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ESL Tutor Jobs at Cambly

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Sign up to tutor on Cambly today!

Sign up to tutor on Cambly today!

What's Cambly?

Cambly is an online tutoring website that requires no degree, certificate, or experience to apply for work. Anyone can begin tutoring on Cambly simply by signing up. Cambly does prefer native English speakers and a good internet connection. They will test your connection, speakers, camera, and lighting when you register as a tutor.

Application Process for Cambly Tutors

After you have tested your equipment, you will enter basic information about yourself and upload a profile picture that will be seen by students. You will also add information about your interests, education, and experience. There are no educational or experience requirements, but you can tell as much about yourself as you'd like. Do make sure that you enter things you like to talk about in under "interests."

The final step is to write a short paragraph about why you want to tutor with Cambly and record a short video. This video will be seen by potential students, so tell a little about yourself, but also appeal to your students by discussing your interests and what you want to talk to them about in English.

If Cambly is actively seeking tutors, you will hear back from them immediately. When they aren't hiring, it can be months before you get a response. It can take as long as 6 months to hear back depending on their need for tutors.

On Cambly, you apply to tutor adults and kids separately. If you applied to tutor adults, you can edit your profile settings and select the option to apply to tutor kids also. You will need to do a separate introduction video. When recording the intro video to teach kids, remember that you are really talking to their parents about your qualifications. Applying to teach kids also requires a short teaching demo video in addition to the introduction video.

Cambly Pay

One of the perks of working for Cambly is that they pay every Monday through PayPal if your earnings have reached the $20.00 minimum payout. There is no waiting and wondering if you will get paid. After each tutoring session, your earnings update immediately in the history tab, so you can see exactly how much you've earned.

Cambly has two separate systems and two separate pay structures. Teaching children pays a little more and here are the payment structures for both adults and kids:

Pay For Teaching Adults

Cambly pay is $0.17 per minute, which is $10.20 per hour, but it's paid by talk time only, so you would have to be talking for the entire 60 minutes to earn that rate. A more realistic average talk time is 45 minutes per hour.

When you sign up for "priority hours" you are featured to people on the system looking for a tutor. This is the best way to get recognition and find interested learners. The average earnings for a "priority shift" is $7.65 (17 cents X 45 minutes).

Pay for Teaching Kids

Tutoring kids on Cambly pays 20 cents an hour, or $9.00 per 45 minutes of talk time. The advantage of tutoring on Cambly kids over other higher-paying platforms is that you can choose your hours and tutor during daytime hours if you'd like.

Cambly Teacher Resources

Another perk of tutoring with Cambly is that unlike other tutor-on-demand websites, it has resources that can be used to guide the lesson. Most adult students prefer to "chat," but the ESL lessons are available to be loaded if you want to use them. They also have prepared lessons available for teaching children.

Working for Cambly

You have signed up for Cambly and you are excited to tutor English on-demand to students whenever your busy schedule allows. You have lessons prepared by Cambly, so there is no extra preparation time required.

Your students call you and you "answer" the call when it comes through. If you sign up for a "priority shift," rather than simply setting it to active, you will receive calls.

While working your first priority shift, it's very likely every call will be from a young man in Saudi Arabia. If you are a woman, you might consider signing up to teach kids, because many of the men will ask if you are married. They might be confused, perhaps they think Cambly is a dating website. You can end the call whenever you wish to do so.

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