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The Many Different Ways of Making Money Online and Working at Home

Making money online is a bit of trial and error. Here's some methods that won't cost an arm and a leg to try out. Good luck!


Successful, Proven Ideas to Make Passive, Easy, Daily Money on the Internet, With Little or No Outlay

I’m going to give you lots of different ways of setting income streams up so you can go through them all one by one. When one way might be working better for you than another you can just keep repeating that method.

All of these moneymaking ways cost either nothing to set up or very, very little. These are ways that I’ve personally being involved in and, with most, still am. Some have been more successful than others. Some take longer to set up or see rewards with than others. But all work in varying degrees. Just start with one method that you’re comfortable with and go hard with it. Don’t stop halfway – keep going to the very end. I can tell you that when the first check arrives, no matter how small, you’ll be ready for a lot more. The advise from any internet marketer is "just don’t quit."

Practice anyone of these tried and true ways to make Internet income and I can guarantee that you’ve taken your first step to quit that job you don’t like that much.

Establish some goals for yourself. But take these in manageable steps. Lets say your goal is to earn $100 in the first 30 days. Your next step might be that after three months you’ll be earning $1500 per month. After six months make your goal $4000 per month, and at twelve months make it $10,000 per month. Eventually you'll know what works well for you and what doesn't. You'll be in business.


1. Drop Shipping and How It Can Work So Well For You

Drop shipping is when you sell a product on the net. Receive the money from the buyer. Use that money to buy whatever the product that they purchased from a third party and the third party will ship it directly to the buyer without you being involved.

There’s a number of drop shipping directory sites on the net but by far the most specialised one is a site called Salehoo have registered about 60,000 different wholesalers and drop shippers. Most have reviews by people who have set up drop shipping accounts with these particular merchants so you can get a great feel as to whether they’re any good or not. In this way you wont have to waste any time if the merchants don’t do what they say they do.

Also, Salehoo have divided them into about twenty different categories so you can choose between toy, perfume, clothing, tool, outdoors, sports, and vintage etc. merchants.

Drop shipping merchants are much cheaper to purchase from than your average retail store on the net. The way to start is to sell on a well-known site like eBay or you can set up your own website.

eBay is fairly straightforward to join and sell on if you haven’t already and their fees are fairly cheap.

One of the best Drop shipping sites mainly for electronic goods is They have a huge range of goods from smartphones through to projectors and home security systems. I’ve used them for a considerable time. I like them because they guarantee to courier your item the following day after receiving payment and their staff physically check every item to make certain its fully working before it leaves their warehouse.

When they ship there is nothing recorded on the invoice or carton relating to Chinavasion so in this way your new customer will only suppose its come directly from you.

There’s a choice of six different carriers, from the cheaper EPS with a ten day delivery target to the most expensive DHL with a five day target. When you go on their site its just a click away to see exactly how much your item is costing including delivery. Once you’ve got this information then it’s a matter of just copying their photos (they don’t mind this) of the product and their description (well written by English writers) and setting up a listing on eBay. Remember to put a profit on top of the product price including courier charge. I make that 25% which takes it down to about 20% after fees.

Remember that you can be promoting $500 products and they haven’t cost you a cent so when you sell one of these products you’ll be making $100 each time. Sell five projectors each day, for example and suddenly you’re making $500 each day.

But this doesn’t have to be Chinavasion. Salehoo have so many different drop shippers to choose from that you might find the ideal one for you if you have a passion for home décor for example, or, children’s toys. But read what Salehoo has to say about them and reviewers as well. Some Drop shippers have a minimum order while others charge you a fee to join up. Chinavasion has neither of those stipulations.

Once you build up some experience with drop shipping you may want to build and promote your own website to sell drop ship products on.

These days you don’t have to know how to write code to create a site. In fact, there are so many platforms out there that some you can have up and running within a few hours. Take a look at which is an ecommerce ready to go site. You just pick a theme and follow the instructions on loading the products and descriptions. Sites like Shopify will charge you a monthly fee – in this case I believe the lowest fee is $15 per month but there will be some free platforms out there too.


