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30 Wedding & Event Planning Business Names

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Do you love throwing parties?

Do you love throwing parties?

Could Wedding & Event Planning Be Right for You?

Do you have a reputation for throwing the best parties? Do you have a good eye for decorating?

If you have the people skills to deal with even the most stressed of brides, perhaps you should consider becoming an event or wedding planner!

How to Start an Event Planning Business

Names in this line of business will become popular really fast if you’re good at what you do, so if you feel like you could be a big cat in event planning, then you should first look into getting a degree! Although not entirely necessary, having a degree in interior design or a similar field can really help your portfolio be chosen above the competition!

Speaking of a portfolio, that’s another important thing to have for potential clients to look at. It’s a nice way to give them a visual of just what you are capable of in terms of event planning. Put together a picture book of past events you have done, even personal parties at home! If you can tell from the pictures that you have a good eye for design and everyone in the background is happy and having a good time, this is the perfect thing for prospective clients to see.

The good thing about this kind of business is that it doesn’t really require a brick-and-mortar location. You can run it out of the comfort of your own home, ensuring you have a large enough online presence to be known. It’s a good idea to have a place set for meetings, so if you don’t want a physical location, an area in your home should always be clean and ready for meetings with clients.

If you do choose to have a physical location, be sure it’s near other businesses that event planners typically work with. Businesses in the entertainment industry such as performers and DJs, and other businesses commonly used for large events like photographers and caterers are all good places to have close by. This will not only increase your exposure to the right crowd, but it also gives you a chance to build relationships with these companies, giving you a foot in the door to their client base.

Once you have figured out your location, think of some good wedding planner names or event planning business names. More on this later! Once you name the business, you need to make it official by registering your business with the state and with the county or city, depending on the requirements. This will ensure that you are operating in compliance with the law, including paying your taxes!

M.A.C Event PlannersOn Target Event Planning

Under the Veil Wedding Planners

VOWS Wedding Planners

Time of Your Life

AAA Event Planners

It's Party Time!

A to Z Event Planning

The Party Professionals

No Event Too Small

Blushing Bride Wedding Planning

A Jammin' Good Time Event Planning

Bouquet Toss Wedding Planners

Nova Wedding Planners

The Great Event

Stella's Company Wedding Planning

Events to Remember

Event Planners Next Door

Planning 2 Party

Park Place Weddings

Let's Get Married! Event Planning

Fantasy Weddings

Backyard to Businesses Event Planners

Stars Align Event Planners

Big Business Event Planners

Think Big Event Planners

Business Bash Event Planning

Dream It Do It Event Planning

I Do! Wedding Planning

Icing on the Cake Wedding Planning

Pick a name for your business that matches your energy and goals.

Pick a name for your business that matches your energy and goals.

Event Planning Business Names

Once you have determined where you will be operating from, it’s time to figure out under what name you will be operating! Think of wedding planner names or event planning business names. What comes to mind? Wedding planner names may be a little easier since it’s a company based around a single, large event instead of many. Here are a few tips to generate some ideas:

  • Specialty: If there is a specific type of large event that you really enjoy, then market to this audience by making it clear in your business name!
  • Location: Help potential clients find you easier without really needing direction. If you are located in a busy, famous area, such as Bourbon St or French Quarters in New Orleans, then using this in your name can be really beneficial!
  • Your name: Proud business owners often include their name in their business name! Initials are also common.
  • Rhyme: Rhymes are catchy, and sometimes that can be the one thing that will cause someone to pick you over another business, the fact that they easily remembered your business name!

Have fun with the naming process. Throw a party with the ones you love and ask for their ideas as well! It might just be the perfect way to find some inspiration.

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I need to know I need to start a wedding planning business so what do you suggest me to do first as I have a friend he is running this business for a long time so I need what exactly I have to do first.

Ashfield Displays from UK on November 02, 2015:

Great advice, once you have got your wedding planning business set up you will need to start promoting yourself. Wedding fairs are always a good starting place. If you need any advice about exhibiting let us know.