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50 Tutoring Business Names

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So, you want to start a tutoring business.

So, you want to start a tutoring business.

Could Tutoring Be Right for You?

If you have a passion for education and want to help people meet their educational goals, tutoring might be perfect for you!

Whether you’re a passionate teacher looking to make a few extra bucks on the side or a fellow student who is fluent in one or more subjects, you can choose to donate your time or charge a modest fee to provide help to those who need it.

Starting a Tutoring Business

This is perhaps one of the easier businesses to start, as it does not require a formal degree. So as long as you know the subject(s) in which you will be tutoring, you pretty much have the green light.

If you plan on doing a fee-for-service tutoring business, then you might wish to consider registering your business with the state. As a sole proprietor, all you will need to do is register your name with the state and local licensing authorities, then you are free to do business as you please.

The biggest obstacle, perhaps, would be getting your name out there in the fishbowl of thousands of others like you. Always have your qualifications handy in the event that someone asks for them, and also be ready to provide a list of references upon request. The best places to advertise would be in elementary, middle, and high school newspapers or newsletters, on college campuses, in libraries, and in homeschooling groups easily found on Facebook.

Many tutors will have their ads published on craigslist and in local newspapers to really cast their name out there. Always specify if you provide in-home tutoring and if you’re willing to travel (and how far). However you decide to do it, just be sure you are reaching out to the appropriate crowds, whether you want to work with young children learning how to grasp the basics, or with college students trying to work their way up to their doctorate degree.

Tutoring Business Names

When it comes to this aspect of the business, a clever name can mean the difference between scoring that phone call or the person skipping over to the next tutor on the list. It may seem trivial, but a good (and brandable) name really makes a difference.

Here’s a list of tutoring business names that won’t get skipped over in a business listing:

Great Names for Tutoring Businesses

ABC Tutors

Tutoring 101

F to A Tutors

Tutor Time!

Fail Me Not Tutoring

From Fail to Prevail Tutoring Service

Math Master Tutoring

Tutoring History

Counting Stars Tutors

It's Writing Time! Tutors

The Grammar Police

After School Tutors

Any Day Tutoring

In-Home Tutoring Service

Straight A's Tutors

Aced it! Tutoring

Teaching With Love Tutoring Service

Spare Time Tutors

Adventure Tutors

Mad Math Tutors

Mad Science Tutors

Matt the Math Tutor

Shelly the Science Tutor

Ellen the English Tutor

Tea Time Tutoring

All-in-One Tutoring Service

We Love Tutors!

We Love Teaching

The Report Card Tutoring Service

Homework Tutoring

At Ease Tutoring

It's Learning Time Tutoring

Time to Learn Tutoring Services

Traveling Tutors

The Traveling Tutor

Ace Is High Tutoring

ABC-123 Tutor Academy

The Academic Medic

Tutor Academy

Teach and Learn Tutors

The Extra Step Tutoring Service


e-Tutor Online Service

You Can Do It! Tutors

We Love Tutoring!

Good Grades Tutoring

This Too Shall Pass Tutoring Service

Woosah Tutoring

The Tutoring Teacher

The Total Tutor

Tips for Naming Your Business

Now for a few tips when picking through tutoring business names:

  • Your name: Use your name in the business name. There’s nothing wrong with being a proud business owner, and it is your business, after all!
  • Subject specialty: If you specialize in a certain subject, make it clear in your name so that those looking for that kind of tutor can easily pick you out of a list! It will save you time in the long run, too, not having to answer those calls for people looking for a different kind of tutor.
  • The basics: If you don’t have a specialty, you will still want to use general terms that will let people know what your business is. For example, using “tutor” in your business name is unmistakable.
  • Alliterations: Alliterations are catchy and roll off the tongue nicely. There are a few on the list, such as Tutor Time, The Tutoring Teacher, and The Total Tutor, for example.

Being a tutor is definitely a feel-good kind of job because you are ultimately helping people to reach their educational goals and giving them the tools they need to get those passing grades! Now to get the business started...

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