50 Classic Barber Shop Names

Updated on February 5, 2017

Opening a Barber Shop

Although it may seem overwhelming at first to open your very own business, if you take it all in steps rather than let the whole process consume you, then it will be far less stressful.

In order to have a barber shop, you must first make sure that you have the proper licensing and permits from both the state and county/city level. You likely already have your state license, but it’s always a good idea to ask the licensing board if there’s any other kinds of state licensing you may need in order to open shop. You will be in need of an inspection of your shop to ensure you are in compliance with the law and will then be able to have a shop license through the Board of Cosmetology.

Your next step would be contacting the county and city to see what they require of you before you can open your doors. Once you have all the licensing figured out, you should have the green light to open shop!

How to Name Your Business

Establishing a Barber Shop Name

Now with all of this licensing, and to make your business an official legal entity, you will need think about some barber shop names, and good ones! It will likely need to be registered with any agency who issues your licenses, and be registered with the state’s Division of Corporations.

A good name is not just about making it official though. You need to keep in mind all of the big name competition chain shops and franchises there is out there, and these guys are hard to beat! Having a good name can really make all the difference, so let’s explore a few tips for choosing barber shop names:

  • Type of business. Since you are a barber shop, you’re going to want a name that clearly says it! Whether you include “barber” or “haircuts for men,” you want to find a way to make it clear just who you are servicing.

  • Services. If your services go beyond haircuts, it’s also a good idea to make this clear. “Full service barber” can say it all!

  • Puns. Puns are fun and memorable, which is definitely a good quality to have in a business name!

  • Your name. Since you are a single location, for now anyway, giving the shop a name after you, the owner, is a good idea because many people like the feel of a small business. Show some pride!

  • Manly. Barber shops are a place for men, period. So, feel free to make the name sound as manly as possible, whether you incorporate sports, barber tools, or whathaveyou. Looking for a more gender neutral option? Check out: 60 Beauty & Hair Salon Names.

Now for a list of example barber shop names:

A Little Off The Top Barber Shop
Ivy League Barber
Sideburns Barber
The Barber Chop
The Man Cave Barber
Twin Scissors Barber
One Stop Barber
Crew Cuts
Russo's Barber Shop
Freeway Barber Shop
Game Day Barber Shop
Raceway Barber
L. Alexander Barbers & Shoppe
The Pit Stop Barber Shop
Lookin' Sharp Barber
Buzz Cuts Barber
Fade Zone Barber Shop
Gentlemen's Barber Shop
Cut 'N' Shave Barber
Get Buzzed Barber
The Men's Mane
Bob The Barber
The Jazz Man Barber
Twisted Scissors Barber Shop
Corner Barber
Fade O'Clock Barber
Clippers Haircuts for Men
Keystone Barber Shop
The Art of Men's Grooming
Madison St. Barber Shop
Noah Allen Gentlemen's Salon
The Mustached Man
The Men's Room
Burgundy's Men's Fine Grooming
The Comb Over
The Humble Barber
Clippers and Scissors Men's Salon
Razor Cuts for Men
Touchdown Barber
Razed Right Hometown Barber
Halftime Haircuts for Men
Fading Away Barber Shop
Straight Razors
Tapered Men's Salon
The Pristine Barber
Hot Rod Barber Shop
Gold Medal Barber
Cut Above the Rest
Blades of Gold Barber Shop
Muscle Cuts Barber Shop

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