8 Incredibly Useful Online Tools for Writers

Updated on May 19, 2020
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These tools will make writing so much easier!
These tools will make writing so much easier! | Source

From time to time when writing, we all need some help. This guide is here to show you the best places to go online to get that help. From a reverse dictionary to a rhyming dictionary this list has links to all of the best tools and resources that you could need when writing. Enjoy!

Useful Online Tools for Writers

  1. Merriam-Webster Online
  2. Thesaurus Online
  3. Spelling and Grammar Checker
  4. Encyclopedia.com
  5. Write or Die
  6. Reverse Dictionary
  7. Rhyming Dictionary
  8. Anagram Dictionary


1. Merriam-Webster Online

We'll start with the basics! If you're looking for a word and you're struggling to spell it, or if you've used a word and you're not sure if it's the correct one, then a dictionary will always be your first port of call!

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary also has a word of the day feature, which means that you can expand your vocabulary every day that you visit this site. You could also set yourself the challenge of trying to use their word of the day in the piece that you are writing. This website also features interesting informative videos on language and origins of words, and features word games, such as quizzes, to keep you on your toes.

2. Thesaurus Online

Right after the dictionary, the thesaurus is usually the very next port of call. If you are worried that you may have been using the same word too many times, but can't think of what you should put in there instead, then head on over to the thesaurus online.

As well as functioning as a thesaurus, this website also contains some very handy grammar tips, a word of the day feature, interesting facts about language and the history of words, and a very handy section on modern-day slang (which is very useful if you've been confused by phrases such as 'glo up' or you have no clue what it means to be 'hangry').

3. Spelling and Grammar Checker

Once you're finished writing, then it's time to go back, fix all of those typos and worry if you have all of your commas in the correct place. Usually, no matter how many times you read through it, you realize there's an error in it only after you've published it for everyone to see.

Well, not anymore. By copy and pasting everything into this online tool, you can save yourself so much time. This online spelling and grammar checker will highlight any of your spelling mistakes and will check it for grammar mistakes too. It even has an option to check for if you are a native English speaker or not.

4. Encyclopedia.com

Whether you are writing a factual article or a creative story, you are going to need reliable references that you can look to. Using references is very important, it makes the difference between a low quality and high-quality information article, it also makes the difference between a realistic plot or character and a poorly developed setting or character.

Encyclopedia online is a well trusted, free database that references over 100 sources. They have an easy to use the search bar and have won two awards for their information services.

5. Write or Die

Ever have those days where you have the ideas and know what you want to put down on paper but keep getting distracted? Then Write or Die is exactly what you are looking for.

When using Write or Die, you write into the applications text window, you set the number of words you want to write, and the pace that you want to write. Then you can either choose to be punished (via the sounding of claxons, etc.) if you do not hit your word count in the desired time or if you slow down too much, or you can choose to be rewarded with nice sounds as a reward upon hitting your goals.

6. Reverse Dictionary

There are many times when writing when you have an idea of what you are describing but you cannot remember what the word for it actually is. Reverse Dictionary is here to step in and help out. You can type in a simple description of what the word means or synonyms for the word that you can think of, and it will then return words and phrases related to your described concept.

It also features the ability to answer basic identification questions (e.g. what is the capital of Scotland?) and has the ability to solve crossword puzzles.

7. Rhyming Dictionary

Whether you are writing poems, songs, clues or even a Dungeons and Dragons character with quirky speech aspects, there are many times that you have to rearrange sentences and swap out words in order to be able to rhyme them. Luckily there is a rhyming dictionary available to help eradicate that problem.

By typing a word into the rhyming dictionary it will return lists of rhyming words that you could possibly use.

8. Anagram Dictionary

The anagram dictionary has many versatile uses; it can be used to create ciphers based on rearranged text, clever pseudonyms, clues or even to help succeed in challenges where you are limited to what letters you can use.

By typing in a word and hitting enter, the anagram dictionary will return all possible words that can be made using all of these letters. For example, typing in 'elbow' returns 'bowel' and 'below'.

Thank You for Reading

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it has been useful. If you have any suggestions for other creative ways to use these tools, or suggestions of useful tools that you use that can be added to this article, then please do comment below to let me know.

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