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14 Must-Have Tools for Freelance Writers

Kshitiz Gaur is experienced in earning money online in a variety of ways, including freelance writing, answering questions, and blogging.

Being a freelance writer is a whole lot easier when you have a digital utility belt full of useful tools.

Being a freelance writer is a whole lot easier when you have a digital utility belt full of useful tools.

Freelance writing has always been challenging, but the influx of new freelance writers in recent years has made it even more difficult. It has become important to stand out from other writers, and one way of doing so is by using the right tools.

The right tools can help you create better content and reduce your workload so that you can spend more time doing what you want—writing amazing content. In this article, we explore 14 tools for freelance writers that will help you a lot.



1. PayPal

PayPal allows you to receive payments online by paying a small fee. There are other payment processors, but PayPal is the most popular among freelancers. You can sign up for free and connect your bank account to start sending receiving payments online.

PayPal also offers a business account, but I never felt the need to open one. I recommend opening a business account if you want the additional tools that they provide. In my case, the personal account has served me well for several years, and it will continue to do so in the future.



2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great tool for improving your writing and making sure that you haven't made any mistakes. They have a free version, and I recommend trying that first.

If you like it, get the paid version because it will give you word suggestions and has other advanced features to help you create better content. Software like this one can help a lot because they reduce your workload and help you proofread your content.



3. Evernote

Evernote is great for taking notes and recording ideas, and you can sync your data across multiple devices. I have been using this app for a really long time, and it does what it is supposed to.

The only caveat is that you can't sync your data on more than two devices if you are using the free version. I am fine with this, but you can consider the paid option if this is something that bothers you.



4. Canva

Canva is incredible because it can allow you to create some amazing designs or infographics for your clients. You can do so much on this website for free, and the sky is the limit if you get the paid version. They have a 30-day free trial, which I encourage you to try.

Even as an experienced freelance writer, I am struggling to describe this website because they have thought of everything and covered all of the visual elements that you might need to impress your clients.

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5. Linkedin

Linkedin is a platform for connecting with people in your field of expertise. You can build a solid profile there to not only connect with other freelancers but also attract clients and new opportunities.

As a freelance writer, you can post articles on the platform to show your skills and get some traction. They have a premium option available for those who want to find work and learn new skills.

You can try Linkedin premium for 30 days for free, and I recommend doing it once you are familiar with the platform.


This is a simple website that gives you synonyms of any word that you enter. I like the fact that they have arranged the synonyms based on relevance. Some of the online thesauruses are not that great as they don't give you the closest synonyms so easily.

I recommend that you bookmark this website and use it whenever you want to avoid using a common word.

Using new words is great, but it shouldn't make the article difficult to understand. So you need to always have the best interests of your reader in your mind and avoid using words that most people aren't familiar with.



7. Pocket

Pocket is an app where you can save articles that you would like to read later. Pocket is better than just bookmarking because it is easier to organize and access the articles on this app.

The free version is amazing, and it will be more than enough for most freelance writers. The paid version does offer some interesting features like text-search and a permanent library of every article. Still, I don't think that you need the paid version unless you like this app and want to experience what else it can offer.



8. Skype

Skype is one of the apps that you can use to stay in touch with your clients and video call them. Another good video calling app is Discord, which also allows you to screen share just like Skype.

Discord is primarily meant for gamers, so you should consider Skype if you want to appear professional to your clients.

It is easy to add people on Skype as you just need their username. The video calls will be high-quality, and you can do audio calls as well.



9. Copyscape

This is a tool that will allow you to ensure that your content is not plagiarized. You can search for copies of your webpage for free, but you will need the premium version of Copyscape to check your content for plagiarism.

It is important for a professional to have this plagiarism checker because sometimes your content can appear to be plagiarized even though it is not. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

A lot of clients also use Copyscape before publishing content on their website so that they don't get a penalty from Google.



10. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the several websites that you can use to find photos for your content. It has a large collection of photos that you can use commercially without any attribution required.

If you use a photo that you shouldn't use for commercial use, it won't take long for an experienced client to find out. Not to mention the fact that it is illegal to use the photos that you don't have a license for.

So you need to use sites like Pixabay to find out photos that you can use without any issues.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

MOZ Keyword Explorer

11. MOZ Keyword Explorer

I know that there are probably better keyword explorers on the market, but I like this one because it is easy to use and gives you 10 free keyword searches each month.

I have had a lot of success with this tool, and I was never a pro at using keyword explorers.

It gives you keyword suggestions that you can use to generate ideas. You can type a more general term like online marketing and see the keyword suggestions to get long-tail keyword ideas.

My advice is to avoid going after keywords that have a difficulty of more than 60 because it will be very hard to rank for them.



12. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website builder, which a lot of clients use. You need to know how to create a post on WordPress and at least have a basic understanding of how it works. If you don’t, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities because many clients demand that you know how to use WordPress.

The more advanced your WordPress knowledge is, the better it will be for your freelance writing career.



13. Bluehost

Bluehost allows you to start your own blog so that you can learn about blogging and impress any potential clients. Blogging and freelance writing work well together because you learn about creating content, WordPress, and SEO by working on your blog. Maybe, you can start earning money and end up becoming a full-time blogger.

I have used Bluehost, and I recommend it because it is affordable and reliable. This is the ideal option for new bloggers.

Never go for a free blog because it won't appear professional or allow you to control everything about it. I have already covered how to start your blog in the next 15 minutes, so read my article if you want to get started quickly.



14. WordCounter

WordCounter like the name suggests gives you the word count of the text that you paste in it. When you are writing content for clients, you need to see the word count of the competitors to know how detailed their content is.

This tool will allow you to get the exact word count and give you an idea about how detailed your article should be to beat the competition.

Honestly, you can't hope to work with a client in the long term if you aren't helping the client in ranking for a lot of keywords. So you must use this tool as one of the ways to analyze the competition for a keyword.

Note that it is not necessary that you will rank higher than someone just by writing more words. However, it can certainly help if you are adding valuable information. instead of trying to increase the word count anyhow.

Take the Next Step in Your Freelance Writing Career

As a freelance writer, you need to be up to date with the latest freelance writing tools so that you can create better content. I use all of the tools mentioned here, and they have helped me become a better content creator. There are alternatives to a lot of tools mentioned here, so you shouldn't be afraid to try different tools and see what works for you.

In the end, your preference for a tool is more important than the opinion of some random guy on the internet.

I hope this article helped you discover some new tools for freelance writers and you succeed in taking your freelance writing career to the next level.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2021 Kshitiz Gaur

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