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100 Best Chocolate Shop Names

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Having a unique, memorable name for your shop creates a strong first impression for your customers—and first impressions matter!

Having a unique, memorable name for your shop creates a strong first impression for your customers—and first impressions matter!

How to Pick a Name for Your Chocolate Shop

While setting up a chocolate business is relatively easy with a small investment, coming up with a catchy name for it can be quite a task. And it matters! A good business name is an important part of connecting with your customers; it should engage people with a sense of curiosity and intrigue. A unique, creative name will make people wonder what your chocolate shop is all about, and invite them to step inside and explore.

You can use words relating to the confectionery business and scramble them with thoughtful words from different genres to come up with an idea for a name. Potential customers are likely to step into your chocolate store when the name of your shop creates a strong first impression.

Catchy Chocolate Shop Names

  1. Chocopedia
  2. Dark Drip
  3. Choco Temptation
  4. Chocolica
  5. Sweet Treat Messiah
  6. Choc ‘n Chuckle
  7. Gooey Zunk
  8. After Darkies
  9. Melties
  10. Chocoholic Clan
  11. Choco Reeboot
  12. Screamies
  13. Chewy Chocs
  14. Chocomad
  15. Slushy Temptations
  16. Wild Gooey
  17. Nougat Nomads
  18. Cocoa Samaritans
  19. Brownslush
  20. Truffle Tribe

Unique Chocolate Shop Names

21. Choco Floss

22. Stofee

23. Choco Fusion

24. Chewy Gooey’s

25. Choco Siesta

26. Drippy Lickies

27. Gooey Browns

28. Caramel Cravings

29. The Peppermint Trap

30. Choco Hollow

31. Choc in the Block

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32. Sweet Bot

33. Choc on the Rock

34. Choco Bon Bon

35. Dark Bytes

36. Choco Savories

37. Choco Freezies

38. Truffle Escape

39. Choco Capture

40. The Choco Zone

Creative Chocolate Shop Names

41. Choco Dollops

42. Dark Licks

43. Chocostomp

44. Dark Pandora

45. Choclicious

46. Ccco Swirl

47. The Mint Explodes

48. ChocoMystica

49. Slim Bites

50. ChocoFlood

51. The Gooey Trip

52. Burnies

53. Choco Sludge

54. Cinnamon Mush

55. Choco Noir

56. Chill Choco

57. Boogie Brown

58. The Choco Poets

59. Choco Frenzy

60. Yours Chocolaty

Cool Chocolate Shop Names

61. Choco Zilla

62. ChocoStorm

63. Mewsies

64. Choco Ethnica

65. Cocomo

66. Dark Indulge

67. Choco Trip

68. Choco Nut Hut

69. Melt Memoirs

70. Chocesta

71. The Choco Fix

72. Bean Chocology

73. Choco Files

74. Gobble Goons

75. Chic Choco Chill

76. Chocdock

77. Chcoc Tantrums

78. Muddy Mintberry

79. Slushberry

80. Choco Haze

Thoughtful Chocolate Shop Names

81. ChocoRain

82. The Dark Sweet

83. The Choco Jam

84. Choco Mint Diaries

85. Choc Dynasty

86. Mushy Munch

87. Chocosins

88. Chocofan Fantasies

89. Chocobay

90. Cinder Dark

91. Chocolesta

92. Choco Tales

93. Scream Sensation

94. Choccy Zen

95. Cloudy Fudge

96. Just Choco

97. Choco Delights

98. Dark Slush

99. Choco Chronicles

100. Choco Sting

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