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90 Creative Names for a Clothing Company


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Should I Start a Clothing Brand?

If you have a passion for fashion and perhaps a related degree, starting your own clothing line is right up your alley. If you have something new and unique to bring to the industry, you might have just what it takes to succeed!

Everyone needs clothes, and many people who share a love for fashion aren’t afraid to spend a pretty penny to make themselves look glamorous. This is why the clothing industry is the perfect industry to get into for just the right person (you)!

What Do I Need to Consider Before Starting a Clothing Line?

When it comes to having your own clothing company, the most important aspect of the business is building your brand. Without a brand, people will not recognize your clothes and might mistake you for a generic clothing company (ouch!). Picking a good name is really important in this industry.

Thinking of brandable clothing company names can be quite the task. That’s fine! This is not something that you want to rush because it needs to be as perfect as the clothes you’ll be designing. Just how do you come up with good clothing company names? Here are a few tips:

  • Brandable. I cannot stress enough how important it is that the name chosen is brandable. The more natural it seems for you to build on the name, the easier it will be for you to brand! Try coming up with slogans and logos for each name idea that comes to mind.
  • Clothing Type. More like than not, you’ll probably be sticking with a type of clothing that is pretty specific, whether it be streetwear, dance apparel, or swimwear. Whatever you design, somehow incorporate this into the name.
  • Use Your Name. If you have an awesome-sounding name that has a nice flow to it, why not consider using it in the clothing line name? You are the guru behind the scenes, after all!
  • Take a Vote. Chances are, you’ll fall in love with a few different, fabulous names. If this happens to you, consult with family and close friends about their opinions and take a vote. Who knows, they may even be able to provide some additional ideas to get you thinking!

Now that I have you on track with the brainstorming process, learn the basic steps you can follow to create your dream business name!

How to Make a Creative Clothing Business Name

Picking the right name is vital to any kind of business, but when you’re working in an industry competing with some really big names, it is crucial that you spend a lot of time thinking on this topic. If you invest the time, you'll be able to create a catchy company name that stands out from the rest. In the end, you will be glad you did!

1. Determine Why You're Going to Start

This is essentially the mission statement reminding you why you want to start the business. Do you want to create a line catered to a market not typically served by the fashion industry? Do you want to split the profits to be able to support a cause you believe in? Do you want to buy and sell clothes that you want to wear? Write this down so you can go back to it every so often. If you get stuck in the naming process, take a break and dwell on why you're going to go into business.

2. Think About the Customer

Decide on the type of consumer you want to frequent your brick-and-mortar or online store. Write these characteristics down, and don't be afraid to go into specifics.

  • What is their ideal job?
  • What do they want to accomplish in life?
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their hobbies?

The business name you choose will tell your customers who are and what you’re about. Try not to jump into the trendy name game—that is, unless you are trying to capitalize on a viral trend with a momentary product or service. Think about ideas that match what your customers aspire to become or to own.

3. Develop the Theme

Even if you don't pick a specific theme to build your brand strategy or boutique name, think about the message. What is your company going to be about? What do you want it to represent? Use these answers as a guide to help you figure out what you want to go for. Going with a theme can be advantageous because it's easier for the customer to understand what your brand is trying to sell.

4. Brainstorm

This is where the excitement (and endurance) comes into play. Take a piece of paper and jot down all the names that come into your mind. Don't think about whether they're good or bad. Simply put your pen to paper and write whatever springs forward. Use a thesaurus or dictionary to find a variety of words, names, concepts, and ideas that you can potentially use.

Once you have a few ideas going, play around with the word placement and take note of what you gravitate towards. After you put a list together, ask your friends and family the following questions:

  • What is your first impression of the business name(s)?
  • What feelings come up when you hear it? Are they positive or negative?
  • What do you think my store would be selling?

If people are giving you good feedback, you might be onto something good.

5. Search for the Name

Google is your best friend. After you find a name that you like, check to see if it's taken. If you put it in the search query and nothing comes up, you should be in the clear. However, there is one more thing to check before you go charging full steam ahead.

6. Verify the Existence of Current Trademarks and Copyrights

The last step to choosing a clothing brand name is to do a trademark search for the name you want. If it's not taken, you can register it with the United States Trademark Office. It'd be best to speak to a lawyer as you go through this process. However, you can use sites such as LegalZoom to see if they can help you as well.

7. Claim to Fame

Snag your business name on all the social media platforms possible. This will help you ensure that another individual won't take the name and post content on it that doesn't match with your store and confuse your customer.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Adventure?

