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Top 7 Auction Sites Other Than eBay!

I have tried selling on eBay and various other sites. Here is my firsthand account of how the other sites compare!

Whatever your niche or craft, there are plenty of auction sites out there just waiting to showcase your stuff!

Whatever your niche or craft, there are plenty of auction sites out there just waiting to showcase your stuff!

Don't Get Stuck in an eBay Rut!

There is no denying that you can find and sell just about anything on eBay. It is the easiest place to start an online business for yourself, but every day more and more people are taking their selling and buying ventures to other sites. If you're reading this, then you're probably aware of eBay's high selling fees and how easy it is for them to arbitrarily shut you down. There are an increasing number of horror stories involving honest sellers allegedly breaking eBay's 'rules.' Usually, these businesses are shut down in the blink of an eye without any legitimate reason. What's worse is that it is virtually impossible to have a real conversation with anyone at eBay or to receive a 'non-generic' answer to your question or concern.

7 Alternative Auction Sites to eBay

Where do you go when you feel like your business has just been ruined and your life has been turned upside down? Fortunately, there are plenty of up-and-coming auction sites, and a few of them have the real potential to be the next big thing. Check out these seven alternative auction sites to eBay:


Ebid was founded in 1999, and boy has it grown! Ebid boasts 2.4 million auctions, 9500 categories, $0 listing fees, 5 free photos and is available in 18 countries. It is safe to say that they are hot on eBay's tail for the title of top auction site. As mentioned earlier, opening a store is free on Ebid and you can snag your feedback directly from eBay. If you are like most of us good, hard-working power-sellers and dread the thought of leaving behind your great feedback and starting from scratch, fear no more! My feedback was imported in about an hour after I requested it, and a real person responded to my email, answered my question and took care of my need immediately. There are also great forums on the site, and from what I can see, all of the sellers are former eBay sellers. You can also choose to have auctions re-listed as many times as you like for free. The only downside I see is that there are a lot more sellers than buyers, but the site is growing fast. With more exposure, I predict that Ebid will be taking over as the number one auction site.


This site is 100% free! It's extremely easy to build a store and my listings were showing up in the top two positions in Google searches within a day of starting up. So far, this site seems to get me the largest audience. Ecrater doesn't offer an auction, but I make potential buyers aware that reasonable offers will be considered with my fixed price. And did I mention it's 100% free? No listing fees. No sold fees. Just a great site!


Home of the OLA house! Like a store, but it's a house instead. Sellers pay a set fee per week, month, year or for life and can list and sell an unlimited number of items for a small fee! There is a small charge to open an OLA house, but you can open stores and post listings on up to 10 sites. All this for the price of listing and closing fees on eBay. This site offers classic, fixed price, dutch, absolute and sealed auctions—there's a little something for everyone. Four free photos are included with each listing and sellers are credited a free 're-listing' with any item that goes unsold. Overall, Online Auction and the OLA house are loads of fun, and there are a lot of unique items being sold on each platform. Definitely worth checking out!


From what I've seen, iOffer is a smaller site that has an average of around 35,000 users online at a time. iOffer features $0 listing fees and a free store. It is also another site that allows users to transfer their listings and feedback from eBay! This small community has a great 'wanted' section too, so if there's something you're looking for then post it here! Even more, iOffer showed my items on Google search fairly quickly.


This is a site that will become either my first or second choice when I eventually start branching off into selling other items. This could easily be your one and only site depending on what you sell. Etsy is a site dedicated to all things handmade and designed. Awesome search options include the ability to search by color, by featured items handpicked by members, undiscovered items, local proximity and just plain 'listed' items in general. If you are a crafty person and are putting in the time to make something, you will want sell it here! If you're a buyer or a browser, check out this site! There are some wonderful and original items listed there.


Here's your chance to become a designer while having fun and making money. Cafepress is not so good if you have items to sell, but if you're looking to 'make' something, then it's perfect. You can design just about anything from shirts and mousepads to water bottles. Oh, and it's free! You design it, and pick the mark up on the product. When it sells, Cafepress receives their price, and you get the profit. Try it out! You may discover a talent you never knew you had.


Not an auction site, but it is a site you want to check out to unite with other sellers fed up with eBay. It is full of forums, links and helpful sites to build your business! Loads of helpful resources here.

Browse different sites until you land on the best one to reattain the earnings you're used to.

Browse different sites until you land on the best one to reattain the earnings you're used to.

Additional Miscellaneous Sites

This is not an exhaustive list, and I do have a handful of other sites that I use. Some of them have a much smaller community than you're probably used to, but they may be the perfect place for whatever you're selling. Everyone has their own niche, and a site that's good for me may not be good for you and vice versa. Here are some other sites you may want to check out:


These sites don't even begin to touch the selling platforms available if your product category includes books, games, movies, etc.! The point is, don't get stuck in an eBay rut! There are plenty of other options out there. That site that you choose may not yield the profits that you were accustomed to at first. However, you will still be better off in comparison to when you were paying the fees associated with eBay. You still have the option of either using several different sites or finding the one(s) you love.

The more people become aware of other sites, the more they will leave eBay behind. Sellers are fed up with being taken for granted and are all uniting to find better ways to build their future! If everyone spreads the word, we will all be making a lot more money and will be treated a lot better after putting those high eBay fees behind us.

