Best Selling Products for Market Stalls

Updated on December 16, 2017
Best Selling Products for Market Stalls: Selling Hot Food.  Bratwursts and Burgers.
Best Selling Products for Market Stalls: Selling Hot Food. Bratwursts and Burgers. | Source

New and existing market traders are always looking to find the market stall best sellers, in order to start up as a market trader, increase their existing turnover, or break out into new markets. Popular market stall product ideas will generate a fast and regular income!

As well as looking for market stall best sellers, you should ask yourself what you are interested in. You can make more money from selling something you are interested in, that has a smaller market, than by stocking your market stall high with goods you're not interested in! If you are interested in what you are selling, that enthusiasm will be appreciated by your customers - and an interested seller will make more sales than a disinterested seller. The best items to sell on a market stall will be something you have an interest in, hopefully a passion for, where you can become the "go to" trader locally!

Evaluate Each Market to Find the Best Selling Products

Markets vary enormously and you need to check out each one to see:

Who is already selling there? What are they selling? Do they have a crowd?

How many stalls are there? How many potential customers are there - where are they looking, are they stopping, are they buying?

Can you spot any gaps in what is being offered?

What is the age demographic of the potential customers - teenagers, young parents, or OAPS?

Is the market weekly, or annual/festival?


Look at access - is it a market stall where you can have your vehicle parked behind your stall, or is access limited (making it harder to load/unload your goods).
Many market traders will have stalls at a few markets and some will even sell different goods at different markets.

Market Stall Insurance

Don't forget that you will need to have the correct insurances in place if you are selling on a market stall.

Public liability insurance: Covers you if you cause anybody around your stall to suffer an injury, or damage, or losses (or even death in rare cases). This is ESSENTIAL insurance.

Product liability insurace: Covers you if anybody suffers injury, loss, damage or death as a result of your products

Hot Food Sells Well

Look at any market and there's always a queue for hot food. There is often a gap in the market in what food is being offered. You might find food sellers are selling ice creams in the summer and in the winter you'll see them doing hog roasts or selling roast chestnuts.

Food vendors might be operating from a table, or from a handcart, or a full-sized catering van.

Many people "pop to the market" during their work lunch hour to pick up something they need - and they will still need to pick up some lunch, often grabbing a hot burger, or box of hot noodles along the way.

Street food is no longer the poor relation, but can be a super-exciting venture and a treat for customers and vendors alike. Hot or cold, everybody has to eat - and if you're looking for popular market stall ideas then feeding people is always on trend!

Best Selling Products for market Stalls: Fresh Vegetables, English Asparagus
Best Selling Products for market Stalls: Fresh Vegetables, English Asparagus | Source

Groceries Are Popular

Groceries are always popular at markets and could produce some best selling products for your new business venture. There are two types:

  • Cakes, biscuits, tinned goods - short-date and bulk buy goods with some shelf life.
  • Fresh vegetables, eggs, chutneys and sauces - these do very well at farmers markets and county fairs.

Many of these stalls simply open the boxes and customers are happy to dive in and pull out some tea-time treats to take home at a good price. Your display costs and time are minimised too! Make good signage so people can easily see the prices, or have a "All one price" type of stall and people will come flocking.

If you are selling higher-end products, fresh products, then presentation is key!

Best Selling Products for Market Stalls: Candy Bags
Best Selling Products for Market Stalls: Candy Bags | Source

Bags of Candy

If you look around most markets you will always see a crowd round the candy stalls. Candy is one of the best selling products for market stalls,whether that's a weekly market or a festival.

With candy, traders will buy in wholesale lots, they'll then weigh them out and bag them up into smaller bags, often selling all bags at one, easy, fixed price. All you need to repack will be some cello bags and sticky tape/labels.

Household and Cleaning Products

Market stall ideas are good if you're selling things people need on a regular basis - so selling consumable items is a good thing to sell at markets - people are always looking for cleaning cloths, toilet tissue, washing up sponges, brushes and cleaning products.

I always stop at cleaning products stalls and usually walk away with something!

Although low value, these are fast moving consumer goods, so you'll make a lot of sales, but be able to build up regular customers and have a high turnover.

Electronics and Electronics Accessories

Selling electronics goods, along with electronic accessories, is another market stall that does good business. People are usually looking to replace what they have with something a little better, or to add extra accessories.

Accessories are also popular as gifts, so people are looking to buy iPhone case covers for other people.

If you start off with selling iPhone accessories, you can hear what your customers are asking for and start to build on your stock with more expensive electronic goods.

Phone cases, leads, adapters, batteries are things people are regularly buying.

Shamballa Bracelets and Jewelry

In recent years, jewellery market stalls have been making brisk trade selling shamballa bracelets. Selling jewelry in general is popular, but stalls with shamballa bracelets seem to have the biggest crowds and buyers. See if it's the same in your area!

Shamballa bracelets do especially well if you are selling at local school fairs and school fetes as the "pester power" of the children comes into play!

Also, individual shamballa beads can sell for good margins.

