How to Make Money Selling Clothing on eBay

Updated on May 22, 2020
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Heather is a Top Rated eBay Seller and has been an active member of the eBay community since 2008. Her specialty area is clothing.

Gently used clothing sells well on eBay.
Gently used clothing sells well on eBay. | Source

Make Cash Selling On eBay

Ebay is one of the best ways for people to start earning extra cash in their spare time. You do not have to quit your job to become a Powerseller. I have sold over $1,000 a month even while juggling three jobs. Step one is to believe that eBay can help you make money. The more items you get listed each day, the greater your chances of success.

That is, if you are doing your homework, researching what sells and finding as many profitable items to sell as you can. The best way to achieve success on eBay is to start by setting goals.

Commit your goals to paper.

  • Write down exactly how many items you will list each week.
  • Will you list 10 items a week? 20 items?
  • Make sure the goal is not too high or you will likely give up.

Keep your written goals in a spot where you see them every day. The more you internalize your goals, that is repeat them to the point where you BELIEVE them, the better off you'll be. Start with a manageable goal. For me, I was determined to become a Powerseller. Before I started selling, I had read about a woman who sold antiques on eBay. The woman sold over $80,000 each year on eBay and had an assistant who helped with listings so she was free to seek out new merchandise. At the time, $80,000 blew my mind. I could definitely have used that cash. I decided that I wanted to become a Powerseller and made that my first goal.

Got loads of gently used brand-name clothing lying around? Sell it fast for cash on eBay.
Got loads of gently used brand-name clothing lying around? Sell it fast for cash on eBay.

Offer Your eBay Listing Service to Friends

Lots of people have big plans for all the items laying around their houses and garages. eBay and Craigslist postings take time and effort. Most people are too lazy to bother listing their goods. If you can offer your services, including writing a powerful description packed full of juicy keywords, taking good, quality photos of the items and shipping them out after the sale, you can and will make money for your time and effort. Split the sale 50–50 with the person. That is the standard fee charged by a business to prepare an eBay listing. Draw up an agreement stating how the arrangement will work. Have the other party review and sign the agreement. Make the other person a copy and keep one copy for yourself.

Before you agree to list any items for friends, inspect the items, and make sure that they are in top condition. Your name will be on the listing and you will be the one receiving feedback even if you are selling for someone else. A friend of mine asked for my eBay help to sell a 1980 Ford Mustang for another friend. The car had no power steering and wasn't a particularly desirable body style. The woman thought the car was worth more than it actually was. Even though we had a verbal agreement, we did not have a written agreement. When she changed her mind after the sale was over, I was the one who had t send an apologetic email message to the very angry buyer. The buyer left some very nasty feedback and I felt like I had wasted three days working on my listing. The woman did pay my hourly rate for the listing service but the experience left me very reluctant to "help" anyone else who wanted a big-ticket item sold. Be cautious when you are approached by others to sell high dollar merchandise. There are no guarantees on eBay. Should I have listed the Mustang with a $2500 reserve? Possibly. As a buyer, feel cheated when sellers have inflated reserves on their items. A true eBay auction should not have a reserve.

A Few eBay Abbreviations

You will see lots of abbreviations on eBay. Here are a few:

  • OOAK (One of a Kind): Avoid using this phrase in titles and descriptions. If your item is really one of a kind, savvy buyers will know it.
  • NWT (New With Tags): Fine to use in titles and item descriptions for selling clothing and goods. Title characters are limited and using this abbreviation helps buyers understand the item's condition.
  • NWOT (New Without Tags): Also fine for titles and descriptions. Very handy abbreviation for clothing sellers.

Learn to take accurate measurements and write great item descriptions and your sales will increase.
Learn to take accurate measurements and write great item descriptions and your sales will increase.

Use Templates for a Professional Look

Now, take a look at what some of your competitors are doing. And specifically, what listing software they are using. Scroll down to the bottom of the seller's listing. If you see a scrolling picture gallery, look around to see the brand of software that provides that clever gallery. Auctiva and Vendio are two popular services. Both allow sellers to create templates for listings.

Templates give your listing a professional look. Avoid templates that are too busy and distract the buyer from looking at the item. A classy template should complement your item. Flying balloons and giant teddy bears are not my style. I prefer an elegant, understated style. With a template, you can easily change the pictures and the basic item info and get your new listing posted in no time. There is a learning curve to this process. Once you are familiar with the process, you will be able to double or even triple your listing speed. Make sure you double-check your listings even if you're using a saved template. I have occasionally forgotten to update size information in the listing and then got lots of buyer emails asking for clarification about size only to realize I had two different numbers in my listing. Now get to work and start doubling your eBay sales and earning larger profits today.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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    • cyoung35 profile image

      Chad Young 

      8 years ago from Corona, CA

      Great advice about not setting your listing goals too high at first. I've written a hub on some more advanced tips on making money on Ebay but I didn't include goal setting which your hub covers. our two hubs together would make one excellent hub for Ebay sellers. Take a look at mine: "5 Advanced Tips On How To Make Money From Home Selling On Ebay" and tell me what you think.


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