Good luck to you!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

What's Your Favorite Auction Site Besides eBay?

kim on May 05, 2019:

Ebay is toxic to sellers with fees-pay up pal and resolutions to scammers. Side with scammers every time because fees is there disease. Even when you can prove your argument the e bays robot takes over, Sorry!!! but we side with buyer.......but we welcome your in-put and you are a value customer. I told them where they could stick there scammer promoting site and went to another site. No wonder there are hardly any used item on fleabay and half the seller sites are run buy them anyway. OMG ust got a message wanting to discuss why I left ebay...... By the way...If you think your account is safe. Think again!!!! as they can take from your account without authorization anytime they see fit and there is not a lick you can do about it. ACCC fraud squad, Banks will not take them on because they control everything. So. Get out of pay me pal and only use credit card. If they wont except credit card. Middle finger them Cheers

Adam Horton on October 25, 2018:

Started my own auction site months ago, but, nobody will register and sell because I can't offer free listings due to paypal ending adaptive payments, which prevents me from offering free listings and only charging commission. I guess EBAY is the only auction site that has sellers and that makes money and to support this, I find it funny that the enormous amount of people that complain about EBAY continue to use EBAY everyday. That said, looks like you can't obtain any users, nor make any money with your own auction site these days and lots of other online businesses never make any money these days either, in which, the cause of such problems is without a doubt due to a society that only wants to buy necessities and party.

kevin on November 27, 2017:

I want out of ebay I am sick and tired of them taking sides with the buyers plus half of the agents must be chimps because you can train a chimp to answer questions better if they want the job learn to speak English and really understand our needs and don't speak in a generic way like I really understand how you are feeling bullshit they don't care anyway what I am asking is there any good sites where I can sell stamps any help would be grateful

mgp on October 31, 2014:

what the heck is up with Ebay I know they need to help draw buyers in but the guys that pay the bills are the sellers you take the sellers down then they have no income unless they just want BIG SELLERS like amazon or overstock Oh well

jherold19 on April 30, 2014:

thanks you so much...this give me courage to do online Business again.. I also wanted to ad comment about ebay.. Yes I am one of Top Rated Seller on ebay that has multiple account and were both in the same Rated Status. Until a little problem I came upon with the buyer. Claim that item as not as describe. As a I was taking care of the case through Resolution Center. all sudden ebay said I lost the case I dont have to do anything else. so buyer got the product plus I also did not get my item back. I lost money for shipping and the product. Ebay gave refund to the buyer without returning my product.. Horible experience. after selling for 6 years through ebay and paying thousands of listing each time. It turns out to be a blank paper.. What the hell!!! all this money and commitment I have put in just turn into a peanut....Ebay Sucks guy..They didn't realize we also a buyers!!! Now we know how bad they were!!! They didn't realize that we are two people there Buyer\ Seller. Now they lost both...Thanks guys for this info... I really looking forward that hope one day any of us could come up with a great site that could take ebay down...

Scott on February 27, 2014:

Found a new auction website with NO Listing Fees

Check it out

tuky on February 03, 2014:

Just started listing on a new site. Been up only for a few months and it needs users. See what I have listed so far.

Craig512 on November 02, 2013: - has some great sutff and lower fees than ebay.

David20000 on October 28, 2013:

I just got suspended today from eBay, I called up customer service ask what I did wrong? they said I brook their rules never told me what it was.

I had to talk with 2 customer service rep the 2nd one got smart with me but I just talked nice with her.

eBay was the only way I was getting income coming in, my dad is really bad off have to stay home with him, when I go to the store I have to have someone to stay with him.

I read on the internet this is happening to more and more people on eBay everyday.

I had 863 good feedback's and 1 negative I got about 7 months ago that person said they change there mind about wanting the product ask for a refund first then he said he will send the item back to me I said like item first they open a case after case close eBay was on the side of the buyer anyways I had to give full refund never got the item still left negative feedback, I contacted eBay customer service about this nothing was done to buyer lost money and my product.

I don't think that's what it was that got me suspended on eBay that happen a while back the only thing it could be, that happen about a week ago is there is this customer that didn't pay and I offered next day shipping he emailed me ask why I haven't send him his item yet I told him he didn't pay me for the item pay and I will send never heard anything from him or even got bad feedback.

I don't no what it was they wont give me an answer, if anyone on on here don't think this can happen to you I am here to tell you my friend it can, I been selling the same think on eBay for over 9 years so chances are you will in time be kicked off of eBay.

They should be for the buyer and seller that is what they advertize I found out the hard way they are just for the buyer when push come to shove.

I am right now looking at ways of creating my own online website site like eBay may have to try to find others who would want to help me, so we can split the cost and the money that it brings in from other buyers and sellers.

Thank you for the links to these other websites will check them out.

fpastine on October 19, 2013:

So much of what is said here reflects my experience with ebay. They just put a limit on my listings because three people thought I charged too much shipping and one person thought they got their product slowly! I was dumbfounded. I called ebay and was put on hold for two hours. I sold for three years: I ship immediately after the payment, I am nickled and dimed to death with their fees so inflate my shipping to make up for the 10% they take out of shipping (!!), I have stellar reviews, I bend over backwards for buyers and, at this point, feel completely abused by them. After waiting two hours to talk with them and pointing out this to the ebay representative, you would think they would budge and expand my limit. Instead, she she said, "sorry you no longer want to sell on ebay but it's your decision." Well, this experience has at least prompted me to look for an alternative & very much appreciate this article and comments. I'm fed up with ebay making profits from my had efforts, then being treated shabbily on top of it!

Sierra on October 08, 2013:

The next purge was today. I was kicked out for have what they considered below standard DSRs off and on over past year. Even though my ratings have always been above 4.7. I have been a long time power seller and have brought a lot of business and revenue through ebay, and they just decided to drop me. I was told that I wasn't good enough and they no longer wanted my business and good luck where ever I go. Wow. Yet ebay does not even provide decent customer service. What will they do when they boot all of their biggest sellers?

sharibadonkadonk on September 10, 2013:

I am enjoying this hub, ebay has done the same things to us after 9 years of selling. ebay axed more than 15,000, that was just the beginning, it was so NICE of them to allow us to buy. I found out that they own 64 companies in all, the last company is someplace to buy tickets online. Well, we, (my Mom & I) need to make some money somewhere, SS just isn't enough, so will try some of these. Thanks so much for the info.