The key to putting together an unforgettable and lasting brand name is simple: A name should make you excited to visit instead of scratching your head in confusion. EatMyWords shares these checklists, “SMILE” and SCRATCH,” for qualities your business name should and should not have

Your business name should make someone "SMILE":

  • Simple: one, easy-to-understand concept
  • Meaningful: your customers instantly “get it”
  • Imagery: visually evocative – creates a mental picture
  • Legs: carries the brand, lends itself to wordplay
  • Emotional: empowers, entertains, engages, enlightens

"SCRATCH" it off the list if it has any of these deal-breakers:

  • Spelling-challenged: you have to tell people how to spell it
  • Copycat: similar to competitor’s names
  • Random: disconnected from the brand
  • Annoying: hidden meaning, forced
  • Tame: flat, uninspired, boring, non-emotional
  • Curse of Knowledge: only insiders get it
  • Hard-to-pronounce: not obvious, relies on punctuation

A Few Final Tips to Get You on Your Way:

  • Think about the associations your name may have. Make sure it's nothing negative or off-brand.
  • Check for readability. You don't want someone confused as they look at the name.
  • Try to keep the business name short and sweet.
  • Decide on your brand's personality. Is it playful? Sweet? Tough? Thoughtful?

A great name can direct attention to you and reinforce your value in a word or two. Make sure you don't look and sound like everybody else.

Women's Clothing Company Names

Lovely Lady Clothing

Catwalk Juniors Clothing

Sweet Tea Dresses

Infinity Sportswear

Serafina Women's Label

Dahlia Apparel for Women

Destiny Intimates

Proud Mama Maternity

Studio 51 Clothing Co.

Clover Clothing Co.

Too Tempted Clubwear

Runway Lingerie

Penelope's Pajamas & Sleepwear

24 Karat Klothing

Tanked Up Co.

Red Betty Boutique

Bewitched Boutique

Mirage Misses Casualwear

Hourglass Jeans

Lala Lingerie

South City Streetwear

Ellie Elizabeth Apparel for Women

Hot Head Threads

Jillian B. Jean Co.

Porcelain Apparel

Pink Jasmine Loungewear

Hot Threads Dancewear

Fringe Apparel for Juniors

Mommy Dearest Maternity Wear

Silhouettes Suits & Separates

Men's Clothing Company Names

Wicked Stitch

Slate Jeans Co.

Hawthorne Apparel Co.

L. Alexander Apparel

London Britches

Bay City Clothing

Mountain Men Wilderness Wear

Aqua 4 Swimwear

N. Allen Menswear

Vault Clothing Co.

Gunmetal Streetwear

West Side Street Clothing

Mad Ink Clothing Co

Bigger Britches Big & Tall

Dead Threads Jeans

Sparrowhawk Signatures

Hole in 1 Fairway Apparel

Buffalo Blvd. Western Wear

Svenson Suits & Separates

On the Field Sportswear

Forester Flannels

Adventure Apparel Co.

Iron Giant Big & Tall

Redwood Casualwear

6th Avenue Streetwear

UnHinged HipHop Wear

Pinstripes Suit Co.

Mr. Smith Custom Suits

Finer Threads

Freestyle Streetwear

Children's Clothing Company Names

Tadpoles Children's Apparel

Cute as a Button Clothing

Smarty Pants School Uniforms

Doodles Children's Apparel

Little Dimples Kid's Clothing

Fairytale Dresses & Accessories

Twinkle Twinkle Sleepwear

Pumpkin Clothing Co.

Little Guppies Swimwear

Sugarplum Children's Clothing

Hunny Bunny Baby

Playdate Costumes for Kids

Willow Wood Children's Clothing

Up Up, and Away Apparel

Periwinkles Playwear

Freckles Clothing for Kids

Chickadee Children's Wear

Sweet Peach Baby Apparel

Cowboys Western Wear for Boys

Bedtime Stories Sleepwear

Ducklings Baby Clothing

Lil’ Boss Jean Co.

Rosebuds for Girls

Shortie's Children's Shop

I'm New Infant Clothing

Rosy Cheeks Children's Apparel

Tater Tots

The Juicebox Kid's Clothing

Sunday Best Suits & Dresses

Buckaroo Jeans Co.

Additional Brand Name Resources

  • Remember to check a domain name's availability and get inspired by what's available!
  • Try generating a made-up word that combines the feelings and themes you want to evoke and that also has an available domain.
  • Still can't think of a clothing company name? You can use a free name generator to stir up fresh ideas to play with!

How to Name Your Business

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: What is a suitable name for a t-shirt and sweater brand with the target audience being between 10-23 years old?

Answer: As you know, naming a business is difficult because there are a lot of variables to creating a good name such as target ages, genders, style, etc. There are also legal things to consider, such as are there any other businesses in your state/country using that name. With that said, here are some ideas that might help you come up with a great business name:

Young&Teen Tops

23/10 Clothing


23 Clothiers & Co.

Vivacious Tops



Youth Clothiers

Cloth & Stitch Co.

Mad Stitches

Youthful Threads

Twisted Stitchers

Golden Elegance

Fine Threads

Silk & Spool Clothing

TopTen Clothing


Young & Thimble

Wild & Free Clothing

Young Value Co.

Question: What are good names for a law enforcement t-shirt line?

Answer: Here are some ideas for you to play around with:

Back the Badge

Pro Cop Shop

Support Law Enforcement

Backing Blues

Proud Police Supporters

T-Shirts for Cops

10-4 Tees

Lawful T-shirts

Proud of Our PD

In the Line of Duty

Blue Striped Tees

Pride, Integrity, and Guts

The Brave Blue

God Bless Cops

Prayers for Police


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