2. Affiliate Marketing Sites

Being an affiliate marketer on the net means that you are promoting someone else’s product and each time it sells, whoever owns the product pays you a commission.

There are two well known affiliate sites on the net, Clickbank and JVZoo. The products offered are mainly electronic self-help courses such as how to lose weight or get rid of acne. But there are thousands of them in hundreds of categories. Commission ranges from about $15 to $150 per course that you sell. The actual commission is well stated by the course vendors before you sign up. There’s no cost to sign up and the only negative thing about this is that both sites offer a complete refund within 60 days if the buyer isn’t satisfied. The good thing here though is that refunds for these courses are few. They are generally about 5%. JVZoo actually tell you exactly what the refund rate is before you sign up to promote the course. Some on their site are up to 10%. Don’t go near those courses.

To tell how popular a course is on Clickbank, have a look at the course’s Gravity figures. A low gravity means it’s unpopular. With JVZoo they don’t have gravity figures but instead rate a course by a figure – 0 to 300. Like Clickbank’s gravity zero means unpopular.

How to Promote these Courses and Earn a Commission

Once you’ve decided on what course to promote, you’ll get an automatic link provided that’s just unique to you. If you sell something its not up to the course vendor to pay you, its automatically done through Clickbank or JVZoo. They are both very large companies so your commission will always be paid on time. On both sites you can track your sales day by day.

You can go to different forums and blogs, which can work but slowly. You can’t just go to a forum and join in by throwing them your affiliate link to the particular course you’re promoting. Doing this will just get you unsubscribed from that forum. You’ll have to join up and either gives some advice on whatever the forum subject is, or, answer or ask some questions. Once you’ve done that about 6 times it’s probably acceptable to subtly put your link in. You’re going to have to do this on about 50 different forums and blogs.

There’s another way of promoting these courses too and initially it’s free. Google don’t like affiliate sites so don’t use them to advertise on. Bing however doesn’t mind at all. When you first sign up with Bing they give you a $100 advertising credit. This is really useful for promotion. This is for PPC advertising (pay per click).

The most popular product on JVZoo as I write this is Cliptasia Commercial | The Easiest and Fastest Way to Get Paid with Video. Sign up to Bing and write a three line advert with Cliptasia Commercil as your title. For the description you’ve only got three lines, so I’d be writing something like “ Make money from your video hobby by using Cliptasia Commercial. The third line you can put the link in that you were given by JVZoo. When someone clicks on that, they will be taken straight to the vendor’s course on Cliptasia Commercial. If they buy that course you’re going to get a commission.

I’d start out with a Bing budget of between $3 to $5 per day. This way you can see what works by writing slightly different ads and see what works.

To get good keywords for your ads go to the Google Planner Tool. You’ll have to sign up to Google Adwords to sight this tool. You can also get a free $100 advertising credit with Google. You could use this to promote your Drop shipping website if that’s what you created but just don’t use it for affiliate marketing or at least putting an affiliate link in the Google advert. They’ll ban you for life from their Adwords program. There are just no excuses with Google.


3. Making Money From Google AdSense

When you go onto any website on the net and there’s adverts, you can bet that they’re derived from Google. It’s a program called Google AdSense. In the earlier days of Google people were making a killing out of AdSense. Literally paying off their mortgages. As Google’s got more sophisticated those days are largely over, however, it can still generate a great income for you.

People with large popular blogs, or, authority sites, such as say sites on current economic activity or sharemarket activity, as random examples that have say 30,000 visitors a day, would still be making about $1000 per day or more from AdSense.

It’s really quick and easy to set up. First of all you’ve got to have a website. It can be a brand new site. I describe later on how to build a website if you’ve never done one before.

Then you go and sign up to Google AdSense. You then choose the type of advertisement you want on your site. Most popular are image ads. Google only allow you a maximum of three ads per site. You can have as many pages as you like and each page will feature three image ads.

How income is generated is by a visitor to your site clicking on the ad. When they do, Google give you 68% of the revenue for that ad. The revenue from each ad is different. The most expensive ads are from insurance and credit card companies. These companies can pay up to $170 and more when one of their ads is clicked.

