50 Vineyard and Winery Names

Updated on March 31, 2017

Have a passion for wine and the entrepreneurial drive? Then opening a winery might be where your true passion lies!

Many people enjoy going to wineries for tastings and to pick up a bottle or two, so this might be a great and successful niche for you!

Grape... I Mean Great Ideas for Naming Your Business

Winery Names and Vineyard Names

Whether you are just opening a winery or an all-out vineyard, you will want to think of good, brandable names. If you are at a roadblock at this point, here’s some tips to help you along:

  • Use grapes: Finding a clever way to use “grape” or “grapes” in the name is a clever and cute way to let people know what business you are running.

  • Use winery: If your business is simply a winery, include the word in the name.

  • Use vineyard: Likewise, if you are running a vineyard, include this in the name.

  • Puns: Puns are fun and memorable, so don’t be afraid to squeeze one in there!

  • Rhymes: Rhymes tend to be easily remembered, so if you see the golden opportunity to use one, do it!

  • Your name: You are the master winer! Be proud and name the business after yourself! After all, none of it would be possible without you!
  • Location: Vineyards and wineries are often located out in farm country so it may be a bit harder for people to locate. If you have a nearby landmark, or a good street name, find a way to incorporate this into your winery name or vineyard name!

With all things above considered, here’s a list of example winery names and vineyard names:

The Grape Escape
A Taste of Class Winery
Sweet Squeeze Winery
Aurora Winery
Stella's Vineyard and Winery
Stellar Vineyards
Juice in Time Winery
Adirondack Winery
Grape to Winery
Northern Lights Vineyard and Winery
Farmtown Vineyards
Mountain Top Vineyard
Downtown Vineyard
Secret Valley Vineyards
Grapes Galore
Countryside Winery
A Grape Time Winery
The Tangled Vine Winery
McIntyre Fine Wines
Grapes in Time Winery
Great Green Grape Vineyard
The Ancient Grape Vineyard
Heavenly Vineyard
Aged to Perfection Winery
Heavenly Grapes
Blossoms Vineyard
A Grape View Winery
Sacred Church Vineyard
Riverbank Vineyards
Blue Moon Vineyards
Up the Creek Winery
Harvest Moon Winery and Vineyard
Wine River
Grape Cellar Winery
Vineyard Creek
Shelly's Cellar Vineyard and Winery
Rolling Hills Vineyard
Cheers Vineyard
Burnt Hills Winery
Battle Creek Estate Vineyard
Indian Rock Winery
Fresca Garden Vineyard
Arrowhead Vineyard
Secret Garden Winery
Mona Estate Vineyards
Crown Top Vineyards
Sandy Ridge Winery
Golden Vineyards
Backyard Winery and Vineyard
The Golden Grape Winery

Opening a Winery

Opening any new business is overwhelming at first and it is often hard to find where to start. You will need to make a hefty investment, and $100,000 is a great starting point, but you will need to look into business loans should you not have enough startup cash.

It’s also best to have your own vineyard, so growing the grape in which you want to use for wine is a great step in the process. You can do this from your own home, if you're on farmland, or you can rent a place or take out a second mortgage, which can get pricey.

Licensing is the next big step in the process. Requirements may differ from state to state or county to county, so be sure to contact the appropriate licensing authorities. One thing is for sure, you will need to pick through winery names or vineyard names and register your business with the state’s Division of Corporations, which will make your business a legal entity. Once this has been done, you should be in the clear to register with the county or city to be within local compliance.

In the process of all of this, also be on the hunt for wholesale suppliers for bottles and all winemaking supplies and equipment you will need. This is perhaps where it will be the most expensive, and while you won’t be making a return on your investment any time soon, it’s all necessary in order to become a successful winery.

Once you’ve developed the perfect bottle of wine, it’s time to begin targeting the market to draw customers in for a tasting! Most people won’t buy a new brand of wine without first seeing if it’s any good. At this first tasting, be sure to have enough bottles of wine on hand already produced for cash-and-carry orders. Be sure to collect everyone’s contact information and email addresses to start a mailing list; this will enable you to inform everyone about new store hours, products, and future tastings!

What is it Like to Start a Winery?

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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