4 Secret Essentials for Successful E-Commerce App Development

Updated on March 10, 2018
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E-commerce is one of the most booming industries and has been for the last few years. Approximately 53% of global internet users have shopped online in 2016 (one in seven people worldwide). The predicated online sales worldwide are estimated to be around 2.86 trillion. The age group that’s primed for online shopping lies somewhere between 25-34 years.

Due to these highly favorable stats, the demand for e-commerce app development and e-commerce website design services are considerably high. If you have an e-commerce business, then you will also have an online presence for your brand. You can have a feature enriched website that offers proper functionality.

But we are here to tell you that a website alone isn’t enough, you also need a rocking mobile application to support your online retail business. If you are wondering why then this should get your attention:

Mobile sessions account for 59 percent of all sessions on e-commerce sites. (Source: Smart Insights 2017)

So you see, having a mobile app with fully functional UI/UX can help your brand get the necessary attention. If you own a website then you might already know this but these are the necessary steps for your e-commerce mobile app development process:

“We will continue to see a change in the convergence of digital and physical world. Those who conquer that trend will be market leaders.”

— John Phillips, SVP of Customer Supply Chain & Logistics for Pepsico, inc.

Devise A Game Plan:

Shelly Houstan, digital marketing consultant at DevBatch says “E-commerce began as a shiny new concept that made everyone want to sell or purchase something without a proper strategy. It started as a B2C service but we have come a long way since then. Now the business is becoming active online and making higher profits than expected".

For an online business to run successfully, you as an entrepreneur should be clear on what to sell and to whom:

  • You should have a specific niche that’s both in trend and a passion of yours. Because e-commerce is a crowded market.
  • Ask a balanced price because it won’t work if the product is both too low priced or too high priced.
  • Items that are not easily available in physical stores have a higher demand online.
  • Consider the incidental costs. Perishable, fragile, heavy products all have higher shipping charges.
  • Consider your own passion for the product you are selling. As if you are not passionate enough the incidental roadblock is likely to dampen your motivation to keep on going.

Know your customer profile:

  • If you know who your customer is, then you know how you can best appeal to them, as to ascertain the best way to tempt them.
  • You will need to establish a target demographic i.e. gender, age group, income, lifestyle etc.
  • You can analyze social media traffic to formulate the audience showing interest in your product.
  • Interact with customers so you can know their needs and wants better.

Now that you have decided what to sell and to whom, we can move forward with an app project.

Choose the Right Mobile Platform:

After designing a business plan, the next step for your app development is deciding on the right technology. Do you want an app developed for iOS or Android? Which app stores have the best potential for your app? If you have a website, then you already know the audience you have and what kind of devices your followers are using. They are many tools available in the market that can help you recognize the device. Android and Apple both offer frameworks that can be used for online commerce app development and design.

Monetization in Mobile App Stores: Google Play or Apple

Mobile Application Store
Generated Revenue in Q4 (2016)
Google Play
$3.3 Billion
App Store
$5.4 Billion

Design Your E-Commerce App to Impress:

Your e-commerce must have these 5 features to become a market success:

  1. Intuitive Design: Your design for e-commerce app development should be able to grab attention in the first 8 seconds of customer interaction. It should be attractive but also easy so the customer has a fun time using it. Lots of animation and text is off-putting.
  2. Security: Obviously an e-commerce has a lot of personal client information which includes financial data as well, so it's imperative that your app security must be foolproof. Your app security should have no loopholes for hackers to attack.
  3. Social Media Integration: People hate to register and the long questionnaires in apps can be quite frustrating. It will make people abandon your app and go back to apps that they already have registered for. If you offer social media integrations then your customers can easily have their account made. After the purchase, you can ask your customers to give you positive reviews on their favorite social networks.
  4. Great Images: In e-commerce, visual information matters more than your words. As it is visuals have a 60,000 times faster speed of processing than text. But in online commerce, your customers cannot hold the product in their hands to check it before buying it so you have to give them high-quality images as an equivalent.
  5. Easy Checkout: Over 70% shopping carts are abandoned in e-commerce on an average basis. The main causes for such astonishing high abandonment rates are high shipping prices or high prices in general, competition or better alternatives etc. But if you have a complicated check out process, it's yet another reason for a customer to abandon shopping in your app. Your check out process should be straight to point, equipped with all the alternative transaction methods and you could even have mobile wallet system to deliver best buying experience.

Hire a Professional App Developer:

Finally, you would need a developer to create your app. Ideally, a team of project manager, app designer and programmer will be the best thing for your app. But if you cannot hire a company for your app project, then you should consider hiring dedicated resources and even if that’s not an option then you can always find talented freelancers with multiple capabilities.

Now you are ready to make some cash… or do you accept credit cards?

Online commerce has been offering all sorts of business with great potential to scale your business. If you are careful about the app development process of your brand, then you there is no reason your brand isn't reached by millions. Mobile solutions, in today's age, is a mandatory step to attract customers.

We counsel our e-commerce brands to have a useful online strategy which is also mobile-friendly. You have the right product, empowered by right technology and a rocking app and you are good to take over the competition. The path to successful e-commerce app development is an iterative process of planning, creating and testing. Once your app is launched, you have to constantly monitor and upgrade it in harmony with the current marketing trends.

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