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6 Steps to Fame on Wattpad: Get Reads and Make Your Story Popular

Anny spends most of her time on a quest of self-improvement. She writes about her experiences that she hopes can be helpful to others.

Wattpad is a platform that allows aspiring fiction writers to share their work with the world.

Wattpad is a platform that allows aspiring fiction writers to share their work with the world.

Whether you’ve just started out on Wattpad or been on there for a long time, these are some simple steps anyone can follow to achieve fame on the platform.

I started out on Wattpad clueless as to why stories with typical, tedious tropes, accompanied by half-hearted writing, managed to get more views than a beautifully crafted, sophisticated book. Over time, I’ve gathered techniques and tips that increased the number of reads of my book from 300 reads to 170k reads over the span of five months.

We’ve all been there. Your story is well-written, your characters are fascinating, and the plot is riveting, but your book just doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves. You question your own writing and wonder if you should just give up and delete the story from the app.

Fear not, here is a list of six simple steps to improve your story’s ranking and popularity.

1. Update Frequently

Readers don’t like waiting, and that’s a fact. They like stories that they can finish, or at least know that they can finish. Continuously adding parts to your book makes your readers realize that you know what you're doing and that you do indeed have a story planned out, and this can be a turning point in their decision as to whether they want to add your book to their library or not.

Updating frequently ensures that the readers do not have to wait too long and this keeps them interested. Usually, updating once or twice a week is ideal for a book on Wattpad. Doing so can increase the rankings of your book in each tag and increases its exposure to the group of audience randomly searching under the same tag or genre.

A common mistake a newcomer to Wattpad makes is that they decide to post their 50-chaptered story in one day, spamming their non-existent readers with tons of notifications. This is a grave mistake.

Firstly, you have no fanbase, or in Wattpad’s terms: no followers. This follows a simple supply-demand law and in this case, the supply overrides the demand. No one wants to read a book that has 50 chapters but 0 reads. People will wonder why the views are so low for so many chapters. Is it the book's storyline? Is it because of the grammatical errors? There are millions of books on the internet and the readers have a plethora of stories to choose from, so they're not likely to click into your book unless it is popular or looks promising.

Secondly, spamming your chapters does not help with your ranking. Rankings usually steadily rise with each update, and if you update frequently, the rankings will remain high. Feeding the website many chapters in one go will not put you high up there.

Set a schedule for updating and stick to it!

Set a schedule for updating and stick to it!

2. Update Regularly

Readers love stories that have a fixed updating schedule. You can choose to update every Saturday, or every Monday and Thursday. Once you have chosen a date or dates that are convenient to you, stick to it. Your steadily increasing followers will know when to expect a chapter and will patiently wait for it.

It is recommended to put your updating schedule on your bio or under the story’s description. This way, readers know that you are a disciplined author and this very trait attracts more readers.

3. Choose When to Update

When you choose to update matters too. From my experience, updating on Fridays is the absolute worst. For some reason, the traffic on Fridays is generally bad and there is a lower chance people will be able to find your story.

The days that seem to work for me are Saturday mornings and Monday and Tuesday evenings. These are the times when people log in to Wattpad and are more likely to see the notification of your story update. If you want to post on weekdays, opt for afternoons or evenings when people would be free to read a chapter or two.

Use the Wattpad community to connect with other authors.

Use the Wattpad community to connect with other authors.

4. Connect With Other People

Wattpad is not only a platform where you post stories, it’s also a social networking site. Join various communities and discussions to make yourself known. If you are writing fan-fictions, join the discussions for that particular fandom. If you are writing teen fiction, reach out to other aspiring authors and readers from that genre. It’s very easy to make friends online, but just make sure you are socializing with the right crowd!

5. Comment on Other People’s Work

Reading other people’s works is fun, but now it’s time you start commenting. As mentioned before, make yourself known. Try looking for books that are under the same genre and comment under them, preferably constructive criticism if the author asks for it. Some readers might stumble upon your comment and decide to give your profile a visit.

6. Proofread Your Work

This step is very important and cannot be overlooked. Your story has to be well-written with an interesting plot to attract readers. Most importantly, your introduction has to have the ability to leave readers wanting more. Recheck your grammar and vocabulary. Nobody likes reading ‘their’ when it was supposed to be written as ‘there’, and it can be distracting when ‘her waist’ is written as ‘her waste’. Ask your friends or family to proofread your book, or even delve into Wattpad for beta readers.

That's It!

These six effortless steps will guarantee an increase in your works’ popularity, but be sure to be patient and understanding. Your books can take time to grow in the beginning, but once they become popular, you are in for a smooth ride.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Anny Taylor