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9 Ways to Make More Money on Zazzle

Mary is a designer on Zazzle where her products have sold to people all over the world due to their global appeal.

Increase your Zazzle sales with these nine tips.

Increase your Zazzle sales with these nine tips.

Designing on Zazzle

If you're already a designer on Zazzle you may have been disillusioned with the amount of money you're making there. You could have designed a few products some time ago and for whatever reason, they haven't sold well.

The great thing about Zazzle, like everything in life, the more time and effort you put into it, the better the results. I would like to share some hints and tips with that will not only increase the number of sales but also the amount you make from each sale.

1. Increase Commission

One of the easiest ways to make more money is to change the commission rate you are asking. The default rate is 10% of the selling price but you can change this either when you first create your design or afterwards.

It is worth mentioning a few cautions here though.

  • If you increase it more than 15% you will incur a fee from Zazzle.
  • You may make your product more expensive than your competitors

In a highly competitive market, it may be worth keeping your commission low to make more sales.

Also just before a busy time, you could put your rate up before holidays such as Christmas, Easter or whenever you have noticed a jump in sales on your product. Be aware though, the company may stop any commission change for the holiday season. If you feel you want to increase your commission, change it before October.


Choosing an Eyecatching Price

Some of the products have a sliding scale as you can see from the screenshot. Using this you can adjust the price as well. Select a 'tempting' price for your item. For example, instead of something costing $10.23 you could opt for $10.49, $10.95, or $10.99. This type of marketing is more acceptable to the customer, they feel comfortable with these numbers. This is evident with most retailers, follow their lead and do the same.


2. Update Your Zazzle Keywords

Keywords or tags can make or break a product. You may have a fantastic design but unless you attach the best keywords to it, no one will find it. The first one should be your best and most specific. For example, if you have a made a card which has a dog on it describe that dog. Your first keyword shouldn't be 'dog'. If it is a poodle you could say, "white teacup poodle." If someone is searching for a poodle card, you pretty much have made the sale before they've arrived at your page.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Check tags for similar products (this isn't cheating, it is savvy business research). The tags can be found by clicking on their product and scrolling to the bottom. Their tags will be listed there.
  • Be specific as in the poodle example above. Include color, and size if appropriate.
  • Use long-tailed keywords or phrases such as: 'American flag' or 'tropical beach'.
  • Add feeling tags: inspirational, posititvity, unhappy, excitement etc.

If you have made a product and you can't figure out what your keywords should be, ask someone, a friend, your spouse or your kids. It may be the greatest product in the world but if the world doesn't know about it, they will never find it. Aim to have at least 6 keywords, but the maximum of 10 is better. This is your opportunity to get your product found. Put the keywords you can think of and update them when you hear another 'buzz word' which applies to your product's design.

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3. Improve Your Visibility on Zazzle

Some time ago there were some major changes in Zazzle that affected the visibility of products. If your product has never been viewed, it can only be found by someone going to your store and seeing it, it won't appear in the search either on Zazzle or through search engines.

The reason for this was that there are so many designs just sitting there doing nothing and they are affecting Zazzle's ranking in the search engines. They are basically considered dead pages as they haven't been viewed or updated.

Although this sounds like a tragedy, there is a way around this. Just go to each of your products that hasn't been viewed and open the page. Allow the page to fully load and then go to the next one and do the same. This puts you back in the marketplace and over time you will appear again in search engines. Zazzle has said that this only needs to be done once.

Look at all your products and it will tell you when it was last viewed if ever. Go to 'My Products' and then in the filters go to 'last viewed date' . If you go to the bottom and click the double arrow, it will take you to the end. Edit these to public view, update your keywords, and share on your favorite social media sites to generate some interest.

4. Create More Products

If you wonder why you haven't sold many products on Zazzle, perhaps the answer is you need more products. Let's use the example of fishing. The more hooks you have in the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish—it's the same on Zazzle. Create more high-quality products, and you will sell more.

Altering the color of your image or design will give you more bang for your buck. I have seen some very successful examples of this on Zazzle. Cards, for example, many people have the same image but in multiple colors. Doing this increases the number of products quickly and efficiently, plus it gives your customer more options.