You have no control over what ads appear on your site, but Google will only place ads on your site that are relevant to your actual site. So, if your site is all about training a dog, then you wont be getting Visa ads, you’ll be getting ads appearing to do with dogs. Maybe dog food or kennels etc. These ads don’t actually pay that much, in fact just a few dollars when someone clicks on them. If you go to the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool and enter in for example, dog training, you will then see various keyword results and what people are exactly searching for and what advertisers have to pay per ad click. So, when building a site, bear this in mind. If you are then going to build a site centered on car insurance just for AdSense then make sure it’s a quality site. These are called Authority Sites and Google wont recognize anything less. So, gather as much information as you can all about car insurance and it should be at least 15 to 20 pages. If Google see that you’ve just made a low quality site purely for AdSense, they’ll ban you from the program. Oh and don’t even think about clicking on your own ads, that happened a lot ten or so years ago and these days Google know where the clicks are coming from and will immediately ban you from AdSense for life.

Once you’ve built your site you then have to get it to the top of the search engines. How to do this is covered later.


How to Build a List

What’s a list? It’s a list of people that you have control of that you regularly email with links to offers for them to purchase.

How do you build a list? First you need a quality, authoritative website where you come across as the expert. Best to choose a niche here that you are really interested in but even if you just have slight interest, its easy enough these days after building up your research through Google, to actually come across as an expert on anything. But keep to subjects which are fairly broad, like the example of training your dog, losing weight, organic gardening where they are a lot of offers you can send to your list. These example topics though are much too broad and competitive for you to ever get good ranking on a site, so, you’ve got to dig down in your niche to discover something that is much smaller but also widely searched for. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool is great for this. As mentioned before if you enter in something like dog training Google will then throw up all sorts of results of exact keywords that people punch into their browsers each month. So, from dog training you might find that 30,000 people each month type in ‘puppy training for Airedales’ or, type in organic gardening and you may get a result like ‘how to grow Rhododendrons’ with 25,000 people worldwide typing in those exact words. So, if you were to build up a site based on these exact words and you become an overnight expert on this topic, you’re going to stand a very good chance of ranking this site highly in Google and get a good sized daily audience. This is not only great for building a list but also for income from AdSense as well.

On your site you’re going to have a sign up page, say for something like a regular newsletter. This is the start of your list. Once you start collating these sign ups, you’ve got yourself a list that really can be worth gold. But, as you can imagine yourself, you wouldn’t sign up to anything unless you felt it was going to be of value to you. So, your site is going to have to contain genuine great tips on whatever you are the expert in and they are going to expect to receive regular good tips. If you pound out boring emails with offers each time then you’ll lose them. Keep them posted about once a week and only put an offer in say every third week. This way, they’ll see you as genuine and not just trying to sell them something.

Where do you get the offers from? There’s a range to choose from on the net. Go to,, and for a huge range of company affiliate offers for all niches. These are called CPA or Cost Per action offers. If one of your list members clicks and joins one of these affiliate offers, the company pays you a generous payout in return.

You don’t have to physically send each email. You need to sign up to an Auto Responder like AWeber or Mail Chimp and that does it all for you. You can write as many emails as you like and schedule AWeber to send them on a certain day. AWeber does cost ($19 per month) but if you aimed for a response of say 2% from 10,000 emails with a commission payable to you of say $30 for each CPA response you’re going to receive a check for $6000. So, imagine if you had a list of willing buyers of 30,000 or more. Some affiliate marketers have lists of 250,000 and more. No wonder they spend six months of the year on a Caribbean Island.


4. Selling Simple With Teespring

You may have already heard of Teespring, but if not they’re a T shirt company that you can make a whole lot of profit from without having to buy one single T shirt.

Here’s how it works. You go to Teespring and with their simple online tools you design yourself a T-shirt for free. You might come up with ideas for charities or fundraisers, or design tees for football clubs or fan clubs, or even just create a general design.

Next you have to pick a number that you think you’re likely to sell within a given time period of up to two weeks. The more you think you’ll sell, the higher the profit figure that comes up on the Teespring profit counter.

