50 Squeaky Cleaning Business Names

Updated on February 5, 2017
Love to clean? This is the business for you!
Love to clean? This is the business for you! | Source

Can’t stand a mess? Does the show “Hoarders” drive you absolutely insane? Is your house always sparkling? Do you possess a collection of chemicals that would put a Walmart warehouse to shame? Then what are you doing just sitting there? You should be in business!

A cleaning service is one of the cheapest businesses to start and can have really low overhead costs, which ends up being a win-win because with your costs being low, you can pass on the low costs to your customers, too!

But to start out your business, you’ll probably have to advertise in newspapers, drop business cards at businesses and place flyers on cars.

How to Name Your Business


Naming Your Business

Before you can do all of that, you’ll have to think about what you’re going to call yourself, right? Right. A few tips that should be used when thinking of cleaning company names:

  • Your name: You are boss, you started this, so flaunt it!

  • Clean name: You should have a name that has cleaning written all over it.

  • Be specific: If you only do residential, only do commercial, or only do new construction cleaning, this should be specified somehow in your business name.

  • Sound positive: People don’t want grumpy strangers in their homes, so having a friendly, happy-sounding name might help!

So, what should you look for in cleaning company names? The question you should be asking is, what do customers look for in a cleaning company? Customers want a cleaning company that is good at what they do and is happy to do it, a company that they can trust to be around their valuables when the customer isn’t there.

Here is a list of 50 examples:

Cleaning Service Name Ideas

Pixie Dust Cleaners
Squeaky Cleaners
The Cleaning Fairy
In the Groove Cleaning Service
Rags to Riches Cleaning Service
House Stars Maid Service
Raggedy Ann's Maid Service
Rain or Shine Residential Cleaning
Bippity Boppity Boo Cleaning Service
American Maid Cleaning Service
Magic Rags Cleaning Service
The Clean Thumb Maid Service
Shirley Clean Maids
Spotless Cleaning
Magic Maids
We've Got Maids!
Sparkling Clean Maid Service
Cheers Cleaning Service
Hot Mops Cleaning Service
White Glove Maid Service
Floor to Ceiling Cleaning Service
Maid 2 Clean
Carly's Commercial Cleaning
Suds Up Cleaning Service
Anytime 24-Hour Maids
The Cleaning Bee
Happy Maids Cleaning
Spring Maids Cleaning Service
The Glass House Cleaners
After You Cleaning Service
Many Maids Cleaning Service
A2Clean Maid Service
Kompletely Klean Maid Service
Your Neighborhood Cleaning Service
A Deeper Clean Maid Service
Community Cleaning
Gettin' Dirty Cleaning Service
Peppy Cleaning Service
Reflections Cleaners
Filth Fighters Cleaning Service
Squeegee Clean Maid Service
Dust Be Gone Maid Service
Washed Up Cleaning Service
Life is Maid
A New View Cleaners
Minute Maids
Wall-2-Wall Cleaners
MagiClean Maid Service
Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Maid Service
Any Mess Cleaning Service

Picking a Business Name

There you have it, a good list of cleaning company names to help you in your brainstorming. Sometimes you just can’t think clearly on your own, so in this case, try the following tips to help you with names:

  • Involve family and friends: Have a get together with a few of your closest people in an effort to get their opinions and suggestions for names. Not only will they be happy that you want their help, but you can have a drink or two in the process to relax!

  • Coin toss: Sometimes it comes down to just a couple of names and you simply cannot make a decision. In this case, you’d be happy with either name, right? Well, flip a coin!

  • Take a vote: If you have a few names in mind, take a vote from everyone you know, and even strangers in public (those soon-to-be customers!) and see what type of name they would go with!

  • Design a logo first: Sometimes people need visual cues in order to spark thoughts and ideas. If this is you, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try!

Don’t rush the naming process if you are having mind blocks. Sometimes it helps to just get a good night's rest and start with a clean slate in the morning! (A clean slate that’s probably cleaner than most, I assume!)

How to Start a Cleaning Business

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        Cesar 3 years ago

        I recently moved out of home and have had a total shock at how hard howesuork can be!! My mum always cleaned up after me and nagged that I was messy, I just thought she was moaning for the sake of it but I now realize how easily my mess spreads now that I'm tidying up after myself! You just don't notice when somebody else is doing it for you. Its like the program wifeswap, the men are always so much more grateful when they get their wives back for all the work they do to keep a tidy home