Rich Vernadeau from Paris, Texas on August 27, 2013:

Guardrail or Quick decline is the weapon of choice by which ebay targets and begins the elimination of small sellers. Ebay axed 15,000 sellers in early August. When is the next ebay purge coming?

rrr on August 20, 2013:

one more : w w w.

SCREW FEEBAY on August 17, 2013:

I have spent 12 years in feebay and gaypal hell, once upon a time this was a great place to sell my antique auto parts. They actually sent me 2 certificates of outstanding achievement 8 12 2011 signed by John Donahue and Christopher Payne and also a power seller certificate signed by Lorrie Norrington. Every one was making money and happy. But then over the over the past 2 years, things changed for the worst. All of a sudden out of nowhere I start getting these messages stating I don't meet the seller policies and bigger than shit these power trip, buyer backer A-holes pulled the plug on me. That flat pissed me off and now I am fed up with there high priced B.S. If they only knew how many Items I have packed and labeled for all of the none paying buyers they look out for over there sellers. I talked for sometime with one of there so called customer service reps on the phone in person asking why there is no seller protection program and found out that was a waste of time. I hope that someday soon, others will realize that, and there own greed will be the end of there so call empire and others can get out with all of there money before they lock it up. I truly believe that one of the reason they gave me the boot was because I would pull out my money and only leave enough in my account to pay there over priced fees every month, There has got to be a better place for people to sell at and not get bullied and ripped off. As stated earlier, Once upon a time it was a good place, but that was then and this is now.

Bid This on July 17, 2013:

If you don't like ebay. Try out this site

smirnov3 on April 17, 2013:

ebid is nice, but the sell-through volume is really low.

But at least they don't treat sellers like criminals like eBay does

I had a buyer return an item on eBid because it was defective, after he had already left negative feedback. I gave him a full refund.

He updated his feedback to Neutral!

I was selling on ebay for 10 years, and I NEVER saw that happen.

nagog2 on March 31, 2013:

A good read and plenty of ways for everyone to find a way to ditch eBay. My only problem with these recommended sites is none of them have what I do for a business, buying broken computers and refurbishing them to resell. eBay is by far the best site for broken laptops and desktops to refurbish at dirt cheap prices that allow me to maximize my return. I would love to find a site that dealt in broken systems outside of eBay.

Jemm on March 26, 2013:

Great information, including all the comments.

I had been considering listing on E-bay. I even read an article on Fortune Magazine's February issue titled ebay is back. Blah, Blah..

Thanks for opening my eyes.

mel on March 05, 2013: is not free! when u register you have to "buy an account"

John on March 02, 2013: is a great site. There is no listing fee for sellers and no buying fees for buyers. It just need a little more attention!

john on February 14, 2013:

It is a good alternative to ebay. No fees, 100% free; you can list your auction from 1 day up to 2 months at no cost. Like so many of you, I have had it with ebay, and have been looking for an alternative for a long time and finally found it. This site even allows you to transfer all your ebay listings within minutes. My username on the site is auctionman, I just listed some items, feel free to check them out. Hope this helps, let me know how it works out. I just discovered this site called

israel on January 25, 2013:

LIVE VIRTUAL AUCTIONS, the new home for the live auctions.

You can enter to a room and start bidding for your favorite items like Jewelry, Electronics, Fashion and more!

Just register free, verify your account and start bidding or selling in Live auctions.

You can enjoy this live auctions, yes, live online auctions because are fun and you can save a lot of money and time, free!

If you are a Seller, you can enjoy the live auctions too because are fun and we going to charge only a 5% of the sale.

No Photo fees, no listing fees, no hidden fees no more. EBay alternative.


Go Now, on December 29, 2012:

"6. - Here again....a free storefront for you! Epier has some really unique stores on it. This site is better for more original sellers that have something different to sell from the rest. If you have something not so popular I think it has a real chance here. It's free so give it a try!" I like it :)

Afexsion8 on December 27, 2012:

I bid on an item, won and paid. Never got it. Wrote to Seller and he apologized. 3 weeks I patiently waited. Nothing. I wrote again and he said he was sorry, but he was backed up and would send it that day. I waited stupidly another 2 weeks. I emailed him and asked if he sent it yet, because I never received it and he told me to *!@$% go to hell. I was shocked. I wrote ebay and instead of putting in those symbols, I put in exactly what he wrote.....EBAY suspended ME for using profanity. R U Kidding? I told them I was just telling them what he said. They didn't care. EBAY only likes their big sellers.

I also got a PayPal account before all that happened, and it was hacked and they took money out of my checking account. I never dealt with them again. STAY AWAY...or just burn your money.... same thing. Thanks for all the other sites.

rastamike on December 11, 2012:

ebay sucks ass!!!!! paypal to!!!!!

ecrater was a good pleace to sell.

got a few sales there. then they send me a email. wonting to see where i was buying all my items i was selling. i got the email monday. they only gave me one day to fax all my recites in.

i sent in what i had. told them i need more time to get the rest in. they just shut down my store with no warning. just shut it down. and you can't call them.

i think they all in together. soon as one starts to make some good money they shut you down. and you don't get any sales on the other websites.

if ebay was gone i bet we would.

fuck ebay and paypal.

Lnn on November 26, 2012:

Can't wait to check out Ecrater and Ebid . Looking to leave Ebay.

