles I posted.

I would just be happy if one of their customer service representatives would e-mail me back and walk me through on what I need to do to remedy this problem of not being able to post or do anything else on Steemit. Aoecoin informed me that other Steemians have encountered this same appalling situation as I have. However, how would anyone ever know, unless, of course, they discussed it with someone on Steem Chat?

There is no way for anyone in this situation to post any articles on Steemit alerting others about this problem, and the Steemians who have not encountered this problem may not even know about it. Aoecoin also advised me that there were people working on this problem, but I am yet to see any solution to it. I’m really starting to believe that I will never be able to do anything more with my Steemit channel from this point on.

Is It Worth Contacting the Better Business Bureau?

My elders always told me that if something seemed too good to be true, it usually was. Steemit certainly is the proof in the pudding for that piece of wisdom that I acquired from my elders during my growing years. One of my fellow Hubbers who has encountered similar situations on other writing sites has contacted the Better Business Bureau in the past to initiate proceedings in addressing such matters whenever necessary. His article titled "The Demise of Writing Sites: Bubblews, Persona Paper and Niume" describes his actions in that regard.

However, the major problem that I am currently confronting in wanting to go down that same road as he did is that I don’t have enough information on where Steemit is headquartered or how anyone would get in contact with them any other way than via e-mail. Then again, they never answer any of their e-mails. Therefore, it would be futile for anyone from the Better Business Bureau or the likes to contact them in that manner.

Is Steemit on the Brink of Collapse?

My experiences have always been that whenever a company or any kind of business establishment begins to falter in this manner, usually it is a sign that such an outfit is beginning to fall apart. I sincerely believe that Steemit is on the eve of collapse and that the people running this same writing site are doing their best to cover up this fact. I would even be surprised if anyone employed by Steemit who reads this article were to contact me afterwards and attempt to make this situation right. Such a hope on my part would be aiming for the stars with very little chances of success.

Payment via Cryptocurrency

Steemit is a writing site whose method of compensation to its Steemians is supposed to be based on cryptocurrencies as described in my article titled “HubPages Vs. Steemit.” This method of payment appears to be much more popular in South Africa than it does here in the United States of America. I am not going to bash all cryptocurrencies, but it does concern me that I have come across some skepticisms and criticisms on the Internet regarding this ghostlike monetary system. Below is a YouTube video in which a gentleman describes his leery feelings about this method of performing payment transactions.

Like HubPages, Steemit has begun to use advertising to pay its bills. Surprisingly, Steemit has not acquired stricter guidelines than before on what Steemians can publish on their writing site as other writing sites that use advertising have done. In any event, my situation of being unable to post, up-vote or perform transfers on Steemit continues to persist, and I see no relief from this problem in sight.

Conclusion and Warning

I must warn others who are reading my article not to get involved with Steemit, because I am seriously doubtful that this same writing site will be in existence a year from now. If you have any kind of writings published on Steemit, now is the time for you to make back-up copies of them and keep them in a safe place, because they probably will not be in existence online a year from now after Steemit likely disappears from the Internet altogether. Steemit may not even have a year left to its lifespan from the looks of it.

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Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on July 02, 2019:

I know that at least a few of you, if not many of you, who may have joined Steemit are experiencing the same problem that I am with that writing site. Now is the time for all of us to get our voices heard and call Steemit out for neglecting its writers who have fallen into this same trap of not being able to get past this one message on their computer screen that reads that they have run out of resource credits when, in fact, they have enough resource credits to post and to do other things on that writing site.