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7 Reasons to Write for HubPages

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Poppy has written for HubPages since 2014 and only wishes she'd started earlier!

How I Found HubPages

There have been many freelance article writing websites over the years: Squidoo, Helium, and Suite101, to name a few. Out of years of Google updates, terms and conditions changes, and rival websites, HubPages is one of the few that has emerged more successful than ever.

I wrote for Helium in the early 2010s, and though I made some money, it wasn't much, and the website eventually went down when it was bought out, and all our articles disappeared. I joined HubPages in summer 2014, and my only regret is that I didn't join sooner.

Many people give up on HubPages early because they don't see immediate success, but here are some reasons you should stick to it.


To help you understand what I mean, I didn't start making any real money on HubPages for at least two or three years. I'd earn a few pennies and maybe a dollar a day here and there, but it was hard work and writing the right types of articles that got me using HubPages as a serious side income.

I am also by no means the most successful writer here. Some writers have mastered SEO and have niche knowledge and earn four figures a month.

HubPages is a great place for writers who have lots of ideas but not much cash to invest upfront.

HubPages is a great place for writers who have lots of ideas but not much cash to invest upfront.

1. There's No Startup Fee

When you create your own blog (which is also a good endeavor if you have the time and discipline), you have to pay fees to start it up. Domains, hosting websites, etc., all charge money for their services and for you to have the chance to start earning.

HubPages, on the other hand, doesn't charge any money at all, making it ideal for those who have lots of ideas but not much money to invest. When I was broke, and just out of university, the free signup was a great bonus when I started out.

2. You Can Write About Whatever You Want (Almost)

HubPages have niche sites in categories ranging from cooking to pets to children to video games. You can write about any of these topics, and if the quality is high enough, it will be moved to a niche site (you want this to happen because these articles get significantly more traffic and, therefore, more earnings).

You don't have to stick to one topic like you would if you had a blog. I have articles about video games, movies, travel, and publishing. It doesn't matter that these are all different because I earn per article, and these are treated as individual works.

Things You Can't Write About

HubPages' terms and conditions state you should avoid publishing:

  • Adult content
  • Articles about gambling
  • Spam (using HubPages to promote your own product)
  • Copied articles (your work must be unique)
  • Languages aside from English
  • "Clickbait" or deception
  • Unfinished articles

3. You Can Edit Your Articles Whenever You Like

Reading an old article and would like to add something or noticed a typo? One thing I love about HubPages is you can edit any of your articles whenever you like. You don't have to email anyone or wait around.

If your article is on a niche site, any changes will be checked by an editor, and you'll receive an email about it. So long as you haven't made any drastic, quality-altering changes, there shouldn't be any problem with your edits.

You retain full rights over the content you post to HubPages.

You retain full rights over the content you post to HubPages.

4. Professional, Free Editors

Hubpages is full of hardworking staff who will edit your article for free. They will often even improve the article's SEO so you'll get more traffic. This terrific service is one big reason I like writing for HubPages.

5. You Retain the Rights to Your Articles

Unlike a lot of sites that buy your articles, you retain full rights to your articles even when they're published on niche sites. You can make changes (within reason) and even delete them to move them to another blog or website if you wish.

This is great because if you find someone willing to buy your articles for an up-front price or decide to start your own blog, you can easily move your articles from HubPages without any fees or repercussions.

6. There Are No Fees When You Are Paid

Some websites, such as Fiverr, charge a hefty fee when you withdraw your earnings. However, when you're paid by HubPages (in PayPal on the 28th of each month), you get the exact amount you earned without any last-minute fees.

HubPages can generate passive income. Even a small amount each month helps.

HubPages can generate passive income. Even a small amount each month helps.

7. It's a Great Way to Earn a Passive Income

Though success on HubPages isn't overnight, once you're earning, you can potentially earn for years to come. In December 2021, I hit my all-time highest earnings even though I didn't write any more articles.

I did, however, keep articles up to date, edit existing ones, and improve the ones that performed the best. However, it is still a passive income that pays my student loan and phone bill. It's something I'm grateful for.

I can't recommend HubPages more highly for people who have a lot to say and would like to earn some extra money!

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