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200+ Best Brewery Name Ideas—Hip, Funny, and Trendy

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Brewery Name Ideas

Brewery Name Ideas

Best Brewery Name Ideas

If you're of age to enjoy craft brews, you probably have been to your fair share of breweries. Between the interior, the vibes, the music, the food, the staff, and most importantly, the craft, a standout name is also key.

Some of my favorite names include Hop Dogma (California), Fat Head's (Portland), Triple Voodoo (San Francisco), Alpha Acid (Belmont), but the name possibilities are endless. The big question is, what makes a great brewery name?

Enjoy choosing from this list of inspiration. When choosing a name, think about the theme of your brewery:

  • Is it trendy, traditional, clever, funny, or funky?
  • What kind of crowd do you want to attract?
  • What is your expertise and what inspired you to start brewing?
  • Where are you located?
  • What makes your craft brews unique?
Atmosphere and a cool vibe keeps customers coming back.

Atmosphere and a cool vibe keeps customers coming back.

Clever Brewery Name Ideas




Metallurgy Brewing

The Blue Dog Brewery

Ring the Alarm Brewery

Snake Oil Brewing

7th Heaven Brewing

Hoppy Days Brewing

Inferno Bottlers

Sacred Craft Brewing

Dog Days Brewing

Rebel Rouser Craft

Outlaw Brewing

Snake Eyes Brewing

8 Ball Brewing

6-Pack Brewing

Bottle Barrel Brew Co.

Final Days Brew Co.

End of the Road Brewing

Banished Brew Co.

Bitter End Brew Co.

Terminal Gravity Brew Co.

El Hefe Brew Co.

Hang Ten Brewing

Chill Haze Brewing

Stoked Brew Co.

Wicked Ways Brew Co.

Planet 9 Brew Co.

Lament and Ferment Brew Co.

Ether Brew Co.

Blue Ocean Bottleworks

Other World Brewing

Flat World Brew Co.

The Other Side Beer House

Amber Hours Brewing

Station [#] Brew Co.

Gold Medal Brewing

Dancing in the Dank Brewing

Brewery name ideas.

Brewery name ideas.

Good Brewery Names (Beer-Inspired)




Ritual Brew Co.

Sacred Geometry Brew Co.

Subliminal Brews

Rebel Days Brew Co.

Clandestine Brews

Cloak and Dagger


Mad Dog Brew Co.

The Reaper Brewing Co.

White Rabbit

Candle Wick


Lone Rider

The Mistress

Alpha Waves

9 Lives

Space Age


Acid Rest

Alpha Beta

Bomber Bottles

Chill Haze

Cold Break

Final Gravity


Nitrogen Brew Co.

Racking House

Yeast Cake

Turbid Days

Zymurgy House

Dank Brew House

Slow Coast Brewing

Best Coast Bottlers

[State Name] Craft

[Town Abbreviation] Caft

[City Nickname] Craft

Barley and Basil Brewery

Brier Brewing

Birdie Brewing

Apprentice Brewing

Rotten Wood Brewing

Narwhal Brewing Co

El Diablo Brewing

Disaster Brewing

Gone Rogue

Cannibal Brewing

Drishti Brew Co.

Mackerel Sky Brewing

The Tourist

Apothecary Brewing

Black Magic Brew Co.

Creative brewery name ideas.

Creative brewery name ideas.

Nature-Inspired Brewery Names

Windy River Brew Co.

Aspen Bottlers

Canyon Crafts

Cedar Cider Works

Copper Kettle Brewing

Clover Craft

Cypress River Brew Co.

Dusty Bottle Brewing

Everest Brew Co.

Fern River Brewing

Gaia Breing

Red Jasper Brew Co.

Jet Black Brewing

Jupiter Brew Co.

Kodiak Brewing

Luna Craft Brews

Mammoth Hops Brewing

Mercury Bottle Works

Nickel and Yeast Brewing

Orion Brewing Co.

The Raven and the Bottle Brewing

Rio Bottling Co.

River's Edge Brewing

Redwood Craft Brews

Blue Skye Brewing Co.