So, if you design a T shirt for something like Game of Thrones (be careful with copyright but if the design is all your own work that shouldn’t be a problem) and you think you’ll sell 400 of them up to 21 days after campaign launch then you’re in for a profit that Teespring will pay into your PayPal account of $2260.

If you think 400 is too many, then you can choose to sell 50 (profit $200) or 100 ($480). You can choose any number you like. The catch is that if you choose 200 to sell and you only sell 150 you will still make a profit but on the 150 unit figure not on your expected 200. Same if you nominate 200 sales but sell 400 in the period then you’ll receive the lower profit on 200. So best to experiment with say a first run of 50 and see how you go.

The best way of marketing them is through Facebook and Teespring have all sorts of tools to help you along with this. Also Teespring handle all orders and shipping and collecting the money. Once you’ve designed your T and promoted it that’s all you have to do. Once the campaign’s over, Teespring transfer the profit into your PayPal account and you can then go set up another campaign – you can run as many campaign’s as you like, so you could have 20 or 50 campaigns running all at the same time.

So, back to how to promote. There’s two ways with Facebook. Say, take an example of The Hunger Games. Can you imagine just how many fan clubs and just how many members there are on Facebook for Game of Thrones? Lots. The same with fan clubs for French Bulldogs or Devon Rex cats. So, design your T-shirt around the fan base you’re going to promote to. Next, set up a separate Facebook page just for your promotion. Then approach these Facebook fan clubs. Generally they’ll be private so join up and if they’re fairly big they should have one or two administrators. Drop a note to one of the admin and be perfectly honest. Show them your T and say if they can sell 200 of them to their Facebook members then the profit will be $960. Just say you’ll organise all distribution if they will promote the T’s to their members and give the admin a link to your Facebook T page. Say if they do that you will split all profit 50/50 with them.

By doing this you don’t even have to promote the T’s, the admin will do all that for you. Keep in touch with them throughout the campaign and tell them how things are going (through your Teespring dashboard, you’ll be able to see exactly how many T’s are selling at any time). By keeping in touch that will build their confidence up with dealing with you and if you exceed the sales quota, will be very easy to re approach them with another target later.

Very important and hardly worth mentioning; pay them immediately once you get paid.

If you don’t want to go direct to the fan club pages, Facebook do offer the very best down the center advertising. Why it’s the best is that you have so many demographics to choose from. This is why Facebook have your birthday, what school you went to and all the information you may have volunteered to them over the years, like if you went to university and what interests you have. Google, and certainly not Bing, do not have anything like this at their fingertips.

So, if you set up an advertising campaign with Facebook, you can literally target, as an example, single mothers between 25 and 30, who love The Hunger Games and have college education and live in Colorado. There’s no better advertising targeting in the world than Facebook. Set up a campaign (just like Bing) but you can choose up to 6 images which will rotate and Facebook will give you the stats on the best performing images. Set a budget of say $6 per day (otherwise you can burn through a lot of cash) and see how you go. Experiment with different ads to see what works best.


5. Broker All Sorts of Gigs on Fiverr

Ever heard of Pretty amazing site actually. What’s behind it is that there’s tens of thousands of creative freelancers who’ll do a huge array of tasks for you for just five dollars.

So, you can send them a photo of your pet and they’ll illustrate it for you. Or, they’ll design your wedding invitations, do a video voiceover. It’s truly endless. But what I’ve used them a lot for is designing a logo or a website banner. Go to your local graphic artist to do this for you and I bet you wont get change out of $200 minimum. For five dollars you just can’t go wrong. And, if you don’t like it, they’ll do it again.

But, here’s how you can make some good repeat money out of Fiverr. Although this is fairly laborious it does work. Start going through every cities Craigslist and look for just two things, people wanting a logo made or a website banner. Both of these get posted all the time and generally for about $140.00. So, say yes you can do it. Ask for the specifications they want, the size, color, roughly what font – give them about six font examples off your PC and then head to Fiverr to get one made up for five dollars. There are at least 20,000 designers who’ll do this on Fiverr. There’s no way you can sort through all of them, but the top 50 or more will be listed along with examples of their work. They’ve all got feedback scores so really it’s quite easy for you to make a decision as who to choose. Do look at their time schedule though. Most will complete the job within two to three days. I was once in too much of a hurry and skipped this bit. He was so busy that I didn’t see it for three weeks. Ask for four different variations of what you want. They’ll normally volunteer this anyway. They don’t get paid until you’re happy so they’re generally pretty fast.

