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Top 10 Book Categories for Reselling on Amazon FBA

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Matt has a home-based business selling things using Fulfillment by Amazon.

What kinds of books are most likely to be purchased secondhand?

What kinds of books are most likely to be purchased secondhand?

Reselling Books Using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Could you resell books on Amazon at a profit? Yes! Here are the top ten genres in books that are my go-to when sourcing books at any used bookstore, library sale, or thrift store.

But first, what is FBA? FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Some people list their products on Amazon and send the item directly to the customer when the product is ordered. With FBA, you send the product to Amazon's distribution center before it sells. This way, when the item is purchased by a customer, Amazon will send the product to them directly on your behalf.

The main benefit of this system is that you, as the seller, do not have to worry about packaging and shipping individual items, and the product qualifies for Amazon's Prime Shipping.

10. Fiction Hardcovers

In general, non-fiction resells better than fiction, but there are times when fiction is a good sell: hardcover. Never try sourcing the Mass-Market-Paperback-type books. These books are cheaply made and (as the name suggests) mass-produced. I stick to books that are in hardcover, lower than a 1 million sales rank (so it sells quickly), and in good or better condition.

9. Art

I do not source books in the art genre very often, and this is mostly because I know absolutely nothing about art. That being said, there are plenty of art books that would do very well on Amazon FBA. Stick to how-to books or books that showcase art in museums.

8. Philosophy

I loved philosophy when I was in high school, and many people still purchase these books through Amazon. They are usually in good condition, but watch out for notes or highlighting on the pages. Philosophy books that are quite niche like The Epistemology of Plato or The Metaphysical Relationship of Kantian Ideals would probably do well. (No, those are not real books; I am just giving examples).

7. Religion

The religious section is a hit-or-miss playing field. I find a lot of religious books that do not have ISBN numbers or are very old. That being said, you can absolutely find some gems in this section. It's not my first stop, but I will definitely take a look if I have the time.

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6. War

Does your father or grandfather have a strange obsession with books about WW2? It turns out most older generations are very interested in books about various wars. This is a great stop to make when scouting for books.

5. History

There are many history buffs shopping on Amazon, and they want your history books! Take a peek in this section of your bookstore, and I am sure you will find some good books to resell on Amazon FBA.

4. Biography

Biographies do amazingly well on Amazon! Hardcover, in particular. A lot of people buy biographies when the subject in question is relevant, in the news, or a very famous historical figure. So when you are outsourcing, remember to scan in the biographies... but just ignore The Audacity of Hope, I promise it will not make you money.

3. Diet

Diets are all the rage and will always be all the rage! Diet books are a great buy, but remember to inspect the sales rank and even check Keepa or CamelCamelCamel. Keepa and CamelCamelCamel are websites that track Amazon products. Their graphs will show you how often the book you are looking at sells.

Not all diet books are profitable, but I find the stranger the diet, the more in-demand it is. Keep up with trends too! For instance, in 2018, the Paleo diet was very popular; there were so many books about it you could easily pick up for a quick sale.

2. Self-Help

Boy, are you going to look funny checking out dozens of self-help books! These books are incredible for Amazon FBA! They often have low sales ranks (the lower the rank, the faster the sale), sell for around $15–30 used, and have a huge ROI!

Self-help books could cover any topic, including starting a new business, understanding the stock market, dealing with a loss, parenting your children, or learning a new skill! It's a very broad category, but this is where you find your best-selling books.

1. Textbooks

A little obvious, right? Well, textbooks are a huge source of income! Some thrift stores will sell these books for $5 when they go for over $100 on Amazon! This is and should always be what you look for first. Make sure to look at Keepa or CamelCamelCamel, especially in the offseason.

It may be July, and the rank is 2 million, but come September, when all the kids are going back to school, that book will sell like crazy! Don't worry if there are pages with highlighting or notes; just list the book as being in "acceptable" condition and mention the issues in the condition notes.

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