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How to Become a Movie Extra in Atlanta

Updated on March 9, 2017

Tips For Finding Work and Making Money as an Extra in the Atlanta Film Industry

Movies & TV Shows Filming in Atlanta

Hundreds of movies, television shows, commercials and music videos are filmed in Atlanta each year and every production needs extras to make the background come alive.

Whether you're an aspiring actor looking to make industry contacts, a college student hoping to make some extra cash or just someone who wants to take a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite tv show (The Walking Dead, anyone?), this extras casting guide will help you become an extra in Atlanta.

Featured Movie / TV Show Filmed in Atlanta

Passengers (Plus Bonus Content)
Passengers (Plus Bonus Content)

Filmed primarily at Screen Gems Studios in southeast Atlanta, Passengers stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt as travelers who wake up too early while on a hundred-year space journey.

Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures

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What Exactly is an "Extra?"

☆ Extras (aka background actors or BG) are people just like you that make the background of your favorite movies and television shows come alive.

Check out that photo from Hidden Figures, the Academy Award-nominated movie that was filmed in Atlanta in 2016. Those scientists in the background? They're extras! So is every zombie on The Walking Dead, every passerby in the Fast & Furious franchise and all of the students at Mystic Falls High on The Vampire Diaries (all of which are or were filmed in Atlanta).

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

Top 10 Extras Casting Agencies in Atlanta

  • Extras Casting Atlanta
  • TaylorMade Casting
  • Rose Locke Casting
  • Catrett & Associates Casting
  • Tammy Smith Casting
  • Cynthia Stillwell Casting
  • New Life Casting
  • Hylton Casting
  • Pierre Casting
  • Background Artists Casting Atlanta

Who Gets Picked to be an Extra?

Different scenes need different extras. When a scene is about to be filmed, the director and/or producers of the movie or television show ask the extras casting agency to find people with a highly specific look, age, sex or talent — whatever is needed to make the scene feel real.

This means that an extras casting director might be asked to find grizzly biker dudes, pregnant women, heavily tattooed gang members, homeless folks and 1920s southern belles all in the same week for different projects.

☆ In order to find those unique people, nearly all of Atlanta's casting agencies use Facebook.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

10 Reasons You Might Want to Become an Extra

  1. It's fun to spot yourself in a movie or television show.
  2. Extras get paid.
  3. Extras learn firsthand how movies and television shows are made.
  4. Extras meet new people on every set they work on.
  5. Extras network with other extras, which helps them get more work.
  6. Extras get to be someone -- or something -- else for a day.
  7. You don't need an impressive resume to get hired.
  8. Extras save money on groceries by eating on set.
  9. Extras hang out with famous people (sort of).
  10. Extras have a flexible work schedule.

How Much Do Extras Get Paid?

☆ Extras who work in Atlanta typically get paid a rate of $58/8, $60/8 or $64/8, depending on the production.

What's that boil down to? About $7.25, $7.50 or $8 per hour. Yes, it's minimum wage BUT most filming days last at least 12 hours, which means you'll earn time-and-a-half for every hour you work after the first eight hours.

Here's an example:

Let's say you work 12 hours as a zombie on The Walking Dead, which pays the standard rate of $64/8. You'll earn $8/hour for the first eight hours and then $12/hour for the final four hours, which would add up to about $112 before taxes.

Not too bad for spending a day on the set of the most popular show on television, huh?

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

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Which extras casting agency in Atlanta is your favorite?

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Featured Extras, Pay Bumps & Stand-Ins


If you're interested in making MORE MONEY on set (who isn't?), keep an eye out for "featured extra" and "specialty" requests. Featured extras typically get more time in front of the camera, while specialty extras are cast because they have a unique ability that's being used in the scene, such as juggling, dancing or playing tennis. Both can be paid a higher rate, but it's up to the production company to decide.


Extras can also receive pay bumps, ranging from as little as $5 to more than $100, for things like driving their car in a scene, wearing a particular outfit (or nothing at all), getting drenched in the rain or performing minor stunts such as falling down on cue.