Remember that you can also advertise on Craigslist that you design logo’s and website banners. But also take a long look around Fiverr for interesting jobs that people do there and you could advertise those on Craigslist too. You could include for example, business card and letterhead design, and photoshopping.


6. Making Money from Amazon

A lot of people don’t know that not only can you buy and sell on Amazon but you can also become an Amazon Affiliate and earn commission from them each month. Amazon don’t pay as much as they used to but its still between 4 -6% per product that someone buys so it can add up to a tidy sum each month.

I have a website totally dedicated to Amazon sales of Treadmills. I chose treadmills because they range from about $300 to over $10,000. Amazon sells very few treadmills over $10,000 but do sell a lot at around $2000. They do this because they are generally the cheapest and offer free delivery plus they now have a great reputation for service.

When someone clicks on one of my treadmill links and is taken to exactly that treadmill for sale on Amazon, a person doesn’t necessarily have to buy a treadmill for me to earn commission. Amazon are generous enough to reward me for just leading someone to their site, so they can buy whatever they like while they’re there and I will pick up the commission. In fact, treadmills would only represent about 10% of my commission from them. The rest comes via all many of things. BBQ’s, laptops, health products, outdoor furniture. Breville coffee makers. You, them and me are exactly alike when shopping on the net. You go there looking for some product you want to buy and within minutes you’ve been sidetracked and end up with something completely different.

You don’t have to have a website to promote Amazon products. I have a lot of what’s known as Hubs that I’ve written through Hubpages are completely free to join and in addition to promoting Amazon products, they encourage you to join up with Google AdSense (as discussed earlier). Anyone clicking on an AdSense ad on one of your Hubs (a Hub is a single page that you can write on anything you like of about 1200 words and images – It can be from the French Revolution to WW2 or a review of a Casio watch on Amazon) Hubpages pays you 50% of the revenue of the ad. They also encourage you to sign up with eBay, so say for example you write a Hub on the latest snow skis, you can then get a link to eBay and eBay will leave permanent changing links in your Hub with anything related to the sale of snow skis. If someone clicks on the eBay ski link and happen to buy them, eBay pay a commission of 4%.

Anyway, back to Amazon. I concentrate much more on them than eBay. I just find Amazon highly organised and they don’t mess around with payouts. However, they do have rules, which you should strictly abide by. Break them and like Google they’ll immediately suspend your account and that will be that for good.

The most important rule you should remember is that if you are going to make a website around Amazon products, that they have a short disclaimer saying that these are Amazon links on this site. You must put this clearly at the footer of the site. If Amazon gets told you haven’t got one – boom – that’s the end of you.

On my Hubs I tend like the treadmills to promote high priced products. A lot of affiliates will disagree with this, but my reasoning is simple. I believe that for cheaper, say up to $50 products, a person will make a decision on the spot to buy, but a product of say $100 plus, they’ll leave Amazon to have a look on the net for others who may have bought it and have a check as to its quality etc.

So, my Hubs are based on a review of the product. Amazon sell over 200 million products so finding the right product to promote at first may seem a little daunting. But don’t worry there’s an easy solution. When you go onto Amazon, on the top left is Departments. When you use the drop down under this at the bottom is Full Directory. Go onto this and you’ll see there are actually not that many categories at all.

Take an example of Men’s Watches. Click on this and even if you use the price filter of only wanting watches $200 and above you’ll see there’s 39,000 odd results. What I look for next is watches with a lot of reviews – say at least 200 plus. But I don’t want to choose a watch that’s only got 5 star perfect reviews. I choose one that out of its 200 reviews, at least 30 of them are negative. Another criteria I like to use is finding a watch or any product that has about 30 questions and answers.

