Names for Adult Entertainers

Updated on January 13, 2017

There comes a time in every woman's life to pick a sexy pseudonym, whether they are going to be a stripper or adult performer or just want a sexy nickname from the spouse. A stage name should embody an element of the woman. It should be fun and meaningful. The following are common categories for "stripper stage names."


Everyone has a sweet tooth, and this is evident in stripper names. Although not as common as in the nineteen-seventies and eighties, popular names from this category include Ginger Snap, Vanilla Sky, and Candy Cane. Extra sugary names have been Honey, Caramel, Chocolate, and Coco. Alcoholic beverages are even included in the name game with Brandy and Chardonnay.

Be careful because not every food makes a great name. Names that haven't gone over well include Rump Roast and Mutton Chop.

Naughty Puns

Puns are funny. Sex should be fun. Combining the two makes for a great name.

Sin tends to be the most punned word with names like Sindy, Sinthia, and Sue-Sin. Names can also be a one off of favorite brands or items like Frida Lay or Alotta Vagina.

Some puns that didn't make the cut: Aunt Flo and Venus de Milo.


Adult performers often tip their hats, so to speak, to their favorite people. Marilyn Monroe is by far the most popular despite the fifty year distance from the death of the sex kitten. Presidential names have been the new trend including Madison, Kennedy and Reagan. Greek goddesses rank up there with Athena, Venus, and Aphrodite. Despite her plastic persona, Barbie is still the idol of many grown women. Even characters in books and movies can become strippers like Bella and Ariel.

Names that hopefully should not be appearing in this category soon include Gore, Gingrich, and Bush.


Every woman is special and wants her name to reflect that. Precious stones have highlighted some of the best marquees. Gem, Diamond, Ruby, Pearl, and Sapphire have been stripper name main-stays for decades. In a similar category to this, precious metals are also common stage names including Goldy and Silver.

Graphite, Tanzanite, and Quartz have yet to register on the charts for stripper names.


Whether a woman grew up there or has dreams of going there, there are many names that have originated as the names of a places. Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Tallahassee, Rome, and Paris are popular cities. Texas Rose, Arizona, Virginia, Georgia, and California are popular states.

Not so sexy places that have been overlooked: Illinois, Idaho, Canada, and Washington.

Default: Middle Name Plus Street

The default rule of thumb in picking an adult performer name is take your middle name and either the street you grew up on or the street you currently live on. Example: Julia Louise Dreyfus lives on Woodward Lane. She would become Louise Woodward.

It is a simple equation that anyone should be able to follow, as long as your street isn't something lame like Fifth Street.


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