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Are You Self Publishing Too Many Books?

A popular theory says that your next book helps market your last book. True to a point. The danger in this is that authors think that by self publishing more books, they won't have to do book marketing. Sadly, this works against them. So how do you kick the habit of self publishing too many books?


Help! Ways to Improve Your Hubs

This article provides tips that I have accumulated from reading articles when others are asking for help improving their hubs. Although I hope the article will be beneficial to all readers, I have tried to include some suggestions and links to help nonnative speakers.


Is Your Self Published Book Too Original?

Some authors are concerned about people stealing their original book “ideas.” Others are concerned about getting their self published books out into the market before someone else with the same "original" idea gets there first. But having a book idea that's too original it's good either. I explain.