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Eight Ways to Make Money With Instagram

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Grace's goal is to help you become your own boss and gain financial freedom.

Could you make money on Instagram?

Could you make money on Instagram?

Making Money on Instagram

We all know that Instagram is a popular social media platform. What many don't know, however, is that you don't need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money with Instagram.

Here are eight ways that you can make money (yes, real money) with Instagram.

The secret is to take advantage of your followers. Now, don't take this the wrong way. It's just business. Aim to bring value to others, rather than to make quick money.

1. Sell Your Physical Product

Have you ever thought about selling your products to your audience on Instagram? These could be your art, handmade jewelry, cupcakes, or other merchandise! If you are not sure how to ship the products to your customers then there are free sites that can help you out. One example is Teespring. You send them your design and Teespring prints it on the items that you plan to sell. For example, tee-shirts, hoodies, home decor, and stickers. They will ship it to your customer. All you have to do is create your design and link your PayPal account to your Teespring store. You will make a percentage of the sales while Teespring takes the rest. How simple is that! Share the link with your followers who will be more than happy to purchase your product.

2. Sell Your Digital Products

If you have insight that you want to share, you can create courses or even ebooks and market them to your audience on Instagram. While courses may take more time and effort, you determine how long you want your ebook to be and how much time you will invest in it. Though there are popular sites like Amazon Kindle, you can also use sites like Payhip that work just as well. You can also sell your digital art if you excel in that field.

3. Sell Your Services

Your Instagram followers can easily become your clients. People will pay for your freelancing services like writing articles or writing songs. When people see who you are and see your posts, they trust you because they feel like they know you. This makes them more likely to leave important tasks in your hands. You may also advertise your different skills and talents (lawn mowing, motivational speaking, singing). You would be surprised at how many people are willing to pay to book you!

4. Make Brand Deals

Because companies are always looking out for ways to promote their products and grow their business, they will reach out to influencers like you. No, you don't have to have 100K followers on Instagram. If your engagement with your followers is commendable then they are more likely to purchase whatever you promote. This is what businesses want. They will pay you because you are helping to build their brand and grow their audience. A suggestion of mine is to reach out to small businesses and offer them a reasonable price for promoting their products. Especially if you work on continuing to grow your following, you can get a nice paycheck every month by doing brand deals.

5. Do Shout-Outs

There are actually people out there that are willing to pay money for one shout-out on your Instagram page. An Instagram shout-out is when you post a picture on your page advertising a product or a brand. Most shout-outs last for 24 hours. You are really encouraging your followers to support that person/company when you give a shout-out. Those that are just starting out and want a little boost to grow their following faster don't mind sacrificing a few dollars to make that happen. Remember to charge reasonably. Another tip is to only advertise what you believe in. You lose credibility if you promote anything that is spammy.

6. Drive Traffic

While Instagram might not pay you for how many people view your posts, there are other sites that do. If you have a YouTube channel, more views tend to equate to more money. Ask your followers to visit your YouTube channel and notify them every time you post a new video. This will build your channel. Having more viewers, you will more than likely get paid more money from YouTube. Perhaps you have a blog. It is the same concept. Drive your followers to your blogs! This is an easy way for your followers to contribute to you as they don't need to spend a dime but you still benefit.

7. Enter Competitions

In just about any field on Instagram, you can find competitions and contests. There are photography competitions, writing competitions, art competitions, and more! Don't be afraid to showcase your gifts and talents to the world! You may just win $1000 USD by winning an Instagram competition one day. The possibilities are endless. Why not give a competition a try?

There are tons of opportunities in the Affiliate Marketing world. If you're looking to be an affiliate, we propose trying the Amazon Affiliate program or ClickBank. Your followers purchase the product using the affiliate link that you provide on your Instagram page (there is no added cost to the buyer) and you get paid a commission for each sale made.

Good Luck!

Well, there you have it: eight ways to make money with Instagram. It's up to you to take action. I wish you success!

Any questions? Leave them in the comment section.

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