Current Trends

Keep on top of what the current trends are - remember, the key to sales is giving people what they are asking for!

Best Selling Products for Market Stalls:  Market Stall Ideas: Pet Treats, Pet Food and Accessories
Best Selling Products for Market Stalls: Market Stall Ideas: Pet Treats, Pet Food and Accessories | Source

Pet Treats, Pet Food and Pet Accessories

Every pet owner likes to treat their little bundle of fun to a treat - and market stalls selling products to pet owners can really do good business. Carry a range of fun toys as well as practical goods such as pet beds and feeding bowls. If you stock pet food then you can build up a regular customer base.

This is something for animal lovers really as you do need to engage with your customers and answer questions about which you think would be the best bed/toy/bowl for their pet, or their friend's pet.

Bird Seed for Wild Birds

This is another very popular product for selling on a market stall. The bird feeding market is massive and you can sell fat balls, feeding boxes and other products to people who like to feed birds.

Homemade Pet Treats

Homemade Pet treats are increasingly popular at good quality markets, fairs and festivals - everybody likes to treat their pet to something a little gourmet!

Best Selling Products for Market Stalls: Bird seed and pet foods.
Best Selling Products for Market Stalls: Bird seed and pet foods. | Source

I hope this has given you an insight into the best selling products for market stalls. Other things you need to consider are:

  • What is the shelf life of the products? e.g. if you are selling burgers you'll need to think about how many bread rolls to buy and take; if you're selling bags of candy then they have a longer shelf life; if you are selling washing up sponges they will never go out of date
  • How many different types of markets would your product choice be suitable for? e.g. having a full-sized catering van would mean you're limited to markets with good access;
  • The cost of setting up. e.g. selling bags of sweets, you can start in business at small/local fairs with only a few boxes of stock; selling higher priced goods requires a larger start up investment.

Remember that when it comes to market stall ideas, what sells well in one market, might not do so well in another. Part of the skill you'll gain in being a market trader is to spot new opportunities and keep listening to what your customers are after so that you can tweak your stock to give it to them!

When you are out and about see for yourself what you think the popular market stall ideas are, then think how you can replicate that success with your own twist! Spotting what are the most successful products to sell on a market stall might just be the turning point for you financially!

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    • profile image

      TeaCat 8 months ago

      Tea and tea related products are getting more and more popular at the market. They are easy to handle (not heavy and big) and have very good profit.

    • profile image

      righthook 11 months ago

      34 years experience

      look for small towns that have a large council population and a lot of OAP/remember during the week if people are at work who is going to look at your goods.

      council run markets are way way cheaper than private ones.

      look for the market to have parking perferably free for customers.

      sell your goods as cheap as you can to start to build up a trade and regulars.

      dont bother with /sweet stalls /habidashery/homemade jewelry /never seen a stall last more than a year at any market.

      fruit and veg is not for anyone who wants a easy life /got mates who do it and it is by far the longest hours to be put in of all the market trades.

      before going ahead and becoming a market trader you must make sure you have financial security/ had 4 friends last year on 1 small market that have had there homes reppossed as they were doing bad on the market /could not afford to buy new stock and went out with the same goods over and over / its a viscous circle .

      change your stock weekly /it means having storage and lots of stock to display.

      on the plus side after all the negative find the right goods/that you can replace easily every week or fortnight and you can make great money and its very enjoyable bar jan and feb when its freezing.

      i take 9 weeks off now at this time of year.

    • themarketplace profile image

      The Market Place by Laura Hesketh 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      a very helpful article, I've posted it on my facebook page to share with others...

    • earner profile image

      Dedicated Content Curator 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      A market stall is a stall set out by a seller of any goods. A collection of stalls is a market. I am sure you must have them in the Colonies - everywhere has them!

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 4 years ago from Ohio, USA

      What's a Market Stall? Do we have them in The Colonies?

    • earner profile image

      Dedicated Content Curator 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for your comment.

      There is a food festival down the road this weekend..... there should be a good range of hot food carts and vans down there - if the rain holds off! The food market will be spectacular.

    • Sue Bailey profile image

      Susan Bailey 4 years ago from South Yorkshire, UK

      Some good ideas here. Voted up and useful

    • earner profile image

      Dedicated Content Curator 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for your comment Becky

      Antiques takes some passion and knowledge!

      Thanks for the vote. All the best.

    • Becky Puetz profile image

      Becky 4 years ago from Oklahoma

      Excellent ideas and suggestions for things to sell at the markets. I still go to sell my antiques occasionally but have really been pondering the idea of trying something different and thanks to your Hub, I have some new ideas. Great work and fun read. Voted thumbs up, awesome, interesting and useful.

    • cornwall_UK profile image

      cornwall_UK 4 years ago from Cornwall, UK

      I've thought about selling hot food on markets over the years - either just jacket potatoes with lots of choices of toppings, or hot pizza slices. There's lots of food that could easily be sold at markets and isn't, e.g. a falafel in pitta stall!

      I also like the idea of buying wholesale candy and measuring it into smaller bags and even making up some small gift boxes.

      mmmmmmm hungry now...