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130+ Trendy, Unique, and Stylish Boutique Name Ideas

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Use these tips and name ideas to create the perfect brand or boutique name for your new business.

Use these tips and name ideas to create the perfect brand or boutique name for your new business.

How to Name a Business or Boutique

Congratulations on pursuing your passion! You've decided to open up a boutique, and perhaps you are wondering how to pick a memorable name for it. You may have started brainstorming already—or maybe you're simply looking for some inspiration. Wherever you start, there are a few things you should know before naming your beauty bar, bridal store, maternity boutique, or clothing shop.

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Building a Brand and Avoiding Duplication

A while back, I worked with a lawyer to help me choose a name for a business. At the time, I was looking into online media. She gave me some helpful advice on how to choose a memorable name that no one else had. Simply put, you want to build a brand and pick a name that no one else (the competition) is using. Below is some of the advice that she gave me.

How to Choose a Boutique Name

  • Your Name: Choose a store name inspired by . . . you! That's right. By using your own name (whether first or last), you create an important distinction. Consider a fun name like Robin's Egg, Carolyne's Closet, or Barbie's Beauty Bar.
  • Something Descriptive: If you'd like to describe your industry, a descriptive name might be good. You could go for Mom's the Word or Baby Baby.
  • Something Fabricated: This is one of the strongest name types to go for. This is something you can trademark without trouble. Think of words like Kleenex and Instagrammake something up that has a ring to it that doesn't already exist—no one can copy it.
  • A Metaphor: A strong metaphor may set you apart from the competition, but it will require that you create an association between it and your business. Mariposa and Tuesday Morning are two good examples.
  • Acronyms: Acronyms make for strong names such as J&J (Jack and Jill) or YOLO (You Only Live Once).
  • Something in a Second Language: If you are blessed to be bilingual, trilingual, or so forth, consider names in French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, etc. Sukoshi Goods or Mi Amor are both good names that use non-English words.

Where to Pull Inspiration From

Choose names that encompass the market you are targeting. If you are doing beauty, draw from words, terms, and phrases that describe beauty and beauty techniques. If you're into fashion, pick out terms from the industry like—Chic Château, Très Chic, Haut, or Deux Cafes.

Decide if you want to go for trendy, charming, cute, unique, or sentimental (the list goes on). Always aim for a positive image (no negative associations), and avoid words and terms that can be confused and misinterpreted. For a children's or baby boutique (maternity), you may want to scan through children's books for vocabulary ideas. You can find things like Each Peach, Bunny Trails, Duck Duck Goose, etc.

Each Peach

Each Peach

Great Kids or Baby Boutique Name Ideas

Bud 'n Bloom

Robin's Egg

Little Pea

Nuture and Dwell

Baby Steps

The Stork

Sweet Pea

Each Peach

Pretty Little Things

Sun and Moon

Bunny Trails

Three's Company

Wishing Well

Baby Love

Lily Pad

Pear and Plum

The Nursery

Acorn and Oak

Little Lamb

Boy Girl

Baby Mae

Golden Egg


Rainbow's Bend



Training Wheels

Red Truck

Goodnight Moon

Sweet Dreams

Cow and Moon

Mom's the Word

Diddle Diddle

Blush Beauty Bar

Blush Beauty Bar

Unique and Trendy Beauty Boutique Names

Beauty Bloom

Glam Goddess

Kiss and Tell


Beauty Bee

Under My Spell

Al Natural

See That Girl

Mirror Mirror

Queen of Hearts


Beauty Bar



Glam Days

Cupid's Bow

Honey Comb

Glam Doll



The Spa

La Luna






Cherry Blossom


Plain Jane

Leila and Lana

Love to Love


Stylish and Successful Women's Boutique Name Ideas

Lace and Bow

Baby Blues


Star Gaze

Raven's Wing

Pretty 'n Pink

Cute as a Button

The Treasure Chest



Threads for Days

Window Shop


Sew 'n Sew

Thrift Steady

Zoe's Corner

T & T

Bon Dia

The Runway


Afternoon T's

Tres Chic

The Armoire

Blue Denim

Fig Leaf


Style Vine



Bella Luna

La Bella Vita

First Kiss

After Tea




Lace & Veil

Lace & Veil

Best Bridal Boutique Names


Something New


Primrose Bridal


Lace and Viel

Down the Aisle

10th Avenue

White Rose

Honey Moon

Two to Tango

Jack and Jill

Frog and Prince

Something Blue

Say Yes

Bride and Groom

I Adore

Bouquet Boutique

Forget Me Not

Tie the Knot

Once Upon a Dream


Rose Petal

A Love Forever

Double Tier


My Dear

The Bustle

But a Dream


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