40 Catchy Bookstore Names

Updated on April 25, 2016

If you’re the type who likes to get lost in a book every now and then, you likely already have your own library at home!

This is perfect to start your very own bookstore! Imagine being surrounded by every book you love with many more to be discovered!


Opening a Bookstore

Many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur, and with a bookstore, it’s pretty easy! First, find a good location. You will want to be near places with people who love books! Location is key to having enough traffic come through, and it doesn’t necessarily mean just finding the busiest place, rather finding the place that’s busiest with your desired crowd! Ideal locations involve near schools, colleges, coffee shops, gift shops, and in shopping malls.

Once you find the place, you will need to work on building or purchasing shelving. Bookshelves are pretty easy to build for the handy, so if you have someone in your family who happens to be a carpenter, support their business while they help yours!

Also, you will be needing lots of books for your shelves. Shop library sales, other bookstore clearance sales, thrift stores, and yard sales. You can get books for just pennies on the dollar, and often find them if great condition! Try to avoid buying books that are rather beat up, unless you will designate a special section for clearance. You want to have nice stock to start out with as this will give your customers the very best impression of your items!

You will need a good and easy way to organize the books, so study up on that dewey decimal system and utilize a computer in order to help you and customers look up books more easily. Not only that, but it just looks good to be organized, and not many people will want to aimlessly dig through thousands of books to find one they think they will like!

While setting up your store, you will need to be sure you are operating legally. This means contacting the state to register your business with the Division of Corporations, and also contact the county to find out the local registration requirements. You don’t want to start your business off with the IRS on your back, so get that business tax receipt!


Bookstore Names

One important thing we saved for its own section is bookstore names! If you want to be successful, you have to sound successful! This simply means picking through a bunch of good bookstore names and choosing the one you like the most. Here are some tips for choosing a good bookstore name:

  • Puns and rhymes: Using puns and rhymes in the business name can make it fun and extra memorable! That’s a huge plus for passerby customers who want to eventually check out your store, but perhaps don’t have the time at the moment. They will remember you!
  • Location: Location is important, as stated earlier, and if you are located in a well-known area or district, use it in the name to help people locate you!
  • Your name: Using your name, there is no shame! You are a proud business owner, everyone should know your name! This is especially a good idea if your name starts with a “B” because alliterations are also really easy to remember!

Now for some bookstore names. Keep in mind the tips above when coming up with your own, and read through the following list for inspiration:

Ben's Book Barn
Bargain Books
Look Inna Book
The Secret Garden Bookstore
The Book Basement
Books By the Ocean
A Whole New World Bookstore
Book Addicts
Downtown Books
Uptown Books
Sunshine Book Shop
Once Upon a Book
Rain or Shine Books
Bookmark Joe's
Rainbow Books
Turn the Page
The Book Train
Classics Bookstore
Reading Rhonda's Bookstore
A New Chapter
Paging All Readers!
Just One More Chapter
Peepers and Pages Bookstore
Cover 2 Cover Book Shop
Peepers Books
Undercover Books
We Love Books!
The Author's Library
Books Books Books
Author Attic
AAA Book Shop
Imagine Bookstore
A1 Bookstore
ABC 123 Books
Daily Dose of Reading
Learn-a-Lot Books
The Big Book Superstore

The perfect name can make all the difference, so when thinking of good names for your store, don’t rush! You wouldn’t rush through a good book, would you?

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