Lnn on November 26, 2012:

I have been posting on ebay since 2001. For the first time listed something and went to get it out to ship and there was some scratches on the item. So as Ebay stated If item was not properly described, I could cancel it and relist . So ended up getting a bid and they paid for it before I could change it. I had to cancel it and issue refund. I explained to the person I was being honest and did not want to ship it as new, since I noticed scratches on it. So of course they denied it and now I have to pay ebay for fees, even though I did not sell item. Silly me for being honest.

sharewhatuknow from Western Washington on November 15, 2012:

Hi everyone. If you think Ebay and Amazon are greedy, try Tophatter. They are a virtual auction house, auctioning merchandise in real time.

Their fees are ridiculous and make Ebay look like a real bargain.

Cherie on November 12, 2012:

ya know what Jim, eBay isn't the only greedy bastard's out there; try Amazon! They're right up there with eBay! I tried getting a business started with them and all they did was constantly review my account -- and in case you don't know, when Amazon reviews your account they also hold your money for as long as it takes their slow asses to review your account! Do you know that they reviewed my account in October and then decided to do it again in November?? What the hell kind of shit is that? I was doing great, too, and then they had to pull their shit again! It was almost like they couldn't stand to see me doing so well! And I explained them that I needed my money to complete the orders I had -- but no, that didn't sway them in the least. Never again with those assholes, either!

Hayley on November 11, 2012:

This is fantastic thanks so much!

Im actually still using ebay, but I sell and swap all my clothes on as there are no fee's and more buyers / swappers than ebay.

I have never heard of this Google check out, how is it better than paypal?

jim on November 04, 2012:

i sold on ebay for years and i owe them like 2500.00 in fees screw you ebay NEVER AGAIN I SELL FROM THOSE GREDDY BASTARD"S they could careless about the sellers only the buyers WHAT A FRIGGIN BIG JOKE I HATE EBAY GO TO HELL I HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS WE SHOULD BOYCOTT THEM LOL

Kevin J Timothy from Tampa, FL on September 24, 2012:

Thanks, because they most certainly have a way of ticking me the heck off from time to time. I'm on a love-hate relationship with them.

Kathy Lester on September 15, 2012:

Bidzinger is my favorite site to list on.

candice on September 03, 2012:

Hello all , I will be traveling in Dec 2012 all over the U.S volunteering at locations from New Orleans to Joplin and NYC. To help anyway I can. Selling all of my belongings to live in a car with my fiancée.

MY POINT being : How the hell do you have the god damn right, Ebay, to charge me on the item I searched for then listed...then charge me on shipping it out... Then have your crap paypal company charge me as well. I understand EBay needs to make money.. But as someone stated earlier in convo : the economy has tanked and that happens to be the same time you raise your fees? Ebay is crashing miserably. People are running full force out.

What gets me is that I was going to rely on Ebay to make a profit on as I traveled the U.S then across seas...Now.. I am afraid of being shut down.. Suspended and loosing money as they suspend my account then never reinstate it. Thanks crapbay.

I went to go list more of the items I have been gettimg on Ebay... To fund my volunteer journey in Dec...and OH LOOK. I cant. I surpassed a catergory limit. And no..they do not tell you what limit you passed but they sure have the gonads to tell me I cant list in that category for another 27 days. Are you kidding me??!? Why the hell should a company tell me what to sell on a auctiom site? What? Am I supposed to give up the subject/cateogry I know so much about for my entire life to find something I know shot about, because they told me so? Screw you ebay.

Follow my

sharewhatuknow from Western Washington on August 18, 2012:

I put some coins up for sale on Ecrater three days ago. Will let everyone know how that will go.

ROBINSONTOYSHOP on August 08, 2012:

sorry about that,

what is the best site to sell on thank you.

ROBINSONTOYSHOP on August 06, 2012:












tradeMoxie on June 30, 2012:

Thought I'd throw my site up here for everyone to check out. I've been working on it on and off for a while now. Haven't had any success with it yet, but I'm hoping that I can eventually get some members and recognition.

Anyway, it's currently 100% free with zero listing or final value fees. Anyone who takes advantage and signs up while I'm in the process of getting the site off the ground will receive a free for life account. Please come and join at, submit your listings and invite your friends and clientele.

reagu from Los Angeles on May 24, 2012:

Thanks for the info. Didn't know that even existed. Too close to the name, eBay. And they should figure out a way to advertise more since the online community is ready to make a switch, IMO.

BeyondRidiculous on May 21, 2012:

Thank you so much for posting this. I am so passed the point of being fed up with eBay, their fees, customer service and the fact that buyers get away with everything and the seller ends up paying every time. Im very interested to learn more about the first one you mentioned. How do the fees work when you sell something and exactly how do you go about getting your feedback transferred? Thank you in advance.

Pam on May 19, 2012:

I have given up on Ebay and had moved on to some other sites which i find really useful. My favorite one is webstore and is currently as #2 best online auction website after ebay! The best part is no seller's fees!!!!! Love it so far and my sales are growing week by week..

JS on May 13, 2012:

Is it really true that negative feebacks left on ebay can cause Paypal to close your account?

I've never heard that before.

does anyone know?

sandro on April 23, 2012:

I started using – they are fairly new but have already sold some items which is great! What I love is the fact that you can leave negative feedback for bad buyers! Tops for me!!

eastsunrising on April 19, 2012:

Well if you didn't know paypal is owned and ran by ebay, but of course they wouldn't tell you that and act like it's 2 separate companies. If you get a neg feedback on ebay, you can kiss your paypal account goodbye. Anything related to your paypal account when they freezes it, your journey with ebay and paypal ends. You can try to create another account but it will eventually get shut down because you can't hide your name or address from them.

bibbi on April 18, 2012:

I had a few negative feedbacks out of 1600 positive ones and they SHUT ME DOWN this week saying I am not up to their standards?? All while allowing me to sell other items at the same time? What the F?? I am officially done with them.