Your best bet for earning more than the usual rate is to get hired as a stand-in. Stand-ins take the place of actors while the crew sets up lights and other important elements of a shot and are typically employed for the entire duration of a shoot, which can last up to nine months or more. Stand-ins usually have the same skin tone, hair color, height and weight of the actors they're standing in for. So if you look even a little bit like an actor or actress that's filming in Atlanta, you could have a shot at making anywhere from $80/8 ($10/hour) to $140/12 ($11.67/hour). If we do the math, a 12-hour day at a rate of $80/8 would add up to about $140.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

The people who get picked to be extras most often are the ones who:

  1. Fit the look.
  2. Respond quickly to a Facebook post or e-mail.
  3. Have a reputation for being on time and professional on set.

Tips For Getting Booked

Here's a real post from CL Casting for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: "Seeking thin-framed men and women to work Wednesday, January 8th south of the city. MEN MUST BE WILLING TO GET HAIR CUT." When an extras casting agency posts something like this on Facebook, ONLY submit if you fit the description! If you aren't willing to cut your hair for minimum wage, CL Casting doesn't want you blowing up their inbox. Consider the ages and wardrobe requested. If you look much younger or older than what the scene requires or you don't have the appropriate clothing, do NOT reply to the post. This just wastes the casting director's time and may make it difficult for you to find work in the future.

If a casting agency is looking for folks to work an all-day shoot on Thursday, ONLY submit if you are 100% positive you can work! If you have a dentist appointment or soccer game at 4 p.m. the night of a shoot, you probably shouldn't apply to work. Filming days often last at least 12 hours and leaving early will only make it harder for you to get booked again (not to mention that you won't get paid for the day!).

You don't need a professional headshot to get booked as an extra but you DEFINITELY need a high-quality photo of yourself. This means no blurry Facebook photos, over-filtered Instagram group shots or awkward school pictures. The best photos are the ones that show casting agents what you ACTUALLY look like. You don't have to be tall, thin and/or incredibly beautiful to work as an extra but casting agents will be less likely to use you if they think you don't look anything like the photos you submit.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead, Season 7
The Walking Dead, Season 7

The Walking Dead might be Atlanta's most well-known production. Filmed in Senoia, Georgia, the show draws thousands of fans from all the country every year who hope to see their favorite actor or who want to revisit some of the series' most memorable locations.


How To Be an Extra on The Walking Dead

Who casts extras for The Walking Dead?

Extras Casting Atlanta

What's it like to be a zombie on The Walking Dead?

Being an extra on The Walking Dead is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Some zombies, such as those in the deep background of huge scenes like Season 2's barn-burning finale, only wear masks or are quickly air-brushed. A very lucky few, however, are chosen to be "heroes" and go through an hour-long make-up process that involves prosthetics, contact lenses and more. And unlike many movies and television shows, The Walking Dead recognizes and respects exactly how important its extras are to the show's success.

How do I become an extra on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead is by far the most difficult show to get hired for -- especially if you're hoping to be cast as a zombie. Many of the show's walkers are regulars, hand-picked by Greg Nicotero, the show's zombie guru, and other executive producers because of their skinny bodies, missing limbs and unique features. Most have been working for the show since Rick Grimes crawled out of that hospital in Season 1. To make things even more challenging, Extras Casting Atlanta very rarely advertises their Walking Dead casting calls. Instead, they use a generic email address. To increase your chances of getting hired, follow ECA on Facebook and be on the lookout for posts calling for thin-framed folks.

The Divergent Series: Insurgent
The Divergent Series: Insurgent

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Have you been an extra? Or do you have a tip about an upcoming movie? Share your experience and inside info!

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Interesting! Being a movie extra would be a great topic for conversation!

    • wildsimplicity profile image

      wildsimplicity 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      @SusanDeppner: Thanks Susan52! It's also a great way to meet new people. :)

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      haven't been an extra but liked the reading about how to become one, 'thumbs up' from this dude to you.

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      chocsie 5 years ago

      after reading this i'm actually seriously thinking about becoming an extra. I don't live in Atlanta, though :( This is a really informative lens. Thanks for sharing!

    • mowug1776 profile image

      mowug1776 5 years ago

      I am from washinton state but i still would not mind being in a movie

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