Why I like negative reviews is that it gives my Hub review some balance and therefore credibility. I don’t obviously use the reviews that say this watch is a load of crap, but I do use the negative reviews that might say something like on a sunny day the glass face does throw out a little reflection. I don’t think this is overly negative and as I said adds credibility when you are trying to sell something. I think a person is more or less sold on the watch anyway so a little reflection is not likely to throw them off.

I also write my review Hub as though I have actually owned the watch for the last six months and therefore worthy of giving my opinion. Even if you’ve never sighted the watch or whatever product it is in your life if you browse through the product description, then the 200 off reviews plus the questions and answers, within half an hour you’ll be writing with expert authority on any product.

The format for my Hubs is: A short product description then an image below that of the product that you can borrow from Amazon (they encourage that) then my personal opinion of the product followed by what I don’t like about it. I then try to find a YouTube video on it, then questions and answers followed by a summary of everything and then finally a link to the product to Amazon. Hubpages are very helpful in guiding you through all of this.

Google likes Hubpages so if you write one well enough you’ll find a Hubpage much easier to rank high on Google than your own website.


7. Buying Imported Products Cheaply for Resale on eBay

I use Chinese sites to buy cheap products and resell them. These are:,,, and

Out of the three I prefer AliExpress. AliExpress is a little brother to the recent publicly listed Alibaba.

There’s tens of thousands of Chinese middlemen/women on there with their own stores promoting tens of thousands of products. It’s great if you don’t have a big budget because you can just order a small quantity, right down to a quantity of one. Also you don’t have to worry about couriers because they will just send them through the post, or organize FedEx or DHL on their end for bigger items. They’re completely trustworthy because how the system works is that each item is tracked. They don’t get paid until you’ve signed the item up when you receive it. Even then if there’s any problems you can return it for a full refund (just make certain you send it back to them tracked, otherwise they’ll say they never received it).

There’s a huge number of products promoted at ridiculously cheap prices, mostly electronics. But stick to the old adage that if it sounds too cheap to be true it probably is. I did make a mistake of buying a box of 128 GB memory sticks for $6.00 each even when others were selling 8GB sticks for the same price. They all looked good but fortunately I tested one before flicking them onto eBay and sure enough it would only take up 6GB of data. But it was easy to get an immediate refund as I contacted AliExpress support complaining that it was a faulty product. The merchants are terrified of Support as they of course have the ability to suspend them straight away, as they don’t want their reputation harmed and will bend over backwards to retain customers.

I mainly import watches as I’ve got a keen interest in them anyway. They don’t cost me more than $3.50 each and out of hundreds that I’ve bought in I can count on one hand the ones that arrived not working. On eBay I sell these between $18 to $35. It’s a steady turnover that doesn’t require a lot of effort as with one click I can reproduce the same auction on eBay over and over.

I have experimented with a lot of other products on eBay apart from watches but without nearly the same success. But check them out – the categories are diverse and huge. So, if you’re into beauty products or jewelry there’s plenty there for you to experiment with.


8. Creating Websites and Selling Them to Local Businesses

An interesting fact about wherever you’re reading this is that only 30% of small businesses have websites. That’s unbelievable in this day and age when we all communicate via the net.

But that’s a great opportunity to take advantage of. If you wouldn’t have a clue how to build a website don’t even give that a thought. You can outsource it, or, if you’ve got the very basics, there’s thousands of great website templates out there mostly for free that you can use. I only have knowledge in Wordpress, which is a free platform out there that’s as easy as writing a story (no coding at all necessary – that’s done for you in the background). Wordpress is huge and they have a massive volunteer base of helpers on Google if you get stuck.

But first things first. Let’s go for outsourcing. First, think up a domain name and go to Namecheap to see if it’s available. I’d suggest not going for a dot com because this is only going to be relevant in the country you reside in. A dot com extension is universal and its going to make it difficult to get up the top in the area you reside in.

So lets say you live in Wichita, Kansas. I’d be looking for a name like With a name like this Google’s going to recognise that you want to rank in the Wichita area. It also says everything that a person needs to know about your business.

Once you’ve got it registered you’re going to have to have someone host it. I’ve only ever used They’re very big and based in Texas, and have superb service for technical issues, 24 hours a day. They’re fast and amongst the cheapest. So go onto their site and sign up for a ‘baby’ plan. That’s about $7 a month and it’s a plan where if you register more domains you can put as many websites as you like on it and still only pay $7 per month.

