The 5 Types of Digital Nomad Jobs

Updated on October 2, 2019
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Matilda Woods has been a long term traveller since 2013 and has worked as a digital nomad since 2016.


The Vast Majority of Digital Nomad Jobs Fall Into Only Five Categories

I see dozens of posts everyday of Digital Nomad message boards and Facebook groups asking where to start.

If you are an aspiring digital nomad, these five fields are full of opportunities. Of course, remote jobs can be found in all kinds of fields, but these are by far the most common.

So, take a look and see if you would be a good fit for one of the five types of Digital Nomad jobs.

It's a proven fact that virtual assistants work better outside of sunlit cafes.
It's a proven fact that virtual assistants work better outside of sunlit cafes. | Source

1. Virtual Assistance

I'm convinced that the title 'Virtual Assistant' was create vague on purpose. Each virtual assistant I meet seems to have a completely different job than the last.

In my mind, that is the beauty of this fledgeling field. There are zillions of virtual assistants each with a unique set of skills and zillions of small companies and individuals who need them!

If you want to get into the VA game, prepare to brave the murky waters of online courses and ebooks to find the gems, but don't forget about the more traditional skills as well. Yes, your social media savvy is going to come in handy, but having a superior grasp on Excel won't hurt either.

Ready to go? Upwork and Facebook are two great places to start. Look for digital nomad FB groups, people who work remotely are often looking to hire remote workers.

Jobs in This Field

  • Social Media Marketing Assistants
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Virtual Bookkeepers
  • Virtual Research Assistant
  • eCommerce Virtual Assistant
  • Data Entry Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Marketing Assistant

If you want to work in pajama bottoms, online teaching might be for you!
If you want to work in pajama bottoms, online teaching might be for you! | Source

2. Online Education

This is what I do! I work for VIPKID and I love it!

Online teaching has been as absolute godsend. I love working in my pj bottoms and a nice blouse and besides, since starting my online teaching job, I have visited 12 countries guilt-free!

Online teaching is something that almost anyone can do. English jobs are easiest to come by, but by no means the only jobs out there and the job requirements range quite widely.

If you're looking for an English Teaching job, check out VIPKID ($14-22/hour!)

This {^_^} is my referral code and a signup link.

(I'll have more articles about VIPKID soon!)

Jobs in This Field

  • English Teacher
  • Other Language Teacher
  • Course Designer
  • Math, Music, or Science Tutor

Really, you can teach anything you are an expert in!

If you like to shop, you might like to sell too.
If you like to shop, you might like to sell too. | Source

3. E-Commerce

E-Commerce is the field I want to explore more. I am the kind of person who meticulously curates absolutely everything in her life, so the thought of putting together a collection that could make me money is a game-changer.

I get that there is more to it than that, but I'm still in the daydream phase and I'm not quite willing to move into the reality phase yet.

The reality is that running an online shop is not easy, it requires a diverse set of skills and more than a bit of luck to get it right. Trying out other jobs in the field can help you gain skills while you plan your own Shopify store.

Jobs in This Field

  • E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator
  • Rich Content Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Shop Owner
  • E-Commerce Virtual Assistant

There is a lot of crossover on this one. Making sales is a multifaceted endeavor!

Personally, I think I would find Greek easier to understand.
Personally, I think I would find Greek easier to understand. | Source

4. Computer Science

I don't know anything about programming. I wish I did, but it just does not compute. I tried to learn Python, just for fun, but it wasn't fun at all - for me. I felt like I was back in 12th grade math class and eventually, my interest waned.

If you have a proclivity for this kind of think, well, lucky you, run with that and then come back and write this section for me because I don't have any advice for aspiring programmers and developers. Sorry!

Jobs in This Field

  • Front-End Developer?
  • Back-End Developer?
  • App developer?

Honestly, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

This is what I imagine every successful blogger's desk looks like.
This is what I imagine every successful blogger's desk looks like. | Source

5. Freelance Writing, Editing, and Translating

I do this too!

Freelance writing is not an easy field, but it is lucrative...

Just kidding. It's not. But, if you like to write, it might be worth your while.

Blogging is probably the first thing that comes to mind in this field, but there are countless options and if you are willing to put the time in, certain options can make very nice passive income streams.

Jobs in This Field

  • Copy/Content Writer
  • Ebook Writer
  • Ghost Writer
  • Blogger
  • Translator
  • Editor
  • Feature Writer
  • Social Media Content Creator

Sound appealing?

Would you like to be a digital nomad?

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      • Matilda Woods profile imageAUTHOR

        Matilda Woods 

        2 months ago from Toronto

        I'm so glad to hear that Denise! Thanks for reading!

      • PAINTDRIPS profile image

        Denise McGill 

        2 months ago from Fresno CA

        Fascinating. I already do a couple of these but you have given me other things to think about.



      • Asad Dillz profile image

        Asad Dillz Khan 

        9 months ago from United Kingdom

        Very well-written and informative article Matilda! Yes absolutely these jobs are digital nomads job!


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