It was great but now they suck.

bow on April 17, 2012:

thanks i tried tophatter & did TWICE AS BETTER THAN EBAY !

bbachss on April 11, 2012:

I hear Ebay being sued for discrimination. I hear there are lots of audio tapes. Inside dirt! ;)

sharewhatuknow from Western Washington on April 06, 2012:

BTW, I did vote your hub up, awesome and useful.

Thanks again for pointing me away from eBad, er, I mean eBay.

sharewhatuknow from Western Washington on April 06, 2012:

Thank you so much for this hub herbivorehippi. Ebay is rapidly losing its luster with me, especially after they allowed a buyer to post an Opinion of me and a lie, which I have disputed and can provide proof in my defense, but to no avail. Not a single feedback from my emails to them.

To much automation, not enough human service, and absurd fees!

Sol on April 05, 2012:

Great article. :)

Have been on Ebay for ~10 years mostly buying and once in a while selling my stuff to upgrade them..

I just found your article today because found really annoying the fees when selling, so if my intention is to sell 1, 2 no expensive items a month which of those options would be ok for a seller like me?...I already read the whole article and replies but is not clear which one would be the best option for my needs..I mean, I can surf most f them for buying but which one for selling ? regards!

Alfonso Coley on March 24, 2012:

I am so happy that I found this article, in addition to browsing the web in search of other alternatives to selling on ebay. Ebay has become much too expensive to continue to sell on their auction website. The recent and upcoming changes in April and June will have a major impact on how ebay sellers make a living.

I had achieved the Power Seller status more than a month ago, and my seller status was knocked down a level due to the everchanging redundant policies on ebay.

There are alternatives to selling on ebay, and I for one am about to make a drastic change in the way I conduct my business, in addition to my writing life. Great post!

CONNOR on March 24, 2012:

You should try listia. You start off with 500 credits and you can bid on stuff with the credits so it is all FREE yes FREE and half of all the things are free shipping so you should add Listia.Com to the list SIGN UP FOR FREE AT LISTIA.COM

louromano on March 18, 2012:

Thanks for the very valuable information. A lot of people only know about ebay and some of them so it is nice to put all of them in one article for the people to know about them.

theherbivorehippi (author) from Holly, MI on March 15, 2012:

I agree sasta10! I LOVE Etsy! I buy stuff from there ALL the time. One of a kind, fantastic products. Love the site!

sasta10 from Manchester, UK on March 15, 2012:

If you are into arts and crafts and is a bit creative then is a great site to sell your hand made arts and crafts items. On this site you can sell handmade stuffs as well as anything vintage that is dated before 1993. Also you can sell arts and crafts supplies on there. It's a social media site where you can sell your stuff through social interaction with other users and sellers. Great site so make sure to check it out. Thanks.

Regis on March 12, 2012:

first i am amazed at the article to this top ten list . you literally describes to a 100% t what happen to me yesterday with my ebay account. i was a new seller was doing great for alittle over a week. had over 10 sale all with perfect 100% positive feedback. as of yesterday morning ebay perminitly shut my account down and bared me from ebay for absolutly no reason and when i called them to figure out why they gave me this very generic gerneral explaination that didn't explain to me one bit how they figured that a person with over 10 sells so far and perfect 100% positive feedback with no complaints has done something so wrong according to them that they just without warning shut me out. specially when i had current bids on some more items i had listed and lost all money on those. i have never seen such disrepect for good honest sellers. what getting me even more is the fact that has ebay never heard the term dont bit the hand that feeds you? after all dont they make their money by counting on us seller to list and sell items? you cant make money if you kickin everyone out. i am so disgruntled with that crapy ebay. i sure hope they go bankrupt cause they dont deserve to do business with the way they treat good honest people. death to ebay!!!

shahin akef from kuala lumpur on March 08, 2012:

great hub ,,thanks,, I want to start selling staffs which marketplace you will suggest me to start with?

HBIZ on March 08, 2012:

eBay sucks. To me as well. that's all right. Somebody tell me with experience. Where to sell sports goods on the web ? I mean which site has the buyers traffic for sports equipment. I deal in both manufacturing, retail and wholesale exports of ALL SPORTS GOODS AND EQUIPMENT. I AM FROM INDIA.

Jeannie on March 07, 2012:

Great article. Thanx for the insights about Ecrater. Watch out eCrater and, here I come!Been selling items that people gave to me over the years so these items didn't cost me a dime. BUT with the 15-20% fees Ebay/Paypal take from me, I couldn't swing paying $1.00 for these items as my profit margin on most items is only $1.50 to $5.00 on average. I can't afford to go beyond the 50 free items a month due to MORE fees. Between the PO & Ebay/Paypal, I am amazed any of you make money - what incredible spirit I am seeing out there - I am DAMN impressed with the perseverance.

My negative Ebay so far is a rep telling I can't sell needles & syringes together in an ad. Oh. But when I browse ebay I find 150 U.S. ads doing just this. Odd.

Only other thing has been "creepy" people sending me messages about my shipping (who are you the postage police?) Sometimes the shipping is ridiculous due to the items weight but it is only fair to offer the real amount and hope for buyers within your locale (I live on 1 of the extreme coasts of the US). In the last month, my buyers have been real slow in paying. The buyers surfing Ebay are down in numbers from years past, maybe they are going to other auction sites? I am going to give my BUYER business to others like eCrater, eBid and Bonanza - put thy money where thy mouth is right?!!!

Java Programs from India on March 06, 2012:

Hi theherbivorehippi ,

That are the best sites other than ebay .... Great Information about sellers and the consumers .... keep up the good work for more of those ...

