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Top Ideas for Craft Fair Displays

As a professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to turn family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Here are some tips to maximize your sales potential at a craft fair.

Here are some tips to maximize your sales potential at a craft fair.

Best Craft Fair Tips and Ideas

Are you planning to do craft fairs? Are you a crafter who would like to make extra money selling at craft fairs? These fairs or shows can be a steady source of income, either full-time or part-time, if you understand how to show and organize your crafts.

When you do craft fairs, you will be paying a fee for your table or booth. The idea is to make money, not come home empty-handed. Utilizing these tips and ideas, you will find that your income will rise!

What Are You Going to Sell?

It seems like a silly question, but give it some thought: Are you specializing in one specific craft that is unusual or unique? Are you doing a broader concept like Southwest jewelry? Or are you going seasonal like Christmas? It's important in your business plan to define what you are actually doing and selling in order to be profitable.

Your Inventory: Do You Have Enough Goods?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is, do you have enough goods to sell for the amount of traffic? There is no point in even signing up to do a craft show or sale unless you have the goods to sell. Before you set out to do a show, visit several shows or fairs to see the amount of inventory that other sellers have. You will need to anticipate having more inventory than you need. Most organizers will not be happy if you have to close early because you have nothing to sell. Build your inventory before you set out for the first time!

Before you do any shows, you should have an inventory of all of your goods. That way, you can balance your sales with the inventory you have left.

Have a Logo Board or Sign

Brand Yourself to Earn More

The best sellers at craft shows and fairs know one important thing . . . how to brand themselves. That means that they have a name and have created a sign using that name. Branding yourself can be easy to do. First, of course, is to select your name. It can be as easy as using your own name. Next, you select two colors that best represent what you are selling. If you sell jewelry, for example, you may want to use gold or silver. Seasonal goods evoke those special colors. Think of the ocean—blue comes to mind. Pick your two colors and then get a sign. It can be as simple as having one made at your local Office Depot or Staples. Or you can make it yourself using a wooden sign and some letters from your local craft store. Be creative, and make your sign large enough for people to see.

You can also display your name on a tablecloth that is made for your booth!

Make sure to have business cards that reflect your colors and style.

Make Your Display Uniquely Your Own

In just a few steps, you can create the kind of booth or display that will attract attention. Remember, your goal is to attract customers. When people are attracted to your space, your potential for sales goes higher.

  1. Be colorful! Choose backdrops that either complement or contrast the elements of your display.
  2. Announce your brand! Be sure to have a banner placed so that people can find you!
  3. Use a garland to add to your display. Use tassels, pompoms, or flowers.

Your Personal Craft Fair Space: A Great Investment for All Crafters

There are times when you are going to be outdoors at various shows and fairs. Sitting out in the sun is no joy! And more than that, watching your merchandise get wet and ruined could break your efforts altogether. This is essential for all serious craft businesses.

When and Where Are You Going to Sell?

You can locate lots of information from your local papers about where craft fairs are being held. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for information on what local events are held yearly. Gather your information and set up a schedule for yourself. Remember, the prime indoor spots (and the outdoor spots) will go fast. So you will want to have contact with the organizer as soon as possible to get the spot that will make you the most money.

The second thing to think about is how close to home you want to be. Are you willing to go further to make more? Or do you want to stick closer to home and do local church fairs? Remember that there are time and cost considerations to consider, especially as you start out.

Your Dazzling Display: How to Attract Attention and Sell More

Outside of your crafts, the most important thing you can create is a dazzling display of your goods. Remember, you are trying to get the attention of the traffic. If your display is mediocre, you will not sell a thing. Spend time creating something that will attract attention and interest. Have a theme and carry it through your display. Create something special that will cause a buzz in the room, and I guarantee you will sell more and make a name for yourself within your community.

More Craft Display Ideas:

  1. Make a Display That Shows You How to Use or Display Your Product: If you make clothing or something you can wear, make sure to display those items by wearing them yourself. Display your products on hangers. Use jewelry display pieces. If you have seasonal décor, display them as you might use them.
  2. Go Vertical With Your Displays: Utilize your space with vertical displays. But make sure that all displays are secure.
  3. Display Small Items Grouped Together in a Container With Rice or Beans to Hold Them: Items grouped together will create interest.
  4. Group Similar Items Together to Create Impact: You will draw more attention to your display.
  5. Make Sure That All Display Items Look Clean and Are Well Maintained.
  6. Make Good Lighting a Top Priority: Find a spotlight to focus on your "wow" items, or use a floodlight to highlight a whole wall. Make sure that the lighting you use is not too hot or that it shines in anyone's eyes.
  7. Make Sure That All Items Are Priced and the Price Is Visible.
  8. Be Colorful: Use a backdrop that contrasts or compliments your display.
  9. Choose Backdrops That Complement Your Products: Use your theme colors if possible.

