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How to Write an Impressive Letter Asking a Billionaire or Millionaire for Money

Updated on April 24, 2016

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Key Words: Money, Trees, Doesn't grow on.
Key Words: Money, Trees, Doesn't grow on.


Billionaires, Millionaires and Philanthropists give away money to deserving causes and individuals each day. They have their individual causes and charities that are close to their hearts but sometimes will also choose to help others who have genuine need, a great business idea, or just show the potential enthusiasm that they remember got them started on the path to riches.

They do not, and never will, entertain a begging letter or e-mail. They got their money by hard work and expect anyone requesting money to show that they are willing to make that extra effort to benefit communities or other individuals and not line their own pockets.

Where to Find Billionaires and Millionaires

The obvious place is the Forbes lists of the world’s richest people. Some other places to look are the Economist or NetState.

Once you have identified as many people as possible write down their FULL NAMES, the company they work for and their contact details. It is unlikely you will find a direct contact address for any rich person instead it will be through their public relations or customer services so you will have to address any correspondence FAO “the name of the person” and then “care/of” the address of the company or in some cases the individual.

Don’t forget to seek out contact details of millionaire celebrities as some of them also like to help out good causes and individuals with donations.

If for any reason you already have a direct contact address for a billionaire or millionaire it is rather unlikely you need the advice in this article.

How Much to Ask For?

How much do you need to do what you want to do or achieve you goal? Remember and be honest at all times. To pretend to need money for something, like an operation or a car to get your disabled mother around town, is deceit and fraud and may be dealt with as such if it got to the stage where an individual did agree to give you money. You may even end up in jail.

You could also send a lot of requests asking each individual to donate or give you a small sum such as $100 or £100. If you choose this route then mention it in your correspondence with details of the total figure you are trying to raise. You may be lucky and one person sees the benefit of your idea and may offer to fund you the whole amount you need.

How to Word Your Request

Think carefully about what you would like to say and what someone reading your request would think of you. You need to get across the importance of your request in a few short paragraphs. You need to keep the readers interest so when you have completed your final draft have some of your friends or family read it and provide constructive feedback. If they say it is rubbish, don’t go in the huff, take it on the chin and start again.

I am repeating my earlier warning. Do not lie in your request. Be honest and straight to the point. Do not go on and on in the initial contact request. Mention that if someone is interested they can contact you for further details. If possible make the request light-hearted or funny. Add some photographs or attach documents, especially if it emphasises your request. Always be professional, open, sincere, honest and polite. Thank them for their time in reading your letter or e-mail and say something along these lines that “even if you cannot help me this time I appreciate and understand that you must get many such requests”.

Make your request in the first person and word it story-like mentioning your accomplishments and successes or failures and losses. Depending on what you need money for you can even make it profound and touching.

Since the person reading your request is unlikely to be the person with the money your aim is to connect with that person in a way that they will feel the need to show it to someone else higher up the chain of command or even the billionaire or millionaire themselves. On this subject please avoid statements such as “please send me some money” and “I need money really urgently” and “you are my last hope for money”.

In concise terms you want to explain your situation, state why you need money, what you will do with any monies received, and how that person can contact you.

Finally, e-mails can be intercepted so think carefully about the information you do provide in any correspondence.

Some Last Thoughts

Definitely avoid sending outright begging letters. No one will read past any statement such as I need money for; “my children’s medicine”, “a nice new car”, “a wedding/funeral” or “a holiday of a lifetime”.

All companies and individuals known to be wealthy get hundreds of requests for money each week so you have to stand out. Your request has to be read by someone who sees the potential and thinks that it will strike a chord with the person who ultimately will hand over the money. Or at least is interesting enough to pass it to that person’s PA.

Ultimately the billionaire or millionaire who has the money must be impressed and interested enough to say to their staff “this is great, get me more details”. So make it so and don’t be too disappointed at the lack of positive replies or even acknowledgements… It only takes one person to see the potential.

Oh and finally; don’t use the comments section to ask for money. I have seen this too often on other sites and articles. Absolutely pointless, as well as rather annoying.


@ 2015 Brian McKechnie (aka WorldEarth)


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    • Conciousleader 22 months ago

      There's money out there for everyone, we just have to get up and out and work for it. In appreciation I wanted to thank you for this insight on seeing a good written up blog, about the correct way and not making this out to be a lucrative, or cheating way to starting a business for some of the younger ambitious mindsets out hear. When it comes down to it we all need to start with something. Great article Brian!

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 22 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      Thank You Conciousleader for your kind comments. Brian

    • Sudharma de Silva 22 months ago

      I am Sudharma from Sri Lanka.

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 22 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland


    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 16 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      Just a necessary reminder that any comments requesting money will be deleted. So please stop wasting yours and my time.

    • Karyn 7 months ago

      Excellent advise, I'm trying to write a letter regarding a small Australian country town that needs some help. You have given me hope. Thank you! X

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 7 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      Glad to be of some help Karyn.

    • Lisa Smith 6 months ago

      Thanks for the advise I'm trying to raise money for my daughter Krystle Lewis whom recently been accepted into St James Medical School in Anguilla

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 6 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      Hope you are successful Lisa.

    • Brian 4 months ago

      I can not help but put myself in the billionaires shoes and think... "these people are out of their minds!" Especially the ones that clearly did not read the entire article to the point where it says "do not leave request for money in the comment section, it's annoying".... you are right.... It really annoyed me.

    • Michelle 4 months ago

      Thanks for the great article!

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 4 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      Your kind words are appreciated Michelle

    • Michael Shayne Hall Senior 3 months ago

      Thanks for the information about the this subject.

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 3 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      You're welcome Michael.

    • Shawzfun 3 months ago

      Im a quadriplegic bc an alcohol related car accident, I was the driver so I'll pay forever for it. I am trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

      I travel around the state of MO speaking to teens and young people. Mainly high schools and colleges. But I need a reliable handicapped van since I'm in a powerchair.

      Its hard to schedule speeches when I have no vehicle to get to, esp if they are 3 or 4 hours away.

      I sent out about 40 letters to celebrities. I hope and pray there are positive results, thank you for this guideline as to what to write. I also included money Ive already received from Gofundme and an upcoming benefit I'm having.

      I was completely honest yet to the point. Now I just gotta wait and see. Thank you again.

    • osea golea 2 months ago

      Thank you for a wonderful advice.

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 2 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      Glad you found it useful Osea.

    • Kap 2 months ago

      great post mehn

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 2 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      Thanks Kap.

    • Shu 2 months ago

      Very nice article. I loved it.

    • Jose Vazq 2 months ago

      Wow very well said.will take alot of it into cosideration i have helped alot of people and still do but it is hard,now with no money. So now i try with work.

    • atu 2 months ago

      thanks so much..a big help

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 2 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      You're very welcome.

    • Melissa Morrison 2 months ago

      Your article helped me to define and think about the difference between what I want and really what I need. I hope that you have a nice day, and thanks for the advice and tools that will help my son and I to get up, stand up and succeed.

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 2 months ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      Glad to help Melissa.

    • ode 8 weeks ago

      nice one

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 8 weeks ago from Ayrshire, Scotland


    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 7 weeks ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      That's another 5 requests for money deleted. If you are serious about reading this article read it through to the last two lines !!!!!

    • Mark Taylor BML 2 weeks ago

      Brian, Great article. There are a couple of websites I found that you can get their addresses from. You just have to do a search on the internet. Thanks again for a great article. Mark

    • World Earth profile image

      Brian 2 weeks ago from Ayrshire, Scotland

      Cheers for that Mark.

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