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How to Make Money Online With Qmee

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Qmee: The Free App That Pays You to Play Games, Take Part in Surveys and Search the Web

Whether you're eager to minimise the damage done to your bank balance courtesy of rising living costs, have debts to pay off or are saving up for something specific, side hustles can be a great way of boosting your income without too much effort. And, like many, I have found that one of the easiest and most reliable methods of making extra cash is through online surveys.

If you haven't taken part in paid surveys before now, well, then you might be a little bit dubious as to how answering some questions can transform into a legit source of income. That's understandable. I mean, you know what they say about things that sound too good to be true, right?

But while your caution is warranted, I can assure you that there are indeed many survey sites out there that are willing to pay you real cash to answer questions, and Qmee is one of them.


What Is Qmee?

Qmee was founded back in 2012 by two established businessmen, Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton. Their goal was to connect brands and corporations with their target audience, thus revolutionising market research.

The great thing about Qmee is that it doesn't cost you anything to sign up. No hidden fees are lurking in the small print, and there's no limit on the number of surveys you can enter.

Unlike some of the other survey sites you might have heard about, Qmee is also cross-platform. This means you can either earn through the Qmee website, by downloading the iOS or Android app or by installing the browser plugin - though I highly recommend using a combination of all three if you want to maximise your earning potential.


Is Qmee Legit?

Now for the big question: Is Qmee legit?


Yes - 100%!

While you're unlikely to become a millionaire through Qmee or be able to pack in your day job (sorry!), it is a completely legitimate way for you to make some quick cash from the comfort of, well, anywhere!

I have personally been taking part in surveys on the app for over three years now, and before that, I enjoyed using the paid to search option (we'll get to that later), all of which, I'm pleased to say, has helped me to rack up a good bit of dosh! This brings us to all of the different ways you can use Qmee to earn money.


How to Earn Money Using Qmee

One of the many things that makes Qmee stand out in comparison to some of the other survey sites I have tested is the variety of ways you can earn from it. These include:

  • Surveys - As previously mentioned, you can take part in paid questionnaires. These cover a range of different topics and are usually tailored to match your profile. Generally, you can expect surveys to take between 1 and 40 minutes to complete.
  • Cashback - Using Qmee, you can earn cashback at select retailers, insurance providers, mobile services and more. Simply purchase as normal and Qmee will refund you a specific amount afterwards. These offers can take up to 90 days to process, so it's definitely not a quick earner but it's still a money-saver.
  • Deals - As well as fattening up your piggy bank, you can also save money using Qmee. The site will let you know about the latest offers and discounts you can enjoy at different businesses.
  • Paid to Search - Before offering surveys, Qmee paid users to search the web - and it still does! By installing the browser plugin on your chosen search engine, you will be able to monetize your searches. Don't get too excited, though! Not every search result will result in you getting paid, and you'll only make a few pence at a time when you do eventually find a monetised search. Still, it's a nice extra.
  • Gaming - Calling all mobile gamers: If you're already addicted to downloading games for your phone, then why not start getting paid to play them? Yes, really! Qmee has a range of games you can download in exchange for a healthy sum of cash. You usually have to reach a certain level or complete an offer before you qualify for payment e.g. you will be tasked with hitting level 15 within 7 days. I'm not much of a mobile gamer myself, but I have made £30 through this method in a little over a month.
  • Pop Quiz - Each day, Qmee publishes a pop quiz on the app. It's a general knowledge, multi-choice question and if you get it right, you'll be awarded 3p.
  • Refer a Friend - If you love Qmee and want to get your mates (or anyone else) hooked, you can give them your unique code and bag yourself £1 for each referral. If you're the generous sort though, you can share the pound (50p each) or give it all to them.
In September 2021, I earned Over £100 from Qmee

In September 2021, I earned Over £100 from Qmee

How Much Can You Earn From Qmee?

Of course, one thing that everyone wants to know before they sign up to any survey site is how lucrative it is. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the problem with many survey sites is that making money can be a slow and gruelling process that really isn't worth the time or effort you put in.

So, how much can you really earn from Qmee?

The short answer is: it depends! I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but it's true. The money you make is largely based on your demographics and whether or not you match what the survey providers are looking for.

BUT I'm not just going to leave you with that ambiguous response. After all, you came here for answers based on my experience, right?

In an average month, if I am putting hardly any effort into Qmee, I can make an easy £30. Not bad, but not exactly great either. With a little bit more effort, which involves checking my phone a tad more often and at more obscure times (early morning and late at night is usually best), I can easily double, if not triple, that figure.

To date, my proudest achievement is making £108.26 in just 30 days, followed by £75.08 the following month. Remember, though; those figures are the exception, not the rule.

64p for a 1 minute survey!

64p for a 1 minute survey!

Cashing Out From Qmee

If you are a little bit more familiar with the world of surveys, then you will know that many sites have a threshold you have to meet before you can cash out. In some cases, these can be difficult to achieve, but the great thing about Qmee is that there is no threshold. You can cash out whenever you like!

Your funds can be withdrawn to:

  • PayPal
  • Gift Cards - Amazon, iTunes, Caffe Nero, Google Play, Pizza Express or Starbucks.
  • Charity - Donate to either Cancer Research UK, Count The Kicks, Friends and Places Together, Gwent Beekepers' CIO, IAPWA, Lifebeat UK, ME Research UK, NHS Charities Together or Pharmacist Support.


  • Plenty of ways to earn money.
  • No minimum cashout.
  • You know how long a survey will take and the topic before entering.
  • It's easy.
  • You can make money from anywhere.
  • Payouts are immediate.


  • Screenouts are becoming more common - in my opinion.
  • Customer service staff are often unhelpful and can take weeks to respond.
  • You are giving out personal data to companies.

Sign Up to Qmee

So, there we have it! Even with its faults, Qmee is a great little earning tool and one I would recommend to anyone looking for an easy side hustle.

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