Lighting for Your Display

Indoor or outdoors, it is important to have adequate lighting on your display. Find a spotlight to focus on your Wow items, or use a floodlight to focus on a complete wall. Make sure that lights don't get too hot or shine in your customers' eyes.

More Vertical Ideas for Craft Fair Displays

You need to utilize the space that you have by going vertical. It is pleasing to the eye and will help sell faster. Remember that your booth is your storefront. Make it the best possible display of your goods that you can

Whenever you go vertical, make sure that your display pieces are secured. Don't take a chance that your display will fall.

  • Think Vertical—Never Put Everything Flat on Your Table: It is important to utilize your space. Create upright displays using pegboard or message boards that you have hinged. These can be covered with the material of your choice. Remember, you only have about two minutes to catch someone's eye, or they will move on.
  • Make Sure to Price Everything: Make sure that you clearly price all your items. Use tags or large clear signage that people can read. More than likely, they will not buy if they have to ask you the price.
  • Wear Your Products Whenever Possible: It shows pride in your work, and it's another way to display your goods.
  • If You Have a Facebook Page or Website, Create a Brochure or One-Page Handout: Include pictures and items that you would like to feature. Make sure to give the location of your onsite blogs, Facebook pages, and websites. Give one of these handouts to each customer that talks to you or purchases. Have a rack with these available for people to take with them.
  • Keep It Simple, But Keep It Lovely: Your display area should be uncluttered but have an ambiance that draws people to it. Lighter colors that frame your logo nicely will add a touch that will be attractive and appealing. Too many items jammed together will only confuse people, and they will walk away.
  • Have a Demonstration or a Handout: If you are selling products like craft supplies, it is important to have a demo of what they can do. Make up little cards or have something to give away. Make sure that your information is clearly shown. Show the benefits of what you make, and you will make more money.
  • Neatness Counts—Cover All Display Tables With Tablecloths: Your extra inventory can be hidden underneath. That makes it easy to replace goods when needed.
  • Add a Garland or Banner to the Front of Your Booth: It will attract a lot of attention.

Make Sure That Everything Is Clearly Marked

It is super important that all your items are clearly marked either by sign or tag. Having to stop and answer customer questions will cost you sales. Make sure to use tags that can be removed . . . not those gummy-backed tags—customers don't like to have to remove them.

Weatherproofing Your Booth

It's important to consider the weather, especially if you are doing an outdoor booth. The first thing to consider is weighing your tent down. Make sure to add weights in all four corners of your tent. They can be something like a brick or a rock. You could paint them in your theme colors.

You will also need to weigh down your tablecloths so that they don't constantly blow around.


Help For Your Craft Fair: Dos and Don'ts

There are going to be times when you need an extra pair of hands for your craft fair. Either for set up, breakdown, lunch, and potty breaks. No matter if you are paying someone or not, your "help" should be handling your craft area as if it were their own.

  • Make sure that they are not using their phone or texting at any time while you are away. This is a big no-no. People will perceive that they have no interest in serving them and will walk past your area.
  • Make sure they smile at people and are friendly. They need to be visible, say hello, and smile at everyone. Even if someone walks by your booth, you never know when they will come back or refer someone to you.
  • They need to know some specifics on the items that you are selling.
  • If they can't answer a question, they need to let the customer know when you will be back and/or give them your business card.
  • Take turns with restroom breaks and lunches. That way, your booth is always covered.
  • Make sure that your "help" is familiar with your products. If they have to ask for your help, it will distract from potential sales.

Theme Your Booth: Draw More People

Everyone at the craft fair or Expo starts looking the same after a while. People get bored just looking at one booth after another. You need something to draw people into your area, Something that makes you stand out and draw people in.

A themed booth does just that!

You can still feature your crafts and projects. You are just going to make your booth the place to be. Here are a few ideas:

A Tropical Theme

Everyone likes a tropical getaway, so why not create one at your booth? Create a theme with a tropical color table cloth. Have palm trees or plants . . . tropical decor. Have tropical music playing. Give out leis. Give them something to remember.