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5 Black Boss-Babe Entrepreneurs Who Are Making Moves

Born in London, I currently live and work in Accra, Ghana. I am a writer and creative entrepreneur.

Fabiola Hinton

Fabiola Hinton

Black Female Business Owners Are Making Strides

Black female entrepreneurship is on the rise. In 2018, a report titled "State of Women-Owned Businesses" revealed that Black women head up more than two million businesses in the United States. This number continues to rise as Black women take the lead when it comes to minority business owners. National statistics suggest that African American women are nearly five times more likely to start a new business venture than any other female group.

As a Black female entrepreneur myself, my mission is to continue to highlight Black excellence and acknowledge women that work hard to achieve their business and financial goals. In this article, I want to highlight five black female entrepreneurs to support in the years and months to come.

1. Fabiola Hinton

Fabiola Hinton is a powerhouse when it comes to entrepreneurship. She is a multi-faceted business owner with multiple businesses under her belt, including SimplyFabilous, which is a beauty and fashion-accessories brand, Fabilous Journey, which is a business-education company, and Fabilous Printing, which produces custom t-shirts, mugs, and other accessories. Fabiola is a Haitian-born Canadian who continues to make massive strides to inspire and motivate other female entrepreneurs.

Her first major taste in the business world was the launch of SimplyFabilous in 2017. The brand produces non-toxic makeup and skincare products as well as high-quality and affordable fashion accessories.

Natel Allen

Natel Allen

2. Natel Allen

Natel Allen is the founder of vegan and cruelty-free nail polish brand Telle Moi. Natel came up with the idea for the brand after she struggled to find nude nail polish to suit her taste and skin tone.

She eventually researched how to make nail polish, and after experimenting with various hues and formulas, Telle Moi was born. Natel hails from East London, UK. She is a business and law graduate, and she is passionate about providing the best possible service for her ever-growing customer base. Telle Moi launched in 2019 with four shades, and the nail polish line currently has more than 50 shades available.

Amber Dee

Amber Dee

3. Amber Dee

Amber Dee is the brains behind the Black Female Therapists platform, a place where anyone can search for Black female therapists. Amber is a qualified professional counselor, and she was inspired to create Black Female Therapists when she experienced major challenges when searching for Black female therapists online.

She recognized the demand for qualified African American therapists, and she also recognized the challenges that many women faced when searching for a therapist that met their unique needs. This is when Black Female Therapists was born. The site provides Black women with an effective and safe place to discuss their mental health issues.

Angela Yvonne

Angela Yvonne

4. Angela Yvonne

Angela Yvonne is the founder of Vegan Pop Eats, an entertaining and informative brand for anyone who wants to live a plant-based lifestyle. Angela is a public relations and broadcasting graduate, and she has worked in these fields interviewing celebrities such as Issa Rae, and Chef Babette, and vegan influencer Lauren Toyota,

Angela merged her love for pop culture with her passion for healthy living to birth Vegan Pop Eats. The brand’s mission is to educate and showcase the hottest vegan spaces and trends and create a vibrant and engaging community for people on their journey to living a fully-fledged plant-based lifestyle.

5. Louise Darko

Louise Darko is the brains behind two trailblazing brands. The Brand Conversationalist a brand-strategy consultancy, and Madamfo is a luxury women’s clothing brand. Louise is a British-born Ghanaian currently running her two businesses from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Louise launched The Brand Conversationalist after working in the fashion industry for some years. She recognized her ability to create effective visibility and clarity strategies for both up-and-coming brands and established brands that need a fresh perspective. She has worked with major brands such as Afrocella in Ghana and Away to Africa, and her business is making a prominent name for itself in Africa and beyond.

Louise also created Madamfo, a womenswear brand that developed during the poignant stillness of the COVID-19 lockdown period in 2020. The brand produces beautiful, effortless, luxurious pieces, versatile and bold, Madamfo is a vibrant reminder that out of darkness and sadness comes light and hope.


Marlene Bertrand from USA on April 15, 2021:

All of these women are fabulous! You have captured their bio quite well. I am happy I got to "meet" them vicariously through your article.