Already had few in minds but your list is quite good .... thanks for such a wonderful share .....

aslaught from Alabama on March 05, 2012:

Awesome hub! I just kept reading these posts and seeing my own story. I started as a seller on Ebay in 2000. It was great back then. I loved to buy as well as sell there. Then they kept going up on their fees so I left. In 2008 I decided to go back and couldn't believe the changes. I was amazed they had changed their feedback system and only allowed the buyer to give negs. It didn't take me long to start getting some really doozy buyers. I like to call three of them, "the buyers from hell." I stayed on the phone with Ebay's customer service for hours and had one woman admit to me that with the new feedback system buyers could literally hold a seller hostage over feedback. I left in 2009 very disgruntled and vowing to never, ever sell there again. I found a site called, yardsellr and joined recently. They don't charge any insertion fees, photos are free, you can leave the item up as long as it takes to sell and they take a small percentage of the amount the item sold for. I've sold three things since starting. I believe that Ebay will evenually die. Great hub. Very informative. Thanks for sharing!!

Lynn on March 04, 2012:

Thanks for this very informative info. I have been selling on Ebay since approx. 2006 and am also getting fed up. I sell a bit of everything, but primarily collectibles (vintage and new). Which of these alternatives might be best for this market? And which woud be the best for just general items? Thanks

blaqies on February 24, 2012:

there's new maret place other than ebay, where we can list for free and cap our final value fees.

It may work well for you too if eBay is taking too much of your profit margin.

Andrew on February 15, 2012:

Wow, thanks so much for the alternatives!

You think you guys had it bad with Ebay? Lol.

Several months ago I had 2 negative feedbacks from one buyer who claimed he never received his 2 items. My BIGGEST mistake was not to include the tracking number on Ebay the day I shipped out the buyers items. The buyer opened a case against me and WON because I did not have the tracking number at the time. THE VERY SAME DAY I found the tracking number and looked it up... IT WAS CONFIRMED THAT IT WAS DELIVERED. What a fricking liar!! I called Ebay support and explained my issue, the rep saw that it was delivered and you know what they told me? They can't re-open a closed case and there is absolutely not one thing they can do about it, except for emailing the buyer to please reimburse me for the $80 that ebay refunded him. Are you kidding me??? That buyer was hella long gone and happy he got two free items AND THE $80 that he got back from me. So I lost my items and $80, yet I have to pay for those item fees. Hell no, I left Ebay so quick, I can't believe they wanted me to pay an item fee that I lost. They couldn't even credit it back to my account! I mean seriously? Now my paypal has -$80.00.

Oh you think that's it? It gets better...

After I thought I was never going to use ebay again, I gave it another shot a couple months later and decided to sell a bulk of items that I had. I created another paypal and ebay account to start over and I was doing AWESOME and selling like crazy, got more than 100 POSITIVE FEEDBACKS within the first month and BAM! EBAY PUNCHES ME RIGHT IN THE FACE AND LIMITED MY ACCOUNT TO 10 ITEMS A MONTH! I don't even know what the hell is going on?! I called Ebay (oh my god, what a mission) and it turns out that my account is now linked with my old account and those 2 NEGATIVE feedbacks from that buyer who lied to ebay was the reason for my old account being limited. Wow, so 8 months later you decide to limit my account? Cool!

You though I was done? It gets better.

After I contacted ebay support and explain how I don't even deserve to have 2 negative feedbacks to begin with (they can't remove feedbacks unless it's violating ebay's policy, so that was pointless), they told me that I have to pay the $80.00 that I owed ebay from my old account in order to reinstate my account back to normal. Yep, the same $80 that was stolen from me. I told them that it was not fair for me to pay $80 that belonged to me in the first place (of course, I was stupid to even waste my time since they obviously can't do anything about that either...) that question costed me 2 weeks of waiting)... so I GAVE UP. I paid the $80 that I owed just so that everything can be back to normal and so that I can sell the remaining of the items I had. After paying my fees I owed, they promised me they will reinstate my account back to normal if I keep my feedback score positive for 60 days.

Finally, this is the best part...

When I thought it was over and I was at peace... exactly 7 days later and BAM! THEY PUNCHED ME AGAIN! Really hard this time. This time they suspended my account and deleted ALL my listings. Oh my god was I angry.

The reason? My performance level was below normal because of 2 negative comments. The exact same 2 negative comments left by that buyer who lied to ebay, won the case, kept my items and my money. So what did I do? Contacted ebay support. No response. I contacted through phone and the rep said they had sent an email to the same rep who promised to reinstate my account after 60 days. Two weeks later (yes, two weeks) I get an automated message saying that my account cannot be reinstated because I cannot be trusted to the ebay community and the case is now closed and my account is now permanently suspended.

At the end of the of the automated suspension message, they had the nerves to tell me to please pay the $220.00 in fees that I owed for the items that I was selling at the time... HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah fricking right. I responded to their message TWICE in my defense. It's been a month and no response.

The aftermatch.

A month later my girlfriend made an account with Ebay to buy items for herself. Two days later she gets a message from ebay saying that her account is associated with my old account and they suspended her account, just like that. She didn't even do anything wrong.

All this because of someone who lied to Ebay and claiming they never received their items.

advon26 on February 12, 2012:

eBay and PayPal are the worst...PayPay put a lock on my account...I have tried via email to ask why...and they never respond. MY PayPal accct...I had for years...has disappeared. Paypal ignores me. They could careless about their customers. They are too big...government should shut them down.

Mike on February 03, 2012:

The hell with Ebay! My brother shafted them real good and because I registered the same address as him, they shut me down. 5 years problem free and they shut me down because I live with someone who has a "suspended account". Now, Paypal has $800 of mine held up with them for 6 months! I'm telling as many people as I can to not use Ebay or Paypal because they are crooks and theives!

snakemaster on January 26, 2012:

Does anyone try

Cheryl on January 25, 2012:

Does anyone have any experience with Webstore (not Amazons webstore) and if things sell three? It is all free and consider very good according to the companies that compare sites to ebay.

