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8 Ways to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Kshitiz Gaur is experienced in earning money online in a variety of ways, including freelance writing, answering questions, and blogging.

Did you know that you can do affiliate marketing without creating your own website?

Did you know that you can do affiliate marketing without creating your own website?

A lot of people think that you can't do affiliate marketing without a website, but they are wrong. You can easily do affiliate marketing without spending anything on building your own website or blog.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting someone else's products or services and earning commissions. You don't need to offer your own product or service to do affiliate marketing, because you will be promoting products or services created and sold by someone else.

In other words, affiliate marketing is a good way to earn some income without launching a product or brand of your own.

Why Try Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

I am not against starting a website—in fact, having your own successful site is one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing. If you would rather go this route, feel free to check out my article about how to start your own website in about 15 minutes.

So, if I am not against starting a website, why am I writing this article? Well, I understand that not all of you have the time or the resources required to start and manage a website. I am writing this article to share some alternative methods that those without their own websites can use to start earning affiliate commissions.

1. Start a YouTube Channel

Have you ever seen a YouTube video in which the presenter asks you to check the description for a product or service that they mentioned in the video? Chances are, they are doing affiliate marketing, and the links in their description are affiliate links for which they will earn commissions.

A lot of YouTubers use Amazon's affiliate program to earn commissions. Let me give you an example to show you how easy it is. Suppose you are a tech YouTuber who made a video reviewing a new laptop. You just have to put your affiliate link for the laptop in the description and wait for people to buy that laptop to start getting your commissions.

Obviously, you will need to be a credible YouTuber who gets a lot of traffic to make this work well. However, it can't be denied that this is a simple way to earn as an affiliate marketer through your free YouTube channel.

2. Write an eBook

This is a tricky method because you will have to write an ebook on a topic that has some popularity and make sure that people actually read your ebook. For this to work, you must put your affiliate links in the ebook in a manner that enhances the experience of the readers, and you can start earning commissions. My advice is to make the ebook free so that you can get as many readers as possible. You can charge a minimal amount if the ebook is a bit lengthy.

This method will most likely not work in the beginning. There is a learning curve involved in publishing ebooks that get read and appreciated. You will have to learn how to find topics that people are interested in reading and have low competition.

Free writing platforms like Medium and HubPages offer easy ways to create articles that can include affiliate links.

Free writing platforms like Medium and HubPages offer easy ways to create articles that can include affiliate links.

3. Create Articles on a Free Writing Platform

Do you know that the article that you are reading right now has been created by me on a free platform for writers? Allow me to introduce you to HubPages, where I have been writing for several years. HubPages will keep a part of your earnings and allow you to reach a wide audience and promote affiliate products or services.

You can't just promote anything, but HubPages has Amazon capsules for promoting products from Amazon. You can use your own affiliate links, but it isn't allowed in all cases.

Medium is another great free platform for publishing content and earning affiliate commissions. You can promote products without any issues on Medium, and it may be easier to rank on Medium because they know what they are doing.

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If you leverage these platforms in the right way, you could earn a lot more than you would from your own website because these platforms have good domain authority and make it easier for your content to rank on search engines.

4. Use Social Media Websites

You can promote products and services on social media websites easily. The right way to start doing it is by posting a lot of content that is relevant to your niche and gathering a following of interested people.

Once you start seeing good numbers, you can start promoting products and services. Each social media website has its own rules and regulations, so you will need to learn about them as you go.

I highly recommend trying Instagram because it is a great way to promote products and services as demonstrated by various influencers. You can't post a link with the photos on Instagram, so you will have to ask people to find the link in your bio.

You can buy advertising on platforms like Facebook to help promote products or services, but I don't recommend doing this unless you know what you are doing.

5. Post in Online Communities and Forums

The first rule of promoting anything in communities or forums is that you need to know whether you can post your affiliate links there or not. If you can post your affiliate links, you have to first build trust by sharing knowledge or expertise in the forum so that users take you seriously.

It is a good idea to have your affiliate links on your profile so that you can increase your earnings. Always try to be active and post content that is amazing. You have to spend as much time as you can learning about your niche so that people learn a lot from you and start to appreciate you. The only way to promote well is to be knowledgeable and resourceful.

6. Pay for Solo Ads

Buying a solo ad means that you pay someone with an email list to promote products and services that you want to promote to the individuals on their email list. If you choose the right person, and they have an email list full of people who are interested in what you are promoting, you can get good results for sure.

However, this is a risky method because you need to be aware of what you are doing. If you make one small mistake, you can lose money because solo ads aren't cheap. In short, you should probably only use solo ads if you are experienced.

7. Buy Pay-Per-Click Ads

This is another risky method, but I consider it to be less risky than solo ads. In this case, you use the advertising services of Google to direct traffic to the landing page of a product or a service that you are promoting. This will only work well if you create an amazing ad and target the right keywords. Obviously, promoting an amazing product or a service is a must.

It may sound easy, but it is not. However, you can make quite a bit if you master this method and apply it to different products and services. Remember that you get to pay less advertising fees if your ad performs well, so you must write a great ad copy if you want to maximize your earnings and minimize costs.

8. Use Email Marketing

You can create a landing page and direct traffic to it to build your email list. There are services like MailChimp's free landing page creator that can help. If you are able to build an email list with the right subscribers, you won't need to buy solo ads because you will be able to promote to your subscribers directly.

I recommend making a series of emails that you will send to all new subscribers that encourage them to buy the products or services you are promoting. You can buy an autoresponder for this purpose, and it will be worth it if you spend the time writing the emails. You can hire a professional writer to do this for you because it won't lead to high conversions, and it will cost you money if you don't do it right.

Start Affiliate Marketing Now

Now it's your turn to start promoting affiliate products and services. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will start earning commissions. Affiliate marketing is not a way to get rich quickly, so you need to put in the work and keep learning every step of the way.

Even though it is possible to do affiliate marketing without a website using the methods discussed above, I recommend starting your own website because it is one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing, and it provides a lot of flexibility.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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