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Updated on September 11, 2017
Copify offers a lot of freedom to handle topics how you want
Copify offers a lot of freedom to handle topics how you want

Plenty of freedom

Another writing platform for making a bit of extra pocket money is Copify. As far as I can see this is a fairly new platform in the style of Textbroker, but from what I gather, with more jobs. At least for UK writers.

I've submitted a few pieces and been paid without any problems thus far, so it's certainly legit. One of the things I like here is that the requesters seem to give you plenty of leeway in what to write about. For the most part they want 350 - 500 word blog articles that fall into the theme of their site. You might find a request for a travel piece with a keyword request such as European Health Insurance Card or similar, and as long as you can fit it in the text seamlessly, that's fine. As you can see, that gives you plenty of freedom to write what you want.

Acceptance and Pay

One of the departures from sites like Textbroker is the fact that you may have to wait a whole month for your article to be accepted which a lot feel rather excessive. Of course, the requester may accept it straight away, but as on similar sites some leave it to auto accept. If you don't mind waiting, there's no problem.

In contrast with the length of time you may have to wait for the article to be accepted, you can request the withdrawal of your funds fairly rapidly. Just request a payout and as long as you have a minimum of £10 in your account, it will be paid at 14:00 GMT into your PayPal account.

How to join

Copify requires a copy of your CV and a writing sample of 200 words which you have 1 hour to complete. As always, you can recycle it for another market later, Constant Content for example. You are also required to fill in a short profile replete with a photograph and an opportunity to say a little about your writing experience. Your 200 word sample will be assessed for quality. Unfortunately for some would-be contributors, Copify is only currently accepting writers from the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Writers from other countries should try elsewhere on this occasion.

How many orders can you take?

The amount of articles you can have on the go at any one time is dependent on your feedback. It seems the more articles you write which are rewarded with good feedback, the more orders you can take. It clearly pays to get your ratings up early with quality content.

The more you write with positive feedback, the more orders you can take at once
The more you write with positive feedback, the more orders you can take at once

Pay - Promotion?

As far as content mills go, Copify isn't bad. A 350 word article will make you £5.25 and that's GBP so you don't have to worry about losing out to unfavourable conversion rates if you're a UK based contributor. There is a progression system in place to earn money by achieving Professional Status. You achieve this status by applying after writing 25 articles with favourable feedback. If accepted, you can access all Copify's current jobs including those that pay better rates. As yet, I haven't been able to see exactly what those better rates are, so if you know, please share.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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      • Eric Red profile imageAUTHOR

        Eric Red 

        2 years ago from Taiwan

        By all means give it a go. They're usually short 350-500 word blog pieces. It's OK for a bit of pocket money.

      • sallybea profile image

        Sally Gulbrandsen 

        2 years ago from Norfolk

        Very interesting! I will have to check out what type of writing they are looking for. Thanks for sharing.


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