Tati on January 23, 2012:

Was reading and let me tell you that you all are right! ebay is sucks, had to paid big fees and everytime is increasingg the fees, I'm really tired. stop selling and now I'm trying to sell my staff in other places, unfortunately so far is been slow.

hope to race the sells... thanks

Remmington on January 20, 2012:

Hippi - You look hot! That is all.

Ten10bellevue from Bellevue, WA (Seattle) on January 15, 2012:

Great stuff! I've got some tv's I need to sell, but not really interested in just posting them on CL. Thanks a ton!

bhammoud on January 06, 2012:

Thank you for your effort bringing this up. there is a new but promising auction site coming up, was wondering if you would consider writing an honest review about it.


Stina on December 31, 2011:

I also sell on It is not an auction site but more of a fixed price site. A lot of sellers do offer OBO on their items. The community on there is so helpful and nice.

jhen on December 19, 2011:

greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat information

coz im planning to join ebay...but of course before i register myself i did some research and at last i found these ...

thanks guys ... im from New Zealand ...u know some website where i can sell my handmade stuff aside from trademe .. well, i think its better to sell online just around NZ or australia(just close to NZ..


Kenard on December 08, 2011:

All companies have their pro's and con's. Even being the CEO of a new start-up for a better Consumer Network, I realize there will always be un happy customers but how the company deal with those issues is what counts. If you want to follow a new Consumer Network that will put others before ourselves then follow me @KenardPitney on Twitter. Thanks and have a wonderful holiday and many more to come!

Shelly Lampshire on December 02, 2011:

Etsy is also for vintage items. I have two stores, as I make ornaments, doll ans animals for collectors all over the world at and I have a vintage etsy store

pissedoffpete on December 02, 2011:


libbieeliz on November 30, 2011:

I have used Bonanza (previously called Bonanzle). They have free listings, pictures, etc. Do you have any information about that site? I don't get a lot of action from it.

Dee on November 30, 2011:

I hate ePAY!!! I will try some of these free sites.

Indian Jewelry House on November 29, 2011:

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dressoflove on November 27, 2011:

thanks for shareing,i really love it

Ken F on November 22, 2011:

I noticed a mistake in my previous post. I said that sellers on e-bay could only exclude buyers with more than two non-payment strikes in a month but what I meant to say was two in a year. I still think we should be able to exclude a buyer with even one strike though because as I pointed out this cold actually mean he has not paid many times before getting that strike and as far as I'm concerned there is no excuse for not paying for an item that you have bid on and won. Buyers remorse is not a valid excuse.

Ken F on November 21, 2011:

Very informative Hub. I’ve been fed up with e-bay for quite a while now and looking to go somewhere else. The last straw was when some guy recently left me some false negative feedback because I refused to do business with him after he tried to take advantage of me. Basically he got mad because I wouldn't let him get away with pulling a fast one. Anyway e-bay refused to remove the feedback despite overwhelming evidence that it was purely malicious and untrue. And since I’ve hardly used e-bay this past year, and since they calculate sellers ratings based only on the past 12 months, it really pulled my percentage way down despite that fact that it has been 100% positive for the past 15 years. Some of you other disgruntled e-bayer out there are probably wondering why e-bay consistently make policies that favor the bad guys over the good guys. Well its not because they are stupid, as I used to think. In reality its just pure greed. These policies actually add to their bottom line. One good example of this is their recent policy (within the past 5 years I think) which prevents sellers from leaving negative feedback for non-paying bidders, or any buyer for that matter. Naturally this has led to an explosion in the amount of non-paying bidders over the years, which, you guessed it, leads to more profit s for e-bay. You see when someone wins an item and does not pay for it that item has to be re-listed and the seller is billed final value fees twice for an item that actually only sold once (you are billed based on money promised rather than on money actually received). And since a certain percentage of people will be too lazy or forgetful to jump through all the hoops necessary to get these fees refunded to them e-bay ends up keeping this money, which adds up to millions in extra profits. Your loss is their gain. Of course you can always submit a “non-payment” complaint to e-bay against the non-paying bidder, which eventually will lead to your fees being automatically refunded to you, but most people don’t want to mess with this long drawn out process. They just want to get their item re-listed as soon as possible so they can get their money. Because of this a person can refuse to pay for five or ten items or more before finally getting a single non-payment strike on his record. And of course a person has to have an incredible amount of these strikes on his record before e-bay will even consider closing his account. In fact as sellers we are only allowed to exclude those buyers with more than two non-payment strikes against them in a month, and more than two strikes in a month could easily equate to 20 or 30 actual non payments in a single month. If you refused to pay even once at a brick and mortar auction house, without a very good reason at least, you would probably be banned for life. At e-bay however it’s apparently more profitable to let these non-paying bidders run amuck and operate with impunity. Of course this causes countless headaches for sellers, not mention lost revenue, but I guess e-bay figures they are so far ahead of the competition that they wont loose any customers over it. Well, all I can say is they are going to be in for a big surprise. I predict that very soon, as other sites get better, there is going to be a mass exodus of e-bay sellers to these other sites and no matter what they do they will never get them back again. Lets hope that day arrives soon.

