Starting a Business


Becoming a Consolidated Entrepreneur

Consolidating your entrepreneurship means bringing together many different activities, each with their own income sources, which are interrelated in one of many ways. In so doing, each profitable activity supports and reinforces another profitable activity.


100 Best Chocolate Shop Names

All the hard work of setting up a chocolate business is in vain if the name does not pack a punch. This article provides a detailed perspective on how to come up with a name for your confectionery business along with a diverse list of chocolate shop names.


150+ Creative Names for a Yoga Studio

Have you dreamed of opening up your own yoga studio? Do you have everything in order except for the perfect name? A name is everything. When choosing a name, think of what message you want to convey to your clients—here's a list of ideas to get you started.


100 Best Food Stall Names

Clueless about what name to pick for your newly setup food business? Do not be anxious. This article provides a diverse list of food stall names and also a detailed perspective on how to come up with an appropriate name for your food stall.


100 Travel Company Names

If you’re going into the business of travel, then you ought to be thinking of some good travel company names! Here are 100 name ideas to start your journey into the world of travel planning!


100 Sweet Smoothie Shop Names

You’ve landed on this page because you’re considering opening a smoothie shop. That's a tasty consideration to make! Here are some tips and strategies along with 100 example smoothie shop name ideas to give you inspiration.


50 Classic Barber Shop Names

Are you handy with clippers and scissors? Then maybe a barber shop is the perfect business for you. Check out these 50 classic barber shop name ideas (naming tips and strategies are also included).