You are then going to change the DNS or Nameservers over from Namecheap to Hostgator. This sounds complex but it's not, it’s easy and there’s enough information on Hostgator online for you to easily follow how this is done.

Hostgator will give you your own C Panel (Control Panel) so you can look after the back office of your site. You’ll find an icon in there to set up emails.

Once again, Hostgator has short easy to follow tutorials on every thing including this.

Next go to Thunderbird, online which is a free email service, run by Mozilla, the same people that run Firefox. Download this onto your desktop and follow the steps on how to set up email on it. If you are unsure of any steps, Hostgator tech help will help you set it up.

Go back to your emails on your C Panel and set up an email account for your new domain. You can set up as many as you like but I tend to use either sales@ or admin@. So our example would look like this:

Okay we’ll come back to the emailing later.

Now, if you don’t have experience with creating websites, or, don’t have the time then you’re going to have to outsource. I only use There are others out there but I’ve never had any issues with the site or the freelancers. They’re mainly from India or the Philippines, so when I post a job I first check for English skills. Believe me, this is vital. Some early experiences were not good as they all write a good CV but I then found that they were probably written by someone well skilled in English for them. So how Freelancer works is that you post a job on there, say, in this case, to create a whole new website and you’ll find you get probably about 30 to 40 applicants. They bid against each other to get the job. Naturally you’ll be looking at the lowest prices. For a fresh website they will normally put bids in from $150 to $350. The $150 bids are fine if their CV matches up.

How I then test them is to send 2 questions to them once I’ve narrowed it down to about 6 people. The questions are phrased so that the answers can be quite long. That might be, what website software platform do you think is best to use and why? You’re the same price as a few others. Please tell me why I should choose you? I’ve had some really bad replies to those questions but generally also get two good ones.

Freelancer web designers can only copy what you want. They’re creative only up to a very narrow point. So, you’re going to have to supply them with a design that you want plus all the content and a logo and banner if you want one. The last two, the logo and banner, go to as discussed before and pay $5.00 each for that.

For the design, just hunt around other web design sites and choose one that you like. Naturally don’t choose one from your own town or city, but go broader, Sydney, Perth, London, Dublin, Auckland for example. Look for very simple three or four page sites. These are usually more attractive to a viewer anyway.

So, go back to your Freelancer with all that info and make certain that they’re going to make you a Responsive site (That’s a site that when viewed on a phone turns into a mobile type site – but when viewed on a desk top is a usual desktop site). This shouldn’t cost anything more. Most modern Wordpress sites are responsive. Also, make sure he writes the site on Wordpress as that’s the easiest platform once its written for you to get into the back end and make simple changes. And the content. Once again just take a look at what someone else has done. If you like it, use it. But don’t copy it (Google knows) just rewrite it.

So, lets say your site’s up and running. Lets go back to emailing.

Why Thunderbird’s the best emailing system is because you can mass email out a whole bunch of them and all you have to do is write the content or body of the email once and just collate a whole lot of email addresses and names if you want to make it personal. Its called Mail Merge.

So, first find a niche in your city or area or state and start to collect email addresses. Let’s say you first choose dentists. Start by sifting through online dentist directories and yellow pages. Get as many as you can and one by one put them in an Excel spreadsheet.

In the subject line put something like: “Trying to find a dentist” That should at least get read.

In the body of the email you could write something like this:

In trying to find a dentist I found lots of your competitors have got websites but I couldn’t find yours. Did you know that Google now says that 65% of people search on their smartphones for websites. We can give you a fantastic advantage over your competitors by creating a mobile and desktop all in one website. Most of your competitors have older sites that are difficult to view on phones.

Take advantage of our 40% discount for the next ten days only.

After this you’ll have to put a ‘unsubscribe me’ note at the bottom.

When you get replies with interest you can ask them if they’ve got a design they like in mind. If they haven’t just send them some links to some simple sites that once again you’ll find in cities well away from your own. You can then say you can do these in their company colors. They can usually supply their own logo if they’ve had cards or stationery made, but if not then charge them $150 and go straight to Fiverr to have one designed.