Rich on November 13, 2011:

Hello everyone, i have read all the posts here , i can agree with everyone that Ebay has gone down hill in many ways , i have been a seller since 1999 (going on 12 years now) 3000+ 100% feedback and i have never had any of the problems other sellers have had with ebay or paypal, so i have to assume that i have been "lucky" , the only gripe i have with them (and it is a big one) is the fees, ESPECIALLY in this bad economic times we are having, there is no reason for them to have raised them as high as they have, i recently sold some items within the last 6 months and the ebay/paypal cut on average for listing, final fees , and paypal is around 20% ? I remember not that long ago the average for me was about 8% total ! ( i loved it when we had money orders and no paypal!)thats a big difference in a few years, also all these other short lived "bid" sites are NOT a bid site like ebay is, ecrater is not an auction site , the only reason i sell on ebay is because of the auction style selling (not amazon style in a cart !) I always sold my items for more than the set price of other sellers because i would set my auctions at the lowest starting price to get them interested and offer cheap combined shipping (i sell many rare dvd and video games and toys at once) and then sit back and watch the bid wars take place ! i never understood that but it worked every time, so ebay is the only choice for me to sell this way since 1 you have to have lots of interested buyers and 2 a real auction site . I am just like you guys in wishing things on ebay were the way they once were , but until they change or another well known site starts doing auction style bidding i have no choice..... i do like ecrater though for cart style , i will have to look into that, thanks for the heads up !

MrBiDZ on November 06, 2011:

BiGGBiDZ.COM - Become a verified seller for only $9.99 a year with unlimited listings with no other fees! $10 a year and sell all you want! This site is making selling and buying online FUN again!

Brandon Christensen on November 06, 2011:

I'm Brandon Christensen and Ive busted my butt creating my site to make sellers like all of you guys on here selling online fun and profitable again! It looks good and feels good! Sign up for free and only $9.99 a year sell unlimited with no other fees! GO CHECK IT OUT!

Madmusicman on October 13, 2011:

I agree with all of you about ebay being a monster, they shut me down more times that I care to remember, although my fees were in the hundreds of pounds every month, I used to sell my items like hot cakes and actually make a profit, these days I have my items on 6 different sites and the sales are like a dribble if any. I have been on for 1 year and have paid more in fees that make sales, ioffer take the piss, everytime I make a sale they shut my shop until the buyer leaves feedback, its a month since they done that, well do you think a buyer would be confident in leaving feedback if he cant see your store?

I made a few sales on bonanza, addoway, ecrater, none on webstore.

Thanks for reading my rant, but as you all know these sites need traffic in order for us to make any decent sales, alas my ebay venture was a full time job up to last year and with a good revenue, now I have to have a day job and be content with the occasional sale.

xxbluebirdxx on October 11, 2011:




patsied1 on September 27, 2011:

lets get started

jackie on September 19, 2011:

i have found to be a great site,i particularly like securepay, an in house escrow service that as a buyer has saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

we all know that sellers sometimes fudge the details to make the lot sound better and this can lead to disputes between buyer and seller

securepay addresses this problem, if you are not happy, you send the goods back to the seller and CQout gives you your money back.

so you can buy with complete security.

as to listings and making them, the interface is easy, you can use your own templates and colors to personalize your auctions.

i find other auction sites too technical these days and quite daunting .

so i always use CQout first

theherbivorehippi (author) from Holly, MI on September 17, 2011:

Ughh...I hate hearing this stories like this. It's like they don't appreciate you at all! And yes....I know the feeling of not being able to get a real English-speaking human on the phone. I LOVE E-crater and yes you're engines pick up their listings fast! Good luck to you. Hey, when you get your website up and running, feel free to leave it here!

Trent on September 16, 2011:

I've been selling on eBay for 8 years, a powerseller and top rated seller. The other week they suspended my account for $40 invoice that wasn't even mine. Took me days to speak with a native english speaking rep, 2 weeks of them investigating an finally re-opened my account, no apology, no compensation, no help.. I hate eBay with a passion. I have a family and overheads and they don't care to help at times when it's most needed. I have an account rep that can't be contacted and speaking to a human is impossible. How is eBay still in business? Go to hell eBay.

I have moved all of my inventory to e-crater and appearing in search results almost immediately. With a little more exposure to the public hopefully buyers will start appearing also quite soon. I cant afford to make the same mistake again (putting all my trust in 1 company) so have also invested in a website to make sure I always have an avenue to sell my quality product.

Thanx for listening to my rant.

Flee eBay!

theherbivorehippi (author) from Holly, MI on September 13, 2011:

So glad you found this helpful Frank! I can't believe Ebay is even still in just amazes me.

Frank J Tolentino on September 12, 2011:

I really enjoyed reading your article as well as the thread of comments. I was able to get several cool resources.

All I can say is, dealing with Ebay cost me $700!!! that was a painful mistake I will never forget. I am just glad we were able to voice out our frustrations about E(vil)-Bay.

Good job!

Jo on September 04, 2011:









Reading is Fun on August 27, 2011:

Thanks for the list. I'm looking to replace ebay since they just added more fees. I'm going to give eBid a try.

BestAbsWorkouts on July 25, 2011:

Wow. I'm almost embarrassed! I have never heard of any of these sites and I always use Ebay! Thanks for opening my eyes!

sasta10 from Manchester, UK on July 22, 2011:

Hi, thanks for this great informative hub. As ebay's fees are going rocket high these days many people are looking for alternative. Small firms that sell their goods on eBay are being squeezed out of business and many don't see any point selling there anymore. I have been trading on ebay for last 4 years and is now looking for alternative online business. Ebay is always changing their selling policy and adding new terms which are causing difficulty to many sellers. Alternative sites are good idea but these sites needs support from online shoppers and traders in order to succeed. One site I know that is doing really well is which is an american site but people from all over the world can trade on there. A lot of chinese sellers are doing really well on there. Thanks.

jtyler on July 11, 2011:

Cool. I actually had no idea of what some of the other sites were until I read this. Thanks.