5. Advertise Other People's Items

Although you may be a designer on Zazzle, don't think you can only sell your work. Consider promoting the work of others. You will make a whopping 15% of the sale price by referring the customer to Zazzle. Let's say you have a website or article about fishing. I'm using fishing here as it is a popular hobby. Maybe you don't have any products related to fishing that would work well on your page. I can guarantee you that someone on Zazzle will have something suitable. By linking to their product, you add to your customer's experience in your article or blog post, and a 15% payout in your account soon adds up.

Zazzle has a 45-day cookie, so even if they don't buy immediately, they may return with your cookie still on their computer. If that person visits another Zazzle link before making a purchase, yours will no longer be valid. Also, your cookie only applies to the device on which they accessed your link. For example, if they clicked on your link on their cell phone but ordered from a laptop, you wouldn't receive a referral for that sale, as the cookie (small tracking data) was on their cell phone.

6. Write Blog Posts About Your Products

It is no good making a product and not doing anything with it. There is a whole world out there waiting to see and hopefully buy it but you have to let them know about it. So how do you do that, you might ask?

Write about it. It could be an article related to a hobby or passion of yours. Let me give you an example. If, for example, you designed products with a pink ribbon on them in support of finding a cure for breast cancer, you could write an article about ways to fund raise, how to train for a fun run in support of breast cancer research, etc. Another example is bowling. Maybe you have the perfect t-shirt with a caption about bowling. You could write about how to oil your ball, throw the perfect strike or choose the best bowling shoes.

Of course somewhere on your blog or article you can put a picture and a link with your reference number to your products you have created. This gets you not only the royalty payment but also a referral bonus.

7. Share Your Products on Social Media Sites

Zazzle make it easy to share your designs or those of others. There are many avenues to sharing on social media and no doubt you will have your favorite. For me, I prefer Pinterest, Twitter and Stumble. I do know that many designers also love to post their designs on Facebook as they have a wide circle of friends who share similar interests.

If you don't think that social media works for common everyday things, consider the video below about knitting: over 13,000,000 views.

Social Media works!

8. Make Your Products Customizable

One of the main reasons people shop at Zazzle is because of the ability to customize. This is the key feature that sets them apart from stores at your nearest mall. When you design a product, I believe you should always give the customer the chance to customize it how they want. I know there are some designers who might be reading this and cringe at the thought of allowing someone to alter their design. I understand that for many designers their artwork is akin to their children, but be aware you may lose sales if the customer isn't allowed to adapt it how they wish.

I would say about 80% of my designs are customized; that is a big chunk of people. I also prefer to put a name on a product, as opposed to writing "Your Text Here," so they can see how it will look.

9. Use Zazzle's Coupon Page

Everyone loves a bargain and by linking to their coupon page your customer is more likely to buy. Many of their coupons have a short time limit but by linking to their page, the customer will always find ones that are still valid.

You can link to any page that Zazzle offer. By adding your referral number you will get a proportion of any sale. Instructions about adding your referral number to any page can be found by going to <My account- and clicking on more promotional tools>. See the screen shot below.

That page will have your referral number and instructions how you can link to any page, even their coupon page. For the coupon page go to Zazzle/coupons.


Good Luck!

There you have it: my top nine ways to help you succeed at Zazzle. There is nothing like waking up and finding an email with the subject line, "Your recent sales." I hope this has fired you up to go back to Zazzle and give it another go.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: Why do I get very few sales on Zazzle? I know Zazzle sells around the world but my sales are few and far between. It would seem like you would at least get a few sells a day.

I have been putting my designs on Zazzle for years and so many times I have just wanted to give up.

Answer: I am sure many people feel the same way, I know I did. I would make a sale, then put up a few products, thinking I had 'figured it out'. Day after day I'd check my stats and no sales would come in so I would lose interest. This went on for a few years with me.

I knew I wanted to make Zazzle work but I felt I just wasn't getting anywhere with it for the amount of time I was spending on it.

In May of 2018 I decided to get a mentor. I realized I was never going to do it on my own. I am now in a group of people who are very supportive, and have group weekly mentoring sessions. It has given me the support and the drive to make my Zazzle business work.

When you begin to think of it as a business and not a hobby, you can see the potential.

Question: Does 'put products on two Zazzle platforms' mean two Zazzle "Stores"? If I understand right, the same store name can't be in Zazzle twice.

Answer: On Zazzle, you can have multiple stores. What I was referring to, is some people will open a store on the Zazzle site for the UK, or other countries. The algorithm is different on the other sites than the US Zazzle. I check the Zazzle Brazil site for my products and sometimes they aren't showing up. Therefore you could open an account on the other country's site.