Once you’ve agreed on a price (say, $750 for a comprehensive site, to $300 for for a simple two/three page site) draw up a contract and get them to agree to three periodic payments. Ask for a 25% deposit and then another 25% half way through the job and then the balance of on completion. But don’t transfer any files to their site until you've received the final payment. $300 is very cheap and so you may want to ask more. Your local web designers will charge between $31000 - $3000 for a basic site with mobile.

Once they’ve agreed to everything then head back to Freelancer to have it made. So you’ll see a tidy profit of between $200 to $400 depending on what you’re paying at Freelancer.

The last thing to do is set up hosting at Hostgator for your client. You can even make money out of this. Hostgator offer what’s called a Reseller Account. This comes with unlimited domains and C Panels all for $25 per month. So, you could offer to host the website for your client for $25 per month. That single client is paying the monthly Hostgator fee. If you then get another say 40 clients paying you $25 per month, well you’re going to get a nice passive income of $1000 per month. A lot of website owners are paying a lot more than $25 a month to their web developers. There’s a nice business in this if you went door to door and stole the hosting rights off your web design competitors. The reseller account at Hostgator is really good for only about 50 domains even though they say unlimited. But if you were hosting 300 domains in your area you’d have an income of $7500 per month and be running 6 reseller accounts – so you’d be paying Hostgator only $150.00 a month. That’s a handsome profit.


9. How to Make and Sell Electronic or E-Books

As you’ll be well aware, E-books are now a huge part of book sales worldwide. In fact annual sales now well exceed printed books. Fifty Shades of Grey was first sold as an E-book and I don’t think you have to be too smart to write something like that.

But most E-books sold on Amazon are self-help books. At any one time Amazon have over 3 million E-books for sale so you’d wonder how you can get any traction. But there are lots of different categories. If you’re into food and write a book called “How to cook” you’ll be competing with 900 other E-books on Amazon and that’s going to be very hard work to get up the top and be found. But if you write a book called “How to cook with a pressure cooker” You’ll be competing against only one other E-book. So you’ve got to drill down into sub categories to make E-books work for you. And they do.

A friend of mine has 40 E-books published and selling on Amazon. Her specialty is short stories. She’s getting an average income each month of just over $5000 but as she’s now getting better and better at it and has written so many that she knows what sells and what doesn’t, she’ll be doubling that income within a year. The great thing about such a stream of income is that it doesn’t die on you, all her first popular stories are still being picked up and read by new readers just as they always have.

If you feel you’re not creative enough or just don’t have an interest in fiction then get into the self-help E-books. There’s a very hungry market for them as there’s a pile of people out there with daily problems and they want solutions. So, think of weight loss, anxiety, stress, asthma, insomnia, halitosis, bed wetter’s, acne, toothache relief, menopause, sick pets, pregnancy. Or, maybe you’ve got a hobby that you can write on to help others, model trains, art, making paper darts, making wooden toys, flower arranging.

Take a look on the Internet for further E Book information

There’s enough material on the net for any of the above for you to write like an expert and have an E-book done and dusted within half a day. A warning though is don’t copy it word for word. Look at a paragraph that you like, read it through, and then don’t refer or look at it again, just write it out in your own words.

Minimum is about twenty pages. Presentation and title is very important. For a book cover, take a look at what’s selling best and get some ideas from that. The font is important here too. You can make your own cover for free at or once again go to and have one made there for $5.00.

So, write it up. Break it up into chapters. Put a page index at the front. Proofread it. Add photos and once you’re happy with it, turn it into a .pdf file then head over to Amazon to publish it. Read their instructions and it will be online within 15 minutes. Ah – the cost. This is very debatable but I stick to just $2.99. It’s just a good affordable price point. Once you’ve got a good load of followers then it’s much easier to raise the price.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Jerry Fisher (author) from Wellington on August 05, 2020:

Cheers Dale and good luck becoming an entrepreneur.

Dale Anderson from The High Seas on August 05, 2020:

Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge and thoughts here. Lot of stuff to think through here.