An Introduction to Starting a Cell Phone Repair Business in 30 Days

Updated on January 21, 2018

Cell Phone Repair Business - Overview

So you want to start a cell phone repair business? Well, I don't blame you. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that requires minimum investment to start and little to no experience. Considering that this is a rather new industry that people are interested in, there aren't many good resources out there to help get you started. This article is the beginning of 30 to come that will take you step by step through starting your cell phone repair business. Stay tuned for more publications to help you along your journey.

Different Business Models

There a few ways that you can start your cell phone repair business. The two main models that are popular are a storefront and a mobile repair business. Let's cover both of them in a bit of detail.


The storefront is the best way to start branding your product. It shows legitimacy and puts trust in the minds of your customers. However, the start up costs of starting your own store a lot larger than that of a mobile repair business. Having a storefront allows you to keep all of your inventory in one place as well as allowing you to work on multiple devices at the same time. This may be ideal for the business owner who has a lot of start up capital and is able to take a risk.

Mobile Business

The mobile repair business is great for low capital business owners and offers your customer convenience. It is also good for developing relationships with your customers and is great for referrals. The downside of the mobile repair business is that you can only work on one device at a time. This will generate lower profit margins, but allow you to have better control over your schedule.

Which one is right for you? It depends on your situation. For those who have never run a business before and only have a little bit of money to work with, the mobile repair business is probably the way to go.

iPhone Cellphone Repair Business
iPhone Cellphone Repair Business | Source

How Much Money Do You Need?

With a cell phone repair business, the start up costs are extremely low. You can literally start with a single cell phone screen and make enough money to quadruple your inventory. However, depending on which business model you chose from above, you may have additional costs to calculate. Let's break down what those costs may include.

Part Inventory

You want to make sure that you have enough parts to keep up with the demand of your service. Depending on how much availability you have, you may want to start with 5-15 pieces of each item you wish to repair. This allows you to continue to serve your customers while waiting on more parts to arrive. This cost can range between $100-500.

Tool Inventory

Now that you have all of the parts you need to repair the phones you have chosen to fix, you need to make sure that you have the right tools. There are many cell phone repair kits out there, but each device requires a different type and amount of tools. It is good to start with the basics like screwdrivers, spudgers, adhesive tape, scissors and tweezers. This cost is about $50.

That is all of the requirements needed to fix a phone. If you are starting a business though, you need to begin marketing that business to start receiving customers. We will cover that in a future article.

What Type of Phones Should You Repair?

You should chose which phones to repair based on the demographic of your area. The easiest phones to get started with are iPhones as they require little experience to fix and minimal parts and tools. However, Android phones control most of the market share of devices on the market. The big 3 brands out there are Samsung, HTC and LG. These require a bit more equipment and experience to fix though. Another brand that receives a small amount of business are Windows phones. In a future article we will cover how to get started on practicing the repair of each individual device and where to find resources to fix them. For now, explore the options of parts and tools costs associated with each and see which one suits your business model the best.

Android Cell Phone Repair Business
Android Cell Phone Repair Business

How Much Money Can You Earn?

This question is completely limited to your availability. The profit margins of repair costs to that of parts costs are extremely high. Like previously stated, the money you make from one repair can easily quadruple your inventory. If you average the revenue of around $80 per repair and you fix 10 devices a week, you can have a revenue of $800 per week. That isn't too bad considering, depending on the device that you repair, the amount of time investing in those 10 repairs could be less than 5 hours. It all comes down to customer visibility and conversion. These are all subjects that we will cover in future articles.

Is Cell Phone Repair Right For You?

The cell phone repair industry is a very repetitive working environment. You have to be able to repair the same device over and over again without losing your sanity. It will take a while to build your credibility and you won't see sales climbing instantly. This requires a lot of patience and marketing will become a full time job on top of the repairs you have to complete. Before you start on this endeavor, ask yourself if the conditions I just mentioned are right for your work style. If time management isn't your strong suit, you may want to start a different business.

Cell Phone Repair Business - Video


This is the beginning of a long series of articles that will help you get started. If you have finished this whole article and are still interested, stay tuned for more articles. I will try to publish a new article each day. The cell phone repair business, if managed properly, can be a great way to make money and still have a strong work-life balance. The emphasis on quality parts and service is the key to staying profitable. We will begin the step by step journey into a new business soon!

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