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150+ Creative Names for a Yoga Studio

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Layne has her RYT-200 and enjoys her practice in a diversity of studios.

Yoga Studio Name Ideas

Yoga Studio Name Ideas

Yoga Studio Business Names

Is your dream finally coming to fruition? Are you opening up a yoga studio and offering classes, but now you just need a name? Every studio has its own unique atmosphere, so find the perfect name to suit your sacred space.

The following list of 150+ name ideas will help get you started, but do your research to see what businesses exist in your area. As an added tip, the names of businesses can be reused as long as the services that are offered are different. Have fun choosing a name, remember to say it out loud, manifest, and share it with those whose opinions you value. Happy searching!

What do you want your name to communicate?

What do you want your name to communicate?

Meaningful Yoga Studio Name Ideas

Just Begin

Namaste Studio

Prana Yoga Studio


Asana Yoga Bank


Humble Heart

Vibe and Flow

Vinyasa Bloom

Bloom Bliss

Third Eye Yoga

Center Yoga

Bliss Yoga

Eight Limbs Yoga

Within Yoga

Nuture Space

Chakra Yoga

Tranquil Studio

Deep Roots Yoga

Drishti Yoga

Be Still Yoga

Smile Within Yoga

Mantra Yoga

Harmony Center

Beauty Within Yoga

Om Bliss

Energy Center

Consider your clientele.

Consider your clientele.

Trendy Yoga Studio Name Ideas

Astral Space

With Light Yoga

All Members Studio

Holy Space

Boundless Movement

Circle Space

Spiritual Bliss

Dancing Heart Studio

Sleeping Serpent Studio

Devtional Yoga

Free to Be Yogi

Symmetry Bliss

Celestial Beings

All One Studio

Enlighten Within

Divine Bliss

Compassion Collective

Light Within

Immortal Yogi

Tree of Life Yoga

Wind River Studio

Just Flow

Little Sprout Studio

Bird Song Studio

Ascend Yoga

Mustard Seed Studio

Loving Kindness

Calm Heart Studio

Mountain Collective

Little Buddha Studio

Splendid Space

Lotus Studio

Dharma Space

The possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are endless.

Hip Name Ideas

Freedom Yoga

Peace Within Studio

Just Move Yoga

InterBe Yogi

Peace of Mind

Good Deed Yoga

Amity Yoga

Mountain Grove

Free Bird Yoga

Goodwill Yoga

Blue River Yoga

Flux Yoga

Friendship Yoga

Repose Yoga

Crystal Yoga

With Love Yoga

Blessed Be Yoga

Journey Yoga

Treaty Yoga

Blessed Yoga

Passage Studio

Union Yoga

Beatitude Yoga

Transit Space

Felicity Yoga

Beat Yoga

Just Evolve

Serenity Yoga

Groove Yoga

Vitality Space

Be Well Yoga

Evolution Yoga

Orbit Studio

Consider the vibe of your neighborhood.

Consider the vibe of your neighborhood.

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Creative Ideas

Metta Connection

Dana Collective

Golden Bear Yoga

Maitri Collective

Karma Yoga

Harmony Yoga

One Mantra

Joy Space

Octave Yoga


4 Elements Yoga

Universe Yoga

Nirvana Flow

Ad Lib Yoga

Cosmic Bliss

Zazen Collective

Arch Yoga

Element Yoga

Insight Studio

Balance Yoga

Expand Yoga

Bodhi Tree Studio

Flying Fish Yoga

Green Flash Yoga

What aspects of the practice are important to you?

What aspects of the practice are important to you?

Fun Studio Names

Horizon Yoga

Beautiful Life Yoga

Earth Star Yoga

Inertia Yoga

Healing Heart Yoga

Heal Within Yoga

Momentum Space

The Move Connection

Earth Bliss Studio

Floating Space

Yoga GoGo

Nature Made Yoga

Relative Space

World View Yoga Bank

One Spirit Yoga

Synchronicity Movement

Finger Tree Yoga

Smell the Flowers Studio

Expanding Universe

Full Cup Yoga

Here With Me Yoga

From the Heart

Sundial Yoga

Just Breath Yoga

Human Kind Collective

Cloud Yoga

Super Bloom Yoga

Flower Spring Yoga

Crown Yoga

IntroSpect Studios

Levity Yoga

Illumination Studio

Truth Yoga

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