40 Food Truck Name Ideas

Updated on May 25, 2017

Creating a Lunchtime Tradition

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular. It’s quite a convenient business to have if you have a special type of food you can make!

The best part is, you can pick up and move to wherever the business is at any time! That’s quite the advantage over regular restaurants.


Starting a Food Truck Business

Food truck businesses can be a fun way to earn money! First, you will need to buy your truck. Although it is nice to get a brand new one, if funds are tight, you may need to settle on an older one, given that it is functional and runs well. Once you secure your food truck, it’s time to start building the business!

Anytime you are working with any kind of food, it’s good to already have your ServSafe certification under your belt! But this is not the only kind of special licensing you will need; once you get your food truck all squared away, check the requirements for a food-handling business through your local health department. You will likely need an inspection to ensure your mobile establishment is up to code and squeaky clean!

You will also need to think of some good food truck names and register the one you want with the state Division of Corporations and likely on a local level as well, such as with the county or city. This is typically for tax reporting purposes and enables you to run your business the legal way. Also, since this is a mobile business, you may need special permissions or a special kind of vehicle registration, which would be administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Give them a call and find out if there is anything that needs to be done with them.

Have your truck and all permissions needed for business? Get started on that menu, marketing your business, and connect with other food trucks to arrange a meet with them and begin your public exposure! Food trucks often gather together at festivals and such to operate and make some big money. At this point, that’s all there’s really left to do!


Food Truck Name Ideas

Earlier I had mentioned coming up with some good food truck name ideas, and I cannot stress how important it is to come up with them! Food truck name ideas should be catchy and brandable, because you want people to be able to see your logo and automatically recall your name--so important! Here’s a few other tips for coming up with some good food truck name ideas:

  • Your name: You’re the boss, be proud and put your name out there!
  • Food specialty: Whether it’s a specific food (ex. burgers) or a kind of cuisine (ex. mexican, italian), make this clear by giving your food truck business a name that says it all.
  • Signature: If you have a signature food, which often accompanies a food challenge, then use this in your name to help with branding! People all over will know your for it, and if you set a challenge and give out t-shirts, cha-ching! Advertising.
  • Hometown: Since you’ll be traveling, with the possibility of going far, why not sport your hometown or city in the name? Everyone should know where your masterpieces came from!

With these few ideas, you probably already have a few food truck name ideas coming to mind, so let’s move onto a list of ideas!

Speedy Eats
Jumping Jack's Burgers
The Lunch Truck
The Lumberjack Mobile Smokehouse
The Crunchy Taco
Chicky Chimichanga
Highway Heartburn
The Tasty Taquito
The Bun Bus
Bullseye Burritos
Burger Bus
Big Bob's Burritos
Mobile Sweet Shoppe
Rex Fries
The Ice Cream Bar
Fanny's Fried and Ready
Dream Doughnuts
The Clamshell
Chicka Chicken Boom Boom
Boxtruck Takeout
Taste of Chicago
Hot Potatoes
Taste of NYC
Cruisin' Cuisine
NY Seafood and More
The Gourmet Machine
The Rock Lobster
Hungry Henry's Burger Bus
Rocky Mountain Pizza
Fuel Up Fast Food
The Mouthful
The Pasta Parade
Cupcakes on the Go
The Food Dude
Cheddar Chariot
Smiles 4 Miles Fried Foods
Pete's Pizza Mobile
Sir Burger
Taco Trailer
Bacon Buggy

Food truck name ideas are pretty easy to come up with as long as you know what you’ll be serving up!

Building a Food Truck Business from Ground Up


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