Talon and Hawk Brewing

Terra Bottle Co.

South West Bottling

White Wolfe Brewing

Round the Bend Brewing

Windy Hill Brew Co.

Daylight Savings Brewing

Meteor Brewing

Poison Ivy Brewing

Belladonna Brewing

Fennel House Brewing

Apple and Pear Brewing

Alder Brew Co.

Basswood Bottlers

Birch Brewing

Buckeye Brew Co.

Cherry and Plum Brewing

Madrone Brewing

Cottonwood Bottlers

True Cedar Brew Co.

A memorable name draws in business.

A memorable name draws in business.

Funny Brewery Name Ideas




Garden of Drinking

Better Days

High Spirits Bottlers

Wicked Bottlers

Good Spirits Brew Co.

Last Call Brew Co.

Bootlegger Brews

Forget Monday Brew Co.

C'est la vie Hop House

Dance With the Devil

Do Your Homework Brew Co.

Bad Dog Brewing

Bend the Rules Brew Co.

Cap and Bottle Brew Co

Pop the Top Brew Co.

No Limits Brewery

Speed Devil Brewing

Message in a Bottle Brew Co.

Runner Up Brew House

Leave Your Keys Brewing

Last Stop Brew Co.

Filling the Void Brew Co.

Silver Lining Brewery

Rain Check Brew Co.

No Backbone Brew Co.

Just Say No Brewery

Last Wish Brew Co.

Into Nothing Brew Co.

The Cool Kids Brewing

Lucky Bastard Brewing

Finders Keepers Brewing

Pour Me Up Scotty Brewing

Ground Control Brew Co.

Life's a Beach Brewing

Quite Playing Brew Co.

The Bandit Brew Co.

I'm Ok, Your Ok Brew House

Forget Your Name Brew Co.

5 O' Clock Brewing

Permanent Vacation Brew Co.

Delerious Brewing

Anger Management Brewing

Funny, hip, and nature-inspired names.

Funny, hip, and nature-inspired names.

Brewery Name Idea Generator (Mix and Match)


Root Word

[Local River]

Ale House

[Local Mountain]


[Local Geographic Feature]

Brewing Company

[Founder Name]

Pour House

[Street Name]


[Family Member's Name]

Fine Ales

[Local Cove}


[Local Beach]

Ales and Lagers

[Local Team]


[Plant Name]


[Constellation Name]


[Favorite Dog Breed]


[Yeast Strain]

Brew Works

[Club Name]


[Inspirational Word]


[Favorite Noun]


[Favorite Adjective]


[Dinosaur Name]

Bottle Works

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Choose the perfect name for your brewery.

Choose the perfect name for your brewery.

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Laynie H (author) from Bend, Oregon on January 13, 2020:

Hi Shelva, maybe CorkCulture or BottleAgain or CorknBottle

Shelva Eck on January 11, 2020:

Hello I am looking for a name for my recycled wine bottles and wine corks

Laynie H (author) from Bend, Oregon on April 14, 2019:

It hasn't hit yet! But indeed when I was in Ireland there was much gin to enjoy. I actually brought a bottle back of a beautiful make from County Cork. I wish the gin selection were as ripe back here in the U.S. I've always been a fan but it's slow to take—I image it will take soon.

Liz Westwood from UK on April 13, 2019:

Do you have the craft gin craze as well in the USA? Craft gin distilleries are opening up regularly in the UK and the range of gins has expanded a lot recently.

Laynie H (author) from Bend, Oregon on April 13, 2019:

Thanks Liz—I've always been a fan of craft brew culture. One of my favorite spots on the West Coast of the USA is Hop Dogma—their beer names where so incredibly fantastic and creative. Cool to hear about your ambitious friend! I'm also enjoying the cider revival!

Liz Westwood from UK on April 13, 2019:

Craft beers and breweries are the in thing at the moment. We have a friend who is working his way around the beer lists. He records each one he drinks. Trouble is that the market is expanding so quickly I don't think he will ever get to the end of the